10 Most Dangerous Fish In The World

Isn’t the ocean a beautiful place to visit or sometimes is it a deadly ocean? Shark, Whale, Dolphine, Salmon, CatfIsh, and much famous fish that you may know about. In Ocean some fishes are calm and beautiful, some are dangerous.

As it is considered that 71% of the Earth’s surface is water-covered. And the majority of aquatic animal exists in the ocean so there must be many dangerous fishes live.

You should be thinking that Shark is the most dangerous fish in the world but it isn’t, Shark isn’t the most dangerous fish in the world there are many other fish that exist in the ocean that we are gonna talk about.

Some of these fishes even small and dangerous. Some of these fish can swallow a human.

Many humans depend on fish so here comes the fisherman who catches fish, so sometimes fishermen can be attacked by some of these dangerous fish yes, even sharks too!.

Some species are smaller in size but yet it is known as dangerous. Some are bigger and dangerous.

10) Puffer

Puffer - Most Dangerous Fish In The World - top10counts

Pufferfish rank 9th on our list of top 10 most dangerous fish in the world. They have tough, usually prickly skins and fused teeth that form a structure with a split in the center of each jaw. The largest Puffer can grow about 90 cm (3 feet) long but most are considerably smaller which is dangerous for any other fish and humans.

Puffer can attack to humans with their fused teeth or large puffer.

09) Stone Fish

stone fish- Most Dangerous Fish In The World - top10counts

Another fish on the list Stone Fish is one of the most dangerous fish in the world. Stone Fish mostly live in Ocean but however, some species of Stone FIsh can be found in Rivers.

Stone Fish lives near rocks at the bottom of ocean and rivers Stone Fish is large fish but their mouths, small eyes, and bumpy skins covered with a shield of fleshy flaps or wartlike lumps.

If a human sees this fish first it seems like a stone that lay down on the bottom of the ocean. It is difficult to see Stone Fish. Sometimes Stone Fish injects venom grooves in their dorsal-fin spines.

So stone fish ranks 9th on our list of top 10 most dangerous fish in the world.

08) Candiru

Candiru - Most Dangerous Fish In The World - top10counts

Next dangerous fish in our list if Candiru which is considered to be one of the most dangerous fish in Trichomycteridae famliy. Candiru is mostly found in Amazon River but sometime it also found in other ocean and rivers.

The reson because we included Candiru fish is that their size it can only grow upto 1 inches. because of their size it can enter in ears of Humans.

Once in the real-life, Candiru erects the short spines on its gill covers and may it thereby cause hemorrhage, inflammatin, and even death to the victim.

07) Piranha

piranha - Most Dangerous Fish In The World - top10counts

Piranha is a South American fish and it can be found in 60 species. It is a member of the family Serrasalmidae. It can be found in South American oceans, rivers, lakes, and much more. Depending on the exact species, most piranhas can grow between 12 cm and 35 cm (5–14 inches) long.

Piranha’s teeth are the most dangerous weapon among all of these most dangerous fish in the world. Piranha fish’s teeth are often used as tools themselves.

Piranha can be found in 60 species and the colors of these species vary from silvery with orange undersides to almost completely black color. The most dangerous species of Piranha is the red-bellied piranha. It has the strongest jaws and sharpest teeth of all Piranha Species.

06) Tigerfish

tigerfish - Most Dangerous Fish In The World - top10counts

TigerFish is known for its razor-sharp teeth which can kill any other fish in one time of chew. TigerFish can be found in African freshwater. There are about 5 species that exist in Tigerfish the largest one found was 6 feet long and 70kg in weight. TIgerFish’s majority species can be found in the Congo River which is one of the biggest rivers in the world. Check our blog post on the top 10 countries with the highest number of rivers which includes Congo rivers in major rivers.

TIgerfish’s main weapon is its razor-sharp teeth which are so dangerous and can kill any fish in only one bite.

05) Moray Eel

moreyeel- Most Dangerous Fish In The World - top10counts

One of the most dangerous fish in the world Morey Eel can be found in 80 species. Like Tigerfish Morey Eel also has razor-sharp teeth. Moray Eel can even kill a human with its teeth. Morey Eel lives in shallow water among rocks and reefs.

Their skinn is smooth and thick. Their main weapon is razor-sharp teeth. It helps them hunt other fish and as well to protect from humans.

Morey Eel generally does not extend their size to about 5 feet. But sometimes it can grow up to 11.5 feet.

04) Red Lionfish

red lion fish- Most Dangerous Fish In The World - top10counts

Another fish named Red Lionfish ranks 3rd on our list of top 10 most dangerous fish in the world. There are several species of Lionfish that exist.

They are considered a dangerous fish because of their venomous fin spines, that are capable of producing painful, though rarely fatal, puncture wounds. 

03) Needlefish

niddlefish - Most Dangerous Fish In The World - top10counts

Next on our list if Needle Fish that has a long needle type of mouthwhich can be used to attack enemies and other fishes. It can reach upto 3ft in lenght and weight upto 4kg.

The needlefish can swim at a fast speed. Think about that a sharply pointed, meter-long fish traveling through the air at 60 km per hour it’s too much if they attack humans then it would be looking like someone is attacking with a sword. But is there any chance to attack by Needlefish to humans! Unfortunately high apparently.

The major problem is that groups of these fish seem to be attracted by lights from boats which makes Needlefish’s group a real danger for fishermen in the Indo-Pacific area where they are considered more of a danger than sharks because of the considerable population of NeedleFish in that area.

02) Electric Eel

electric eel- Most Dangerous Fish In The World - top10counts

Electric Eel is a South American fish and as its name suggests electric you will be surprised that Electric Eel produces a powerful electric shock to stun other fish, octopus, and many more sea creatures.

Electric Eel can grow up to like 9 feet and can gain weight up to 22 kg which is an astounding thing about Electric Eel fish.

Electric Eel prefers slow-moving freshwater to survive purely. Electric Eel can give 330-650 volts to their hunts. If Electric Eel gives a shock to a human then the human defiantly will die because it only requires a minimum of 100 volts of electric shock to die a human.

Electric Eel also uses electric waves to give signals to other Electric Eel. The mouth of the electric eel is rich with blood veins which allow ElectriC Eel to use the mouth as a lung and shock as an attacking tool.

01) White Shark

white shark- Most Dangerous Fish In The World - top10counts

White Shark who doesn’t need an introduction. I’m sure that you have seen Sharks in movies or in real life. In real life, White Sharks are really dangerous fish in the world.

There is a total of 440 different species of sharks in the world. As there are many species of shark but we only included White Shark because all of that shark White Shark is considered to be the most dangerous Sharks in the world.

With a vital sharp teeth it also has a good eyesight. Female great white sharks can grow upto 13-16 feet in length and can live upto 12-14 years of age whereas males can grow between 11.5-14.5 feet in length and can live upto 9-10 years of age. White Shark’s jaw contains a row of 23-28 triangular teeth and their lower jaw contains 20-26 triangular teeth. These triangular teeth can reach up to 6.6 inches in height.

Based on fossil scales found in The US and Australia, scientists belives that sharks first appeared in the ocean around 455 million years ago.

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