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By choosing a hosting one can determine the speed of your website or blog. It’s so important to get 2X or 4X speed for a website or blog otherwise visitors would not like to spend their precious time loading a website or blog. Here we’ll show you the 8 best hosting for WordPress 2020.

It is important to get hosting with high speed, durability, 24*4 support, futurable dashboard, DNS support, CMS capability, and much more to consider.

We will find out the various pros and cons associated with them.

1. SiteGround

First on the list is SiteGround talking about the pros their shared hosting comes from Google Cloud, you won’t find any other hosting on it.

siteground - Best Hosting For WordPress 2020

Since you get Google cloud, so it gives a good uptime, speed and they have their servers in Singapore, the US. They have good customer support

Talking about pricing they have increased their pricing which starts from $7/month and goes up to $15/month.

This is worth it because no other hosting provides google cloud. They offer inclusive customer supports.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the best hosting services around there. Hostinger emerged as the 8th most used hosting services all over the world with over 30-40 million websites that have been using their hosting servers.

hostinger- Best Hosting For WordPress 2020

Talking about the pros its seems affordable hosting service. It comes with a free domain for a year and a lifetime SSL certificate. In Hostinger you won’t find C-panel instead they provide H-panel which is best for a beginner. They provide better speed because they provide light-speed services that perform better than Apache-servers. The uptime of Hostinger is also good.

They have their servers in Asia, the USA, and Singapore. The uptime of Hostinger is also good.

Hostinger supports live-chat but recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic they have removed their live-chat support.

You can get automatically back-up for 30 days.

Hostinger is much affordable you can get hosting services for $2-5/month which is affordable for most of the beginners. The pricing is very cheap as compared to another shared hosting. If you are a beginner then go with Hostinger.

3. Easy WP

Easy WP hosting is a subsidiary of NameCheap which is a famous company for domain registration. EasyWP comes from the managed hosting of NameCheap.

easywp- Best Hosting For WordPress 2020

EasyWP has two selection options shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Both have a different interface.

Talking about its speed it offers high speed. Talking about the pricing peising for the first year is completely less.

Talking about its cons, you can only keep 1 website that doesn’t matter which plan you take.

And talking about downtime, its uptime is great because it’s cloud and managed WordPress hosting. It’s decent in this price range. A beginner should consider this.

There are no automated backups and their servers are based in the USA. There are no servers in Asia or Singapore.

4. Cloudways

Cloudways is totally different from most of the others. Here you take a cloud server and on that Cloudways has built infrastructure and interface.

You can also take support from Cloudways team.

Cloudways acts as mediator between Cloud servers and you.

cloudways - Best Hosting For WordPress 2020

Talking about its speed it has great uptime and performance because here you get a new cloud server.

You have to pay monthly. It’s pricing starts from $10/month. They have a good backup and restore option and it easily handles high traffic.

Talking about its cons one who never experienced with hostings it can be a bit technical.

Cloudways is the best if your traffic is more than 100k/month. Cloudways is one of the best recommend hosting.

5. BigRock

bigrock is a subsidiary of EIG hosting companies. EIG (Endurance International Group) is a famous popular which acquires hosting companies.

bigrock - Best Hosting For WordPress 2020

Starting from its pros they support call functionality but they do not support 24✖7 live support.

Talking about its cons you will not get WordPress optimization. They charge extra for automated back-ups. Their support of live chat and call is slow

Talking about pricing it could be a cheaper option because they offer a $3-8 per month option. And also gives Cpanel functionality.

6. BlueHost

Next on the list is BlueHost. It’s another hosting service from EIG (Endurance International Group).

bluehost- Best Hosting For WordPress 2020

Talking about the pros there interface is easy and it seems very easy for beginners that are wanting to set up a WordPress site. Its uptime is considerable and also handles load easily.

BlueHost supports 24×7 live chat.

Cons of BlueHost is they do not have any servers in Asia they have servers in the US.

It’s pricing is starting from $3.95/month and it goes up to to $79.99/months.

7. A2hosting

A2hosting is a popular hosting for WordPress sites they have 4 different plans for WordPress sites. It starts at $3 and goes up to $11-13.

A2hosting- Best Hosting For WordPress 2020

Talking about its pros its servers are available in Singapore. You will get a good speed if you take their shared hosting turbo plan.

You can claim a return on a pro-rata basis means if you have purchased hosting for 4 years and used it for 1 year you can claim a refund of the remaining 3 years. No other hosting is providing this type of refund. They have a considerable uptime.

Talking about cons that you have to buy SSL certificates and if you need backup then you have to pay extra for that

8. Chemicloud

Chemicloud is a new hosting company. It has a total of 8 datacenters. There are 10 free migrations are available.

chemicloud- Best Hosting For WordPress 2020

Talking about the pros there is good uptime. It easily handles load handing. You will get a free domain until you use their hosting services. They used light speed servers.

About cons they have their plan moderate which starts from $2.80-8/month.

Quick answers:

Best overall hosting?

Cloudways is the best it has moderate pricing and can handle 100k visitors/month and even more.

Best budget hosting?

Hosting is one of the best if you are a beginner in WordPress blogging and if you get traffic of 25k-60k visitors/month.

Best hosting supports?


Best hosting for eCommerce?

Cloudways, Chemicloud are the best and also consider Siteground.

Best hosting for high traffic?

Cloudways could be best opetion because it can handle 100kvisitiors/month and even more.

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