10 Amazing Facts About Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy can be an alternative to fossil fuels or coal becoming a buzzword more and more these days. But I think somehow it is not growing as fastest as our planet earth needs it too. In this article, we are going to look at 10 Amazing Facts About Renewable Energy.

climate change is a real threat and in order to preserve our species, we need to shift out fuel sources with a renewable alternative such as wind, solar power water, or bio-oils.

As the technology to make the energy from renewable energy sources is expensive and constantly developing billions of dollars are being rolled between companies, government, and NGOs. I think that’s why it is not growing as much it needs.

Think about that do we need more wind turbines, more solar power plants, panels, roofs for our daily consumption? The best fact is that earth gets a lot of solar power which is 173 thousand terawatts that is a huge amount of energy. It’s ten thousand times more than the earth population uses.

But how long it will take until we can say we are running 100% in renewable energy?

In the list of solar energy used by a country, china gets the first position in renewable energy which is ten times more than the USA which is second in the list of solar energy used by a country and India comes third in the list.

Because of climate change, the whole world should try to reverse this process as much as possible. More and more countries are investing in renewable energy because it is profitable in the long term and we all know that it is way more eco-friendly.

You will find something interesting things about renewable energy in the article. Let’s look at 10 Amazing Facts About Renewable Energy.

10 Amazing Facts About Renewable Energy

01. The most efficient solar cell still only converts 46% of its input sunlight to electricity

In the solar cells, there is a semiconductor named silicon that exists. Each silicon cells only puts out half a volt.

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However, we are using the cells together in modules to get more power. Even though twelve photovoltaic cells are enough to charge a cellphone. Till now we are only able to get 46% of the output from direct sunlight.

02. Itaipu Dam itself provides electricity to both Brazil and Paraguay


There are a total of 20 massive turbine generators, located in the powerhouse at the bottom of the Itaipu Dam, that are capable of generating 14,000 megawatts of electricity which is huge in terms of electrical energy. This is one of the best facts about renewable energy.

03. China is the country that invests the most regarding renewable energy

China is at the top of the list as far as investment goes so far they pumped billions of dollars into wind turbines and other alternatives including solar systems and they plan to invest another 780 billion dollars by the year 2030.

They now have over 3 million jobs in solar technology. As of one report from the Chinese agency that they are creating two wind turbines every single hour.

A single wind can provide power to thousands of homes.

04. Over 100 cities are running on renewable energy

There are a total of 100 cities able to use renewable energy. However, so far only Costa Rica is able to brag about almost 100% on renewable energy. Sweden, Iceland, and Paraguay are still on the list of using approx 75% renewable energy.

05. By 2050 a lot of cities plan to be 100% using renewable energy

It is an assumption that by 2050 a lot of cities would be using 100% of renewable energy including solar panels, and wind turbines.

06. It is worth around approx $300 billion dollars

So many countries and cities are investing in wind turbines, solar panels. The entire energy is worth approx 1.3 trillion and renewable energy takes 22% of that which is higher than considerable. It’s one of the best facts about renewable energy.

07. Saudi Arabia is investing $50 billion in renewable energy

One of the richest nation Saudi Arabia that controls the oil market nation is also investing in renewable energy. They plan to invest over $50 billion dollars on a 10-year strategy towards renewable energy.

08. Vestas is the largest wind turbine company in the world


Vestas is a danish brand and considered the biggest turbine company in the world. They built their first turbine in 1979.

09. You can rent solar panels

The biggest problem with renewable energy is that most households can not afford the solar panels system. If you can not afford the system you can rent the system. Switching to renewable energy can save your few dollars from pocket.

10. The Pyramids of Giza will be surrounded by solar panels

As wind turbines and solar panels are getting more popular Egypt is also investing in solar panels and they have put them around pyramids.

10 Amazing Facts About Renewable Energy - top10counts

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They have the potential to generate 53 percent of the electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030 and could reduce energy bills up to 900 million dollars annually.

These are the 10 Amazing Facts About Renewable Energy.

Thank you for coming and spending a little time with us.

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