10 Best Lightweight Designer Handbags (2022 Review)

Are you a person who buys fewer fashion accessories and wear more? And usually looking for durable fashion accessories to match with clothes, luggage, belts, leather goods, and with plenty of many more? And further, you could have a look at these all-dressmaker purses as an investment.

We’re going to see 10 of the best lightweight designer handbags to invest in 2022, which may be worth the investment. Thoughout this blog, I will be including some of the things that I liked about this bag and the things that I don’t like about the existing designer bags.

I will be including some of the best designer brands including Michael Kors, Fossil, Gucci, Fendi, Hermès, Louise Vuitton, and many more. I have gone through many articles on the web and have watched many YouTube reviews about all the bags.

And yes will also be including some obvious ones that everybody always talks about and then I will also be including some designer handbags that you may or may not expect.

All the handbags on our list of the best lightweight designer handbags 2022 are below 1000 grams. But before that please read the following buying guide –>

What to look In the best lightweight designer handbags?

1] Size

Keep in mind that you gonna use it to keep your essentials in it so make sure that it has enough space to fit your compartments.

The size of a designer bag depends on you that how many things you gonna fit in your designer bag.

2] Weight

As we are considering the blog to be covered by the top 10 best lightweight designer handbags, I must include a point of weight right? Now, talking about weight than my personal preference is below 1000 grams.

3] No To Fake Designer Handbags

Yes, I’m including it because plenty of fake handbags exist in the market and nevertheless existed due to their self profit and to provide fake copied designer handbags for an affordable price.

And according to the data from CeoWorld.biz 2 out of 10 designer handbags are sold fake. So be aware of that fake product.

Also, look Top 10 best affordable designer handbags Of 2022 (Fall Special) for affordable ones.

4] Material

As we all understand the outward of the bag decides the material and design of our bag.

Even if you are considering an expensive handbag then keep in mind that there is a high possibility that all bags handmade bags and designers tried to make it with very elaborate work.

The majority of expensive designer handbags are made of genuine leather material. However, the pattern on handbag material may be different. They might have used a Pebbled pattern, Saffiano pattern leather, and so on.

5] Must Be comfortable

Along with being lightweight, it must feel comfortable to carry and as well to use. In this modern era who doesn’t like comfortable things? everyone needs comfort so why not choose a designer handbag with that level of comfort for the best lightweight designer handbags.

6] Color

While plenty of ladies choose a color for a handbag I could also say that you must choose a color that you like the most and if not then try to match your handbag color with different outfits.

Some color matching ideas for outfits:

  1. Red color handbag or small red pattern:  Red is one of the most neutral colors among other colors. And if you wear a designer handbag with some red pattern on the bag, that bag will go with any color/style outfit.
  2. Pastel-toned color bag: A paster-toned lightweight designer handbag with a great outfit could look great together.
  3. Yellow Bag: The yellow bags could be paired with neutral clothing and gold jewelry
  4. Other Colors:
    1. Black: It goes with everything and will look amazing on a black outfit.
    2. Green: Green bag with earthy tones color.
    3. Orange: Orange colors could be worn in warmer months.
    4. Brown: Brown color bags go with every outfit.

10 Best Lightweight Designer Handbags 2022:

1] Michael Kors Charlotte Large Top Zip Tote Purse – View On Amazon

best lightweight designer handbags 2021

1st on the list of the 10 best lightweight handbags is Michael Kors Charlotte Tote. The brand is a popular premium brand in America and was first introduced in 1981 by a famous fashion designer Michael Kors since then it quickly become one of the best-sellers of designer purses from Jet set to Charlotte and plenty more.

Parts of this designer handbag are made of genuine leather such as handles and interior and whereas the main body is a combination of Saffiano genuine leather and PVC which looks amazing and as well durable. PVC and leather combination makes it to pass for a textured leather lightweight designer handbag.

Weight is 1.48 Pounds (671.31 grams) and that said it passes our criteria of below 1000 grams designer purse. It is a tote-type bag and can fit your small essentials and usually retails between $139.90 to $170.99 on the Amazon store.


  • Canvas + leather materials give it strength quilty.
  • Includes enough space to fit your daliy essentials.
  • Original tags.


