68 Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts Keys To Work Quick

Almost every Adobe Software does have shortcut keys. Every users sometimes use shortcuts keys for an easy task where they can do that task without a single mouse click.

In this blog of Adobe Audition keyboard shortcuts keys, we tried to bring many usefull Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you record and edit your voice with Adobe Audition these shortcuts will work best whether for your workflow or job.

As we know that Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to speed up and increase productivity for any task, as they limit your time spent opening things. These Adobe Audition keyboard shortcuts will literally make your workflow easy.

You may use Adobe Audition for your daily tasks or job, or even for sometimes else. After utilizing these Adobe Audition keyboard Shortcuts you will be working more efficiently at your workflow.

All of these shortcut keys will effectively run on both Windows and Mac systems but for some shortcut keys, it could be different. Whereby Mac has a command key and Windows has a CTRL-key.

Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts

I assure you that after this article you won’t need to search for Adobe Audition keyboard shortcuts.

Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Keyboard Shortcuts For Audio General Operations

1SpacebarStart and stop playback
2HomeSet time indicator to the beginning of the clip
3EndSet time indicator to the end of the clip
48Switch Waveform and Multitrack editor
5Ctrl + Left ArrowSet time indicator to previous marker or clip
6Ctrl+Right ArrowSet time indicator to next marker or clip
7Shift+XToggle Preference for return Synchronize to start position of the clip
8=For Zoom in horizontally
9Alt + =For Zoom in vertically
10For Zoom out horizontally
11Alt+-For Zoom out vertically

2. Shortcuts For Audio Editing Operations

12 Shift + RRepeat a previous command by clicking Ok
13Ctrl+RRepeat a previous command by not clicking OK
14Shift + TOpen Convert sample type dialog box in workspace
15Shift + PFor capturing noise reduction profile
16Up Arrow of keyboardFor activate left channel for editing
17Down ArrowActivate the right channel for editing
18Ctrl + Alt + Up ArrowFor making the display more logarithmic
19Ctrl + Alt + Down ArrowTo make display more linear
20Ctrl + Alt + PGUP For making display full logarithmic
21Ctrl + Alt + PGDNTo make display full linear
22Shift+Ctrl+Up or Arrow/Down ArrowIncrease and Decrease spectral resolution
23Ctrl + RTo repeat the last command

3. Keyboard Shortcuts For Mixing Tracks

24Ctrl + Shift + SelectTo select the same input and output for all audio track
25Ctrl + Shift + Left Click of mouseTo Activate or deactivate mute/solo/record tracks
26Shift + DragTo adjust the Knob in large increment
27Ctrl + DragTo adjust the Knob in small increment
28Shift + DragTo maintain time position
29Ctrl + DragReposition envelop segment without the Keyframe in the clip
30Alt + ,For Nudge Selected clip to left
31Alt + PeriodFor Nudge Selected clip to right

4. Keyboard Shortcuts For Marker/Tool/Clip Shortcuts

32MUsed to add a marker
33Ctrl + Alt + Right ArrowUsed to move to the next marker
34Ctrl + Alt + Left ArrowUsed to Move to previous marker
35Ctrl + GTo clip gain
36Ctrl + KTo Split a clip into two parts
37Ctrl + 0To delete Selected marker
38Ctrl + Alt + 0To delete All Marker
39/For rename selected marker
40Ctrl + ASelect all in the work window
41Ctrl+Shift+ADeselect all in the work window
42BTo spot Healing Brush
43Shift + BackspaceRipple delete to the selected clip
44Alt + BackspaceFor Time selection in the selected clip
45Ctrl + Alt + BkspaceTo Time selection in all tracks
46Ctrl + CFor Copy
47Ctrl + X For Cut
48Ctrl + V For Paste
49Alt + Shift + CUse for Copy to new
50DTo access the lasso selection tool
51DeleteUsed to delete
52EFor the mark selection tool
53Ctrl + ETo edit original
54EscTo Clear time selection
55Shift + HFor zero-crossings adjust the left side to left
56Shift + IFor zero-crossing adjust selection inward
57Shift+JFor zero-crossing adjust left side to the right
58Ctrl + Shift + VFor mix Paste
59Ctrl + ZUsed as Undo
60Ctrl + Shift + ZUsed as Redo
61FUsed to select the frequency selection tool
62RUsed to select the rectangular marquee tool
63STo enable snapping enabled
64Ctrl + TUsed to access crop tool
65RRazor tool
66VMove tool
67YSlip tool
68PTo access the Paintbrush selection tool

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