55 Adobe Lightroom Shortcuts To Work Speedy

Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to speed up and increase productivity for any task, as they limit your time spent opening things. These Adobe Lightroom shortcuts will literally make your workflow easy.

Adobe Lightroom Shortcuts

You might have been using shortcut keys for your daily windows task but here we will see a better way to task your Adobe Lightroom.

You may use Indesign daily to create works such as posters, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books, and ebooks, or something else, or sometimes for basic graphic designing. After utilizing these Adobe Lightroom shortcuts you will be working more efficiently at your workflow.

Maybe you are doing the same things that I was doing before knowing these shortcuts like you find a tool and click it with a mouse. How good it would be if there is a shortcut key that exists for a particular task. First, this will seem hard, but after using these Adobe Lightroom shortcuts you will find very easily interact with your workflow.

By pressing a few keys as Adobe Lightroom shortcuts you can select tools, manipulating images, and even more. All of these shortcut keys will effectively run on both Windows and Mac systems but for some shortcut keys, it could be different. Whereby Mac has a command key and Windows has a CTRL-key.

I assure you that after this article you won’t need to search for Adobe Lightroom shortcuts.

Adobe Lightroom Shortcuts

1. Basic shortcuts

1CopyCtrl + CCommand + C
2CutCtrl + XCommand + X
3PasteCtrl + VCommand + V
5 Delete photoBackspaceBackspace
6Deselect AllCtrl + Shift + ACommand + Shift + A
7UndoCtrl + ZCommand + Z
8RedoCtrl + Shift + ZCommand + Shift + Z
9NewCtrl + NCommand + N
10New FolderCtrl + Shift + NCommand + Shift + N
10OpenCtrl + OCommand + O
11SaveCtrl + SCommand + S
12Save AsCtrl + Shift + SCommand + Shift+ S
13Find Ctrl + F Command + F
14Delete Rejected PhotosCtrl + BackspaceCommand + Backspace
15Remove Photos from CatalogAlt+BackspaceOption + Backspace
16Delete photoBackspace Backspace
17Export photosCtrl+Shft+ECommand + Shift + E
18Import photosCtrl + Shft + ICommand + Shft + I
19Export as PreviousCtrl + Shift + Alt + ECommand + Shift + Option + E
20Exit Ctrl + QCommand + Q

2. Shortcuts for view menu:

21Grid GG
22Loupe EE
25Go to DevelopDD
26Crop in DevelopRR
27Zoom InCtrl + = (equals)Command + =(equals)
28Zoom OutCtrl + = (equals)Command + = (equals)
29Toggle Zoom ViewZZ
30Hide/Show ToolbarTT

3. Shortcuts for Window Menu 

31Show Module PickerF5 F5
32Show FilmstripF6 F6
33Show Left Module PanelsF7 F7
34Show Right Module PanelsF8 F8
35Screen Mode – NormalCtrl + Alt + FCommand + Option + F
36Full Screen and Hide PanelsCtrl + Shift + FCommand + Shift + F
37Library ModuleCtrl + Alt + 1Command + Option + 1
38Develop ModuleCtrl + Alt + 2Command + Option+ 2
39Slideshow ModuleCtrl + Alt + 3Command + Option + 3
40Print ModuleCtrl + Alt + 4Command + Option + 4
41Web Module Ctrl+Alt+5Command + Option + 5

4. Shortcuts for file menu

42Open CatalogCtrl + OCommand + O
43Show Quick CollectionCtrl + BCommand + B
44Save Quick CollectionCtrl + Alt + BCommand + Option + B
45Clear Quick CollectionCtrl + Shift + BCommand + Shift + B
46Catalog SettingsCtrl + Alt + ,Command + Option + ,

5. Shortcuts for Photo Menu:

47Decrease Rating[[
48Increase Rating]]
51Text Frame OptionsCtrl+BCtrl+B
53Edit in Adobe PhotoshopCtrl + ECommand + E
54Edit in Other ApplicationCtrl+Alt+ECommand + Option + E
55Create Virtual CopyCtrl + ‘Command + ‘

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