10 Interesting Facts About The Illuminati

Today we’re going talking about a topic that has been intriguing everyone for quite a while now, facts about the Illuminati. Whenever we conceive about Illuminati there are so many questions that are popping in our minds such as conspiracy, new world order, satan war-ship, and many others.

History Of Illuminati

In 1776 a society named ‘Bavarian Illuminati‘ was founded by Adam Weishaupt. Bavarian Illuminati was a secret society. Adam Weishaupt was a German law professor at the University of Ingolstadt. Adam Weishaupt was a substantial believer in enlightenment.

That’s said to have a massive influence on major political, economic and social events all around the world some people believe that they don’t exist anymore and that the whole fad with limited is that pop-culture fiction, but as always, you have the order side of the coin with the conspiracy theorist and conspiracy believers swearing on their leaves that element is still existing today, and they all embedded all fabrics of salary from politics to economy and religion among others.

The members of Illuminati considered themself as an enlightened person. The idea of this society was shared with a well-known and famous people by Adam Weishaupt.


Bavarian Illuminati society’s goal was to combat superstition, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power. However, the well-known and famous people who joined Illuminati in the initial stage of their intention were to combat superstition and start a New World Order where they could run the world by their own rule. As time went by they gathered many famous and well-known people to their society.


Once when priests who had the power of politics joined the group and after joining the group they excluded Adam Weishaupt, whose only intention was to combat superstition, not a new world order. However, the intension of Priests wasn’t combat superstition they wanted to start new world order. And the criteria for joining the society were changed, now only those people could join the society who had power. After that in the group, well-known and famous people were seen.

In 1785 duke of Bavaria Charles Theodore passed a law that ‘a person could not be involved in any type of a secret society’. It’s believed that after this law Illuminati society was completely destroyed. But in the 18th century, a new secret society started again and this time a new secret society named ‘Freemasonry‘ and back then the famous symbol of ‘Eye of Providence‘, pyramids and others become conceive among people.

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Eye of Providence (from wikipedia)

These symbols were of Freemasons.

With that say let’s dive in and see the top 10 things about Illuminati that you didn’t know before.

10 Facts About The Illuminati

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They Have Their Own Website

The Illuminati society has its own website named illuminatiofficial.org. It’s an official website of theirs.

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The duke of Bavaria Charles Theodore baned Illuminati and other secret societies.

In 1785 duke of Bavaria Charles Theodore banned secret societies including Illuminati and as well as other secret societies. It is believed that after this law Illuminati society was completely destroyed. After the ban on secret societies, A person could not be involved in any type of secret society.

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The secret group Illuminati was Started In The same year as the declaration of independence

1776 is the year when The US got independence and surprisingly the secret group Illuminati was founded before two months of independence in 1776. It has only 2 months of difference between the independence date of the US and the foundation date of Illuminati which was 1 May 1776 and the independence day for the US is 4th July 1776.

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The ever watching eye isn’t the symbol of Illuminati

facts about the illuminati - top10counts

A big misconception that has traveled around the world is that the ever watching eye or all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid in the triangle is the representation of the Illuminati. An example of this is the 1 dollar bill which has led many conspiracy theorists to believe that the group secretly controls the US government, the economy, diplomatic theory, and so on.

But the actual symbol of the Illuminati was an owl of Athena the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare.

However, the symbol suddenly changed direction due to society’s frequent unfounded association with the new world order. The Illuminati’s symbol owl had turned into the all-seeing eye or ever-watching eye.

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The founder of Illuminati Adam Weishaupt initially wanted to join the Freemasons

At the time when he becomes dean of the University of Ingolstadt, he faced a lot of opposition from the Roman Catholic church, that he considered intolerant and bigoted. That’s why his solution for fighting the status quo was to start a secret society or a group of like-minded thinkers, unfortunately, freemasons had a high membership fee, which he could not afford so as time went on he decided to found his secret society and which he named as ‘Illuminati’.

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They all had codenames

As a member of Illuminati, they had a solemn responsibility to keep the group a secret so any talk about its activities.

One of the clever things that they did to avoid being exposed to the outside world, were all members embraced codenames, which was initially adopted from other secret societies.

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Michael Jackson told news reporters that ‘he is an Illuminati’

One of the most famous celebrity Michael Jackson‘s death is still a tragic incident that no one has ever solved. Before one day of his death, he told the news reporter that he was an Illuminati.

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The initial members of Illuminati were Adam Weishauptown’s own students

In the beginning, the idea of the Illuminati was to form a society of freethinkers. The first members of Illuminati were their own students. Over the next 6 years, Illuminati added about six-hundred members. And by the time when Bavarian duke banned them they had over 25 thousand members.

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240 years of Illuminati

It has been more than 240 years since Illuminati was founded.
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Illuminati isn’t a religion society

The secret society Illuminati was founded as an opposition group in opposition to the perceived Jesuit oppression.

The real intention of Illuminati was to against superstition and spreading enlightenment among like-minded thinkers. This did not sit well with church and did everything in its power to see the Illuminati done for.

These are some interesting facts about Illuminati.

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