Amazing Shortcuts For Microsoft Office

Many users find that using an external keyboard with keyboard shortcuts for Word helps them work more efficiently. For users with mobility or vision disabilities, keyboard shortcuts can be easier than using the touchscreen and are an essential alternative to using a mouse. Look at these amazing shortcuts for Microsoft office.

Shortcuts For Microsoft Office

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Shortcut CTRL+D is used to fill down to Duplicate the Data in a Cell of excel file.

  • First of all, add something in the cell of your excel file.
  • Now hold shift for a while then drag the cell from row to row or column to column.
  • Click CTRL+D you will see the value which you added in the first sell copied into other cells.


CTRL+E makes the position of content align center.


CTRL+J justifies the content of Microsoft office’s software.


CTRL+L makes the position of content align left.


CTRL+R makes the position of content align left.


The F1 key in Microsoft Office is used to open the help menu of your Microsoft office software.


The F2 key is used to edit the files.




The F4 key is used to repeat the last command or action.


The F5 key displays the GoTo dialog box. Go To window allows us to find the page or section then it makes us jump that particular pages or section.


Go to the next pane or frame in your Microsoft office also for the previous pane or frame.


Plainly The F7 key used to spell check and grammar check a document in Microsoft office software. It could be the best feature for your workflows.


Use of The F8 key in Microsoft Word to select text quickly so it’s also known as extend mode for Microsoft word.Like paragraph wise selection.


  • The F9 key is used to Update a field. This is the same as right-clicking a field and choosing the update field command.


  • The use of this key is that you can use to access Word’s menu commands.


  • The use of this key is that Jump to the next field in your document or open a new chart.


The F12 key is works as save as in Microsoft Words or other Software of Microsoft Office.

CTRL+: and CTRL+;

In excel Microsoft office software there are great shortcuts CTRL +: and CTRL +; with the use of these shortcuts you can add the current date and current time in excel so by clicking these simple keys you will get date and time without typing the current date or time manually.

CTRL+” and CTRL+’

With the use of CTRL +” you can copy the value of cell above and with using CTRL+’ you can copy the formula of sale above.


SHIFT+F2 shortcut is used to edit the comments of the cell in excel Microsoft office software.


SHIFT+F3 is used to paste the function into formula.


Find next in the sheet of your excel file with the use of SHIFT+F4.


You will see a find menu after using the shortcut key SHIFT+F5.


The use of SHIFT+F6 is that it allows us to go to the previous pane.


SHIFT+F8 is used to select the cells it’s a shortcut for addition to a selection.

  • If you have so many cells with the filled value you can select those cells by using SHIFT+F8.
  • Just hold SHIFT+F8 and press any key from up, down, left, right.
  • you will find that there is selection occurring of the cells.


SHIFT+F9 calculates the active worksheet of your excel file.


Shortcut key SHIFT+F10 displays a shortcut menu of your excel file and as well as for other Microsoft Office’s software you don’t have to click right click of your mouse or touchpad.


The use of CTRL+F4 in excel is that It’s used to close the current window of the excel file.


The use of CTRL+F5 in excel is that it restores the window size of your excel file.


The use of CTRL+F8 key is that it resizes the the window of Microsoft office’s software.


The use of shortcut key CTRL+F9 is to minimize the window of Microsoft word and as well as for other software of Microsoft office.


It is used to maximize or restore the window for Microsoft office.


The use of CTRL+F11 is to inset 4.0 Macro sheets. It changes the cell sizes of excel sheets that’s why This could be the finest short cut key for those people who work on excel daily basis.


It used to insert a chart box in the excel.


CTRL+F2 works as save as in Microsoft excel.


Used to insert something the cell of the excel file.


Uses as deletion of the cell of the excel file.


Shortcut key CTRL+1 opens the menu of format cells dialog box.


CTRL+2 is used to make bolder to the content of the cells.


CTRL+3 is used to make italic font to the content of the cells.


This key underlines the content of the cells.


This key uses as strike through on the content of the cells.

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