  • Sometimes you may feel stiff about this bag.

2] JW PEI Gabbi Bag – View On Amazon

best lightweight designer bags 2022

Being active on social media and posting pins about handbags, I have seen a lot of influencers wearing the JW PEI Gabbi Chic pouch in my recommendation pins on Pinterest. Even celebrities like Gigi Hadid and EmRata have been spotted wearing it.

This small pouch purse is very lightweight and weighs only 1.19 pounds. In this TikTok era, this trendy purse will look very stylish on your outfits.

Despite its excellent quilty and popularity, it is available for under $100., which could be a perfect price for many of you.

The bag is made of vegan leather and has a single top handle for a more classic look. The rounded cloud shape and ruched look design are my favorites. No matter if you wear it in formal or casual clothes, it will look stylish.

So if you raelly want to enjou 90’s vibes with lightweight property then this could be one of the best options on our list Best Lightweight Designer Bags 2022.


  • It is small enough to carry for your daily needs, and it only weighs 1.2 lbs.
  • Only weighs 1.2 lbs.


  • You won’t be able to fit some of your large essentials as it is a small handbag.

3] Coach Rowan Satchel Crossgrain Leather In Signeture Canvas – View On Amazon

best lightweight designer handbags 2022
Coach lightweight designer purse

The next lightweight designer purse on our list is Coach Rowan Satchel, one of Coach’s most famous designer purses. You are most likely to be familiar with Coach USA-based brand.

This signature canvas tote comes in a weight of fewer than 800 grams which makes it an affordable option from a premium brand Coach.

With a classic look, are you getting a durable material handbag of genuine leather and signature canvas so there wil be no doubt that you will most likely use it for an extended period.


  • Leather used in this crossbody is very durable.
  • It is offered in plenty of color options on the Amazon store.


  • According to some real-life customer reviews handle quilty is not up to mark.

4] Fossil Women’s Rachel Satchel Purse Handbag – View On Amazon

best affordable designer handbags 2021 fosssil

I’m sure you are familiar with Fossil American designer brand so it’s sure that I would include this purse. Not only it is lightweight but also an affordable designer purse option.

The weight of the bag is 1.1 pounds (498.95 grams) which means a lightweight designer handbag with a brand tag and durability

This piece is made of PU leather and synthetic canvas, both of which are eco-friendly and made with green energy. With that said this is a satchel type of designer purse and

Talking about its price then it starts from $120 to all the way $230 with an extra Fossil pouch option. So because of these many functionalities and features I have included it on the list of 10 best lightweight designer handbags 2022.


  • The vegan leather used in this crossbody is of premium quality.
  • Weight is only 1.1 pounds.


  • It doesn’t provide last-long properties like genuine leather.

So first four handbags are affordable best lightweight handbags options now let’s talk about designer purses from luxury brands.

5] Hermès Birkin

10 best lightweight designer handbags by top10counts

There is abundant demand for “The Birkin Bag” in the luxury world. Birkin bag from the luxury brand Hermès is one of the most elite lightweight designer bags out there.

Hermès Birkin bag was inspired by Jane Birkin who is a french style icon. I’m sure that before designing this bag Hermès endeavored to show and make this beautifully made handbag that would surely jump to our list of 10 best lightweight designer handbags.

It weighs only 2 pounds (907 grams). There are many variations of Birkin bags that have been offered by Hermès.

Regarding the investment of the bag, there had been many studies completed proving that this particular handbag is a better investment than most other luxury purses. The value of some Birkin luggage growing by way of at the least 14% every freaking single year.

For your convince the retail price of this Birkin bag is whopping at between $9000 up to $150,000 and even more. And the resale price of this Birkin designer bag can be upward of $250,000.

Now it is obvious that not every single Birkin bag is going to resale for that higher price. However, when we look at history we could see that In the year 2017 in Hong Kong, the Hermès Birkin bag did resale for about $379261 and that was an auction for sure.

But let me confirm that the production of Birkin bags is limited.

In the year 2022 during the pandemic time, there are so many people trying to get their bags and the demand is so high right now for this bag.

