10 Best E-learning Platforms 2020

In the past few years, e-learning platforms have been growing too much which includes Coursera, Udemy, and many more. And even in this pandemic Covid-19 situation e-learning platform’s popularity is at its peak point. Let’s now talk about the 10 best e-learning platforms 2020.

E-learning platforms are one of the most famous platforms to learn and share things in this new technical era. There are many tutors, faculties, and students who have moved to the e-learning platform to learn new skills or for teaching new things.

For tutors and students e-learning would be the best option to learn. Almost half of the students are learning from the e-learning platform that includes Youtube itself.

Why to learn from e-learning platform?

Learning from the best e-learning platform will be beneficial. To take many benefits of e-learning platforms finding the best e-learning platforms needs to be done.

Here we came up with the best 10 e-learning platforms that will bring many advantages for you if you really wanted to learn something or want to extend your skill these all make much sense many these charges for courses including Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, and more where Khan Academy is a free and non-profitable organization that provides free courses on their e-learning platform.

In addition to it, e-learning platforms are the most suitable platforms to learn anything including programming subjects, your university subject, skill tutorials, and much more so here we go.

10 best e-learning platforms 2020.

10. Khan Academy

  • Cost: No Fees

Khan Academy is one of the most famous and best e-learning platforms from non-profitable educational organizations Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a free e-learning platform from where you can learn including Algebra basics, Calculus 1, Career development, computer programming, computer science programming, linear algebra, personal finance, and many more.

Khan Academy -Best E-learning Platform 2020 - top10counts

Furthermore, after learning from them you may donate them as you wish but as of now, Khan Academy is totally free.

With almost no cost, you will get hundreds of courses. Khan Academy ranks 10th on our list of best e-learning platforms 2020.

9. FutureLearning

  • Cost: $279.99 for one year unlimited access

FutureLearning is mainly focused on Medical studies however they offer many courses including varies fields such as computer science, project management, anatomy, art, graphic designing, humanities, and much more you can get one course for free with 14 days accessible but for else learner have to pay some amount for that. FutureLearning ranks 9th on or list of 10 best e-learning platforms 2020.

You can get certificates if you pay for a yearly subscription where it has been relying on a yearly subscription. In Future learning, many courses are hosted by universities, education organizations, and schools.

FutureLearning -Best E-learning Platform 2020 - top10counts

FutureLernign might be the best option for those whose background relies on Medical Studies. They have more than 800 cour5ces from pioneer universities and institutes.

8. Codecademy

  • Cost: $!5-$20/month

Have you always wanted to learn something new or ever wanted to learn programming here comes Codeacademy? Codecademy is one of the best e-learning platforms to learn coding or programming. Along with tutorials, you will also get a practice section where you can practice some code questions and problems.

Code Academy -Best E-learning Platform 2020 - top10counts

Codecademy provides many programming tutorials including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Machine Learning, and many more. Codecademy is now of the best e-learning platforms for programming and ranks 8th on our list of 10 best e-learning platforms 2020.

7. Udacity.com

  • Cost: $1200 to $2400 USD

Udacity is a nanodegree program platform that ranks 7th on our list of 10 best e-learning platforms. Udacity will give a degree or certificate after competition of your nanodegreeproglem which is like a certificate course.

Udacity -Best E-learning Platform 2020 - top10counts

Udacity provides many courses where its interest lies in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. In addition to it, each program consists of many modules. Udacity gives you a time limit for like 5months 12 months and even higher in this time you have complete your e-learning program.

Udacity includes there cource between between $1200 to $2400. Udacity comes 7th on our list of 10 best e-learning platforms 2020.

6. Linkdin Learning (Lynda.com)

  • Cost: $299,88/year unlimited

Lynda.com now named Linkedin Lerjing is an e-learning platform by Linkedin. LinkedIn Learning tiered up with many pioneering institutes and brings many courses which include Software development, Web development, Business and Management courses, Photography, and many more. Its database is made of 16000+ courses.

LinkedIn Learning -Best E-learning Platform 2020 - top10counts

LinkedIn Learning provides its courses as a premium subscription (includes unlimited access to all courses) for 99/month or $299,88/year.

5. Edx.org

  • From $50 to $300 for each
Edx.org -Best E-learning Platform 2020 - top10counts

Edx.org is one of the most famous e-learning platforms. Edx.org platform includes approx 2,500+ classes. Edx.org was started by the world’s two leading universities MIT and Harvard. Edx.org host online university-level courses from Harvard, MIT, and many more pioneering institutes.

According to Wikipedia Edx.org as of 20 July 2020, edX has approx 33 million students taking more than 3,000 courses from Edx.org. Edx offers moreover 3,000 courses for $50 USD to $300 USD each. One of the most famous e-learning Edx.org ranks 5th on our list of 10 best e-learning platforms 2020.

Courses include Medical background courses, Programming, Graphic designing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Science, and even language courses such as Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and many more.

4. Coursera.org

  • Cost: $29 to $99 for each

One of the most famous e-learning platform Coursera ranks 4th on our list of 10 best e-learning platforms. Coursera offers university-level and certificate programs including many of their lifestyle courses, programming programs, designing, and much more.

coursera -Best E-learning Platform 2020 - top10counts

The price for individual courses varies between $29 to $99 where some of that includes a free certificate after completion of your program. If you want to master in specified field Coursera could be one of the best options for you to specify your skill.

Coursera provides many Professional Certificates programs so you will get a certificate after completion of your courses.

3. SkillShare

  • Cost: $24/year

One of the most famous e-learning platforms SkillShar ranks 3rd on our list of best e-learning platforms. Skillshare has over 20,000+ classes in its database.

SkillShare is an affordable option as it provides Premium Membership (includes unlimited access to 20,000+ classes) – $8 /month or $24/year which seems the best affordable option for over 20,000+ courses.

In their database, there are almost 20,000+ courses accessible, SkillShare divided their categories into three categories: Thrive (Lifestyle, Productivity), Build (Business Analytics, Freelance & Enterneuprenship, Marketing, Leadership & Management, Marketing), and Create (Animation, Film & Video, Graphic Design, Web Development, Software Development, Music, Creative Writing, Photography, and more). Skillshare ranks 3rd on our list of 10 best e-learning platforms 2020.

2. Udemy

  • Cost: $9 to $200 each
Udemy -Best E-learning Platform 2020 - top10counts

World-famous e-learning platform Udemy ranks 2nd on our list of 10 best e-learning platforms from $9 to $200 each/. Udemy has over 150,000 courses on its platform which makes Udemy one of the most famous e-learning platforms for developing skills.

You can get knowledge of many fields including Business, Management, Programming, Graphic Design, and much more. Whether you are looking to upgrade your skills or want to learn any new or trending skill that you always wanted to learn so here Udemy came up with 150,000+ from where you can increase your skills from beginner level to advance level.

Unlike Skillshare and Udecity here Udemy doesn’t have any subscription plan it includes course pricing starting from $9 to 200$. Udemy is not an accredited institution, but you get a certificate of completion after you take a paid course.

1. Youtube

  • Cost: No fees

Here we are at 1st position. Why would we forget Youtube in terms of e-learning where most of us learn many things which includes many skills development.

Youtube -Best E-learning Platform 2020 - top10counts

You already might know that YouTube includes many videos or tutorials for hundreds of specified skills or other skills that you wanted to learn or wanted to try in your life. YouTube is the place or platform where you can learn any skills that you want there are many tutors who exist that teach their specified fields very well.YouTube safe it’s the first position on our list of 10 best e-learning platforms 2020.

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