7 Best Cameras to Buy In 2021

A camera is mostly used for photography and recording purposes. Before moving to the countdown of the best cameras to buy in 2021, Let’s look at the brief history of cameras.

The first camera was a box the size of a small coffee machine with a cassette stuck to the side.

Little did anyone know when it took its first image in 1975 that this Heath Robinson-Esque prototype would nearly obliterate the market for camera film and turn us all into potential Robert Doisneau’s or Henri Cartier-Bresson’s, recording everything from the banal to the beautiful on our mobile phones.

Steven Sasson invented that boxy first digital camera for Kodak. But the company has struggled to fully profit from its invention, and with its share price plunging last year there has been growing disquiet about the company’s prospects.

Now, according to Samsung, 2.5 billion people around the globe have a digital camera.

Now Let’s start the countdown of,

Best Cameras to Buy In 2021

Sony Alpha 7S III

Sony Alpha 7S III - 7 Best Cameras to Buy In 2021 - top10counts

Introducing the Alpha 7S III – a new milestone in sensitivity, speed, and image supremacy. Featuring an all-new 12.1MP backside-illuminated full-frame sensor with twice the readout speed for ultra-clean low-light images up to ISO 409,600, 15+ stops dynamic range, and 3x reduction in the rolling shutter, plus Sony’s acclaimed fast hybrid autofocus with 759 phase-detection AF points.

A new BIONZ XR processing engine delivers 8x more processing power for up to 120p 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 and full pixel readout in all recording modes.

Nikon Z50

Nikon Z50 - 7 Best Cameras to Buy In 2021 - top10counts

Introducing the Z 50, a compact, lightweight, and powerful mirrorless camera. Inheriting the proud DNA of the Z series, this camera features a large inner diameter of 55mm and a short flange focal distance of 16mm – delivering incredibly vibrant images and three-dimensionality without the little imperfections. Capture spontaneous life moments with the intuitively-designed and comfortable camera body that feels like an extension of your hand. It is almost as nimble and compact in size as your passport – though not as thin!

Perfect for adventurers, wanderers, foodies, and café-dwellers, slip the Z 50 into your bag the next time you go exploring and share your experiences with the world.

Canon EOS R6

Canon EOS R6 - 7 Best Cameras to Buy In 2021 - top10counts

Some of the key features of this camera and brief info are to Conquer the darkness with the EOS R6. This full-frame mirrorless camera based on the revolutionary RF mount comes with powerful In-Body Image Stabilization up to 8 stops, ISO range up to 102 400, and low luminance AF sensitivity of up to EV -6.5 – all designed to give you optimum performance for low-light photography.

  • Approx. 20.1MP full-frame CMOS sensor + 4K video
  • Up to 8-stop In-Body Image Stabilizer X Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Low-light performance up to EV -6.5 + ISO 102 400
  • Up to 20 fps + Animal Detection AF

Panasonic Lumix S5

Panasonic Lumix S5 - 7 Best Cameras to Buy In 2021 - top10counts

LUMIX S5 is a hybrid full-frame mirrorless camera that achieves both excellent performance in photo/video in a compact body designed for aspirational content creators.

At the heart of the camera, the LUMIX S5 contains a 24.2-megapixel 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor that boasts a wide dynamic range and high sensitivity performance made possible by sufficient light condensation. The LUMIX S5 further realizes recording maximum ISO51200 crystal-clear high sensitivity video with the adoption of the Dual Native ISO technology.

As a pioneer of photo/video hybrid mirrorless cameras, the LUMIX has the largest lineup of cameras that record 4K 10-bit video*2. As the latest member of the family, the LUMIX S5 is capable of 4K 60p/50p 4:2:0 10-bit, and 4K 30p/25p 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording. It is also capable of 4K 60p/50p 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output.

For 4K 30p/25p 4:2:0 8-bit internal recording, there is no time limit. Panasonic’s exceptional heat dispersion technology realizes stable, long time video recording. The LUMIX S5 provides 14+ stops of dynamic range, which is as wide as those of cinema cameras, and V-Log / V-Gamut compatibility with popular colorimetry called “VariCam Look”. A variety of recording formats and modes including 4:3 Anamorphic mode, Slow & Quick Motion, 4K/60p interval shooting, and 4K HDR are also provided.

Sony Alpha 7C

Sony Alpha 7C - 7 Best Cameras to Buy In 2021 - top10counts

Sony Alpha 7C comes with a 35mm full-frame (35.6×23.8mm) Exmor R CMOS sensor at 24.2 megapixels. It uses the BIONZ X image processor and can deliver still images and movies from ISO 100 to ISO 51200. Sony says the NP-FZ100 rechargeable battery in the camera can last for around 680 shots with the viewfinder and 740 shots with the LCD monitor.

In terms of video, a full charge can record 140 minutes of video footage from either the viewfinder or the LCD monitor. Sony Alpha 7C has a 3:2 aspect ratio.

The full-frame camera can take pictures in JPEG and record videos in RAW (Sony ARW 2.3 format). In 3:2 aspect ratio, it can take images of up to 6,000×4,000 pixels. You get a variety of image quality modes including RAW (compressed/ uncompressed), JPEG (Extra fine/ Fine/ Standard), RAW, and JPEG. You can also use the Dynamic Range Optimiser and Auto High Dynamic Range features if required, that can also be turned off.

Fujifilm X100V

Fujifilm X100V - 7 Best Cameras to Buy In 2021 - top10counts

Elegant Design The X100V’s timeless body has top and bottom plates milled from single pieces of aluminum, which results in a refined and classic camera body with clean, attractive edges. Finished with a beautiful satin coating, the X100V is a perfect combination of design and engineering that is sure to make photographers of any level joyful as they make their images.

A new lens to get the most out of any image X100V features a new 23mmF2.0 lens to ensure that every detail from its X-Trans CMOS 4 Sensor is resolved beautifully. The lens has been enhanced for better resolution, lower distortion, and improved close-focus performance. However, it still maintains the same overall size and compatibility with legacy WCL/TCL lens attachments, which gives an image-makers additional angles of views equivalent to 35mm and 50mm on 35mm Format.

Leica Q2

Leica Q2 - 7 Best Cameras to Buy In 2021 - top10counts

The Leica Q2 Camera features a brand new 47.3-megapixel full-frame sensor that captures both richly-detailed still pictures and 4K video in brilliant quality. The combination of the fastest built-in Summilux 28mm f/1.7 lens and the high sensor resolution expands the flexibility available for subject composition and, thanks to the integrated digital zoom function, enables you to choose subject framing corresponding to focal lengths of 28, 35, 50, and 75 mm.

The newly developed, high-resolution OLED viewfinder has a resolution of 3.68 megapixels that provides an ideal view and live preview of your subject, with improved image depth and higher contrast. The Leica Q2 offers a 4K video mode with 3840 x 2160 pixels and frame rates of 30 or 24 frames per second. The Leica Q2 boasts an autofocus system that sharply focuses on your subject in 0.15 seconds. The camera features protective sealing against dust and sprays water.

These are the Best Cameras to Buy In 2021.

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