So the luxury brand Hermès limited the production of Birkin bags which makes resale value jump on a high point because:

High Demand + Low Supply = Higher Price Prediction


  • It comes with the best quilty leather material on the market.
  • Because of its leather material, it is a long-lasting material.
  • It is an investment designer piece that you can sell for a reasonable price in the future.


  • it is on expensive side.

6] Hermès Kelly

Best lightweight designer handbags

We had to include another Hermès designer purse. The purse named Kelly was introduced in 1935 and was renamed in 1956 after the American actress Grace Kelly was carrying it everywhere.

For your manifest, there is only one craftsman who spends between 18 and 24 hours making this Kelly bag by hand and Hermès also said that there is nobody else that touches the purse during manufacturing of the designer purse.

Brand new Kelly designer purse originally retails between around $9,000 to $11,000-$12000 and the price of this purse can go way higher than that depending on the size. There are many variations of Kelly bags offered in the market and their weight differs in terms of different types of bags.

Its weight starts at 540 grams to around 11001300 grams.


  • Kelly comes with the best quilty leather material on the market.
  • Because of its leather material, it is a long-lasting material.


  • You won’t be able to fit some of your large essentials as it is a small handbag.
  • You can’t fit large essentials in this designer purse.

7] Chanel Flap

Best lightweight designer handbags - Top10Counts.com

Flap from Chanel brand is one of the most popular designer handbags out there. The Chanel Flap that many people love today was introduced in 1983.

It has a beautiful shoulder strap and a small handle. and in addition, it is an amazing investment. Neutral or classic colors like black and nude both have the best resale value.

One of the first Flap handbags was made in 1955 and at that time the cost is $250. By 1990 it was sold at well over the price of $1100 and as of now it starts with the price at $3000-$4000 and classic flap starts with the price point of $6000.

It weighs about 600 grams to all over 1000 grams.


  • It’s CC logo looks very classy along with it’s quilt type of material.
  • Durable material and features a style handle and a chain shoulder strap.


  • You won’t be able to fit some of your large essentials as it is a small handbag.

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8] Louis Vuitton Speedy

best lightweight designer handbags

In the year 1965, Audrey Hepburn requested Louis Vuitton to design a handbag that kind of mimicked Loise Vuitton’s duffle bags. So in 1965, it was made for daily use.

At preset Louis, Vuitton’s Speedy is one of the best lightweight designer handbags in 2022 that weighs only 568 grams.

At present, the speedy bag does retail for starting price of $1400. I think almost every Louis Vuitton handbags have a wonderful resale value. You will always be able to resale the bag.


  • Canvas + leather material gives it a classy and luxury looks.


  • You won’t be able to fit some of your large essentials.

9] Louis Vuitton NeverFull

Best lightweight designer handbags

One of the best lightweight designer handbags on the market is another Louis Vuitton purse NeverFull. This bag was launched in 2007 so honestly, the purse hasn’t even been around that long time but it quickly becomes one of best selling bags from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s.

It is simple in design but firmly it looks stylish and trendy. It is a classic type of tote bag and in addition, it is made of genuine leather which means you are getting a genuine leather handbag so there will be no doubt to use this durable purse/tote bag. it’s

At present this bag retails at around $1400 and there are many variations of bags that are available in the market. If you buy and invest in this bag then there will always be somebody that will buy this bag from you.

The Neverfull tote type of purse is extremely lightweight and features a weight of around 800-900 grams.


  • Because of its large size, you will be able to fit your laptop and work-related pieces of stuff.
  • Despite its material, it has low weight.


  • It is on the expensive side.

10] Lady Dior

Best lightweight designer handbags

The Lady Dior bad from the brand Dior was released in 1995 and was nicknamed after Princess Diana because she loved this bag so much and was visiting everywhere with this bag. She was seen wearing this bag on many occasions and even she had a collection of many variations of the Lady Dior purse including different colors, different sizes, different styles.

At present its medium size variant retails at USD 5,200. And in recent, it has increased its value by 15% per year that is because it has jumped its popularity in recent years.

People are just loving this classic-style purse and the outward look of this lightweight designer purse. It weighs only around 600 grams.


  • Lady Dior features one of the best designs in the designer market.


  • You won’t be able to fit some of your large essentials in this lightweight designer purse.

