55 Adobe XD Keyboard Shortcuts To Work Effectively

Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to speed up and increase productivity for any task, as they limit your time spent opening things. These Adobe XD keyboard shortcuts will literally make your workflow easy.

Adobe XD Keyboard Shortcuts

You might have been using shortcut keys for your daily windows task but here we will see a better way to task your Adobe XD workflow.

You may use XD daily for graphic Ul, UX design, or something else, or sometimes for basic graphic designing. After utilizing these shortcuts you will be working more efficiently at your workflow.

Maybe you are doing the same things that I was doing before knowing these shortcuts like you find a tool and click it with a mouse. How good it would be if there is a shortcut key that exists for a particular task. First, this will seem hard, but after using these Adobe XD keyboard shortcuts you will find very easily interact with your workflow.

By pressing a few keys as Adobe XD keyboard shortcuts you can select tools, manipulating images, and can even adjust your project’s canvas. All of these shortcut keys will effectively run on both Windows and Mac systems but for some shortcut keys, it could be different. Whereby Mac has a command key and Windows has a CTRL-key.

I assure you that after this article you won’t need to search for Adobe XD keyboard shortcuts.

55 Adobe XD keyboard shortcuts

Basic shortcuts

1CopyCtrl + CCommand + C
2CutCtrl + XCommand + X
3PasteCtrl + V Command + V
5DuplicateCtrl + DCommand + D
6Deselect AllCtrl + Shift + ACommand + Shift + A
7Undo Ctrl + ZCommand + Z
8RedoCtrl + Shift + ZCommand + Shift + Z
9NewCtrl + NCommand + N
10OpenCtrl + OCommand + O
11SaveCtrl + SCommand + S
12Save AsCtrl + Shift + SCommand + Shift+ S
13ExportCtrl + ECommand + E
14ImportCtrl + Shift + ICommand + Shift + I

Shortcuts for tools:

22Zoom ToolZZ
23Zoom to SelectionCtrl+3Command + 3

Shortcuts for objects:

24GroupCtrl + GCommand + G
25UngroupCtrl + Shift + GCommand + Shift + G
26LockCtrl + LCommand + L
27Mask with ShapeCtrl + Shift + MCommand +Shift + M
28Make Repeat GridCtrl + RCommand + R

Shortcuts for Path/pen:

29Open Path/Pen panelPP
30Convert PointDouble ClickDouble Click
31Asymmetric Control PointAltOption
32Snap Control Point AngleShiftShift
33Snap Anchor Point AngleShiftShift

Shortcuts to arrange layers:

34Bring ForwardCtrl+ ]Command + ]
35Send BackwardCtrl+[Ctrl+[
36Bring to FrontCtrl+ Shift + ]Command +Shift + ]
37Send to BackCtrl + Shift + [Command + Shift + [

To align items:

38Align LeftCtrl + Shift + Left ArrowCommand + Shift + Left Arrow
39Align RightCtrl + Shift + Right ArrowCommand +Shift + Right Arrow
40Horizontally align CenterShift+CShift+C
41TopCtrl + Shift + Up ArrowCommand + Shift + Up Arrow
42Vertically align CenterShift +MShift+M
43Align BottomCtrl + Shift + Down ArrowCommand + Shift + Down Arrow

Shortcuts for path:

44AddCtrl + Alt + UCommand + Alt + U
45SubtractCtrl+Alt+SCommand + Alt + S
46IntersectCtrl + Alt + ICommand + Option + I
47Exclude OverlapCtrl + Alt + XCommand + Alt + X
48Convert to PathCtrl+8Ctrl+8

Shortcuts for text:

49BoldCtrl + BCommand + B

Shortcuts for Operations menu

51Copy Paste Selected ObjectAlt+Drag Alt+Drag
52Edit TextEnter Enter
Constrain Rotate
Shift (15°) + Rotate with left key of mouseShift (15°) + Rotate with left key of mouse
54Line Constrain RotateShift (45°) + Rotate with left key of mouseShift (45°) + Rotate with left key of mouse
55Constrain From CenterAlt+ShiftAlt+Shift

So these are all useful Adobe XD keyboard shortcuts.

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So these are all useful Adobe XD keyboard shortcuts.

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