More lightweight designer options that you may like:

Loewe Puzzle Bag

Best lightweight designer handbags

The puzzle bag from the brand Loewe was designed by fashion designer Jonathan Anderson. He wanted to introduce a soft and lightweight designer purse/handbag.

This Puzzle bag is a soft and lightweight bag. It weighs only 752 grams. However, there are many variations of the puzzle bag that exist so there could be differentiation in weight.

I have included this on the list of the best lightweight designer handbags in 2022 because I do think it’s a beautiful investment along with the stylish and soft design that it has. I’m sure that this is the bag that not going to sit in your self you gonna use it.


  • It is small enough to carry for your daily needs, and it only weighs 1.2 lbs.
  • Only weighs 1.2 lbs.


  • You won’t be able to fit some of your large essentials as it is a small handbag.

Givenchy Antigone

Best lightweight designer handbags

9th on the list of the 10 best lightweight handbags is Givenchy Antigone. It was first introduced in 2011 since then it quickly becomes a best-seller and a very loved bag from the luxury brand Givenchy.

It is made of perfect Antigone shape which derives it different from other luxury designer bags. Nevertheless, it is Antigone shaped purse it can fit your daily essentials like a laptop, small pouch, iPad, work essentials. and many more.

At present, it retails between USD 2,200 to $2750 USD. iI you love classic design then this lightweight designer handbag from the brand Givenchy is one of the best lightweight designer handbags in 2022. It comes with a weight of 920 grams and is a part of our list of the 10 best lightweight designer handbags in 2022.

Extra recommended product options:

Gucci Dionysus

Best lightweight designer handbags

Dionysus purse from the brand Gucci was inspired by the legend Dionysus himself and was designed by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele.

Is molded elaborated and has a trendy and simple style. Right now because of the extreme popularity of this bag, there are so many variations of bags offered by the luxury brand Gucci. Its weight starts from 600 grams.

Gucci retails Dionysus purse at the starting price of $890 (supermini Dionysus bag) to all over $2,690 for a small shoulder Dionysus bag.

Chanel Boy Bag

Best lightweight designer handbags

We had to include another lightweight designer handbag from the brand Chanel Boy Bag. This Chanel Boy Bag was invested in 2011 and at present, it has size options for including small, medium, and large.

Talking about its price the small size starts at $3,900, the medium size starts at around $5,200, and the large size is offered at $5400. In 2011 the price of a small bag was started at $2000.

The weight of the bag starts at 633 grams and up to 833 grams.

FAQs: 10 Best Lightweight Designer Handbags 2022

Are designer bags heavy?

Yes, designer bags may be heavy for some reason including their material and inner features. Handbag weight is heavily influenced by the canvas material, known for its strength. Popular designer handbag brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, Fendi, Rioni, use this type of material so it may be heavy. Moreover animal skin leather also remains a heavy material.

What is a good everyday designer bag?

If you want a designer handbag at an affordable price, I would suggest Michael Kors Charlotte Tote. If you are more of a luxury brand side, Louis Vuitton Speedy will be a good option.  

Which luxury bag brand is most reliable?

Hermès is known for its reliable and most durable designer products for 2022. Hermès is also one of the most popular luxury bags among luxury lovers. 

What is the oldest luxury brand?

Hermès! As of today, Hermès is the world’s oldest luxury brand. The company was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès  

Are Coach bags real leather?

Genuine leather is used for most of the Coach bags. You could buy a bag with cotton canvas and genuine leather, depending on the model.

Final Thoughts about Best Lightweight Designer Handbags

Designer handbags are no way to go out of style in the coming years. Even its popularity has been increasing daily as per head income of youung generation grows.

Purchasing a designer handbag is a long-term decision that you should make according to your needs and budget. If you are still confused about which handbag to choose and which to avoid, the best way is to read customer reviews on the internet. On Amazon, you will find a special section for customer reviews where you can read reviews of that designer handbag in real life.

Before choosing which handbag is right for you, be sure to read the descriptions of all of the handbags in the Amazon store. You may be able to correct any errors I make on the Amazon site if I describe the handbag’s features incorrectly.

So these were the 10 best lightweight designer handbags in 2022. Other recommendations:

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