10 Best Google Home Accessories

You can easily say okay Google and it’ll pop up with right there on the screen. You can access Google assistant in your android device and as well you’re in your iOS device too there is also a Google assistance app that exists in iOS as well which pretty looks like an android Google assistance app.

Once you have Google assistance you can start integrating it into other accessories and devices which we are going to see in the blog.

Whether it’s controlling your operating smart lock, household lights, operating a smart lock.

We’ve turned up the best Google Home accessories that you can buy, so you can get the most out of your device.

These products will be working with Google Home Mini and Max, as well as the Nest Hub these accessories should work with most third-party Google Assistant devices as well.

10 Best Google Home Accessories

1. Google Home Mini

What if you do not want to use Google assistants in a smartphone. Well, there are other ways exist which you can use for your daily life including Google Home Mini and as well as Google Home, Google Max, and Nest mini.

Google Home Mini - Best Google Home Accessories - top10counts

Google Home Mini is really tiny just say hello google and there will be a popup with google assistance voice hello.

It has a pretty nice design rubber on the back and you can control your volume either with speaking or can touch the only side of your speaker. Let Google Home Mini be your good friend it will gently start a conversation with you.

With Google Home Mini you can control your house lights and other things with different accessories and different things you can pick-up you can do that with google’s assistant just say “Okay google turn off bedroom’s light” it will be automatically turned off.

Amazing assistant by Google. Have many features like using Wikipedia by voice command, getting information on any topic, playing any songs as you requested, and so many features like a quiz on various topics, learning English, and traffic at our home and work location. And google Still adding many more features in Google Home App. Works with power bank too.

2. Smart Power Strip

Smart Power Strip - Best Google Home Accessories - top10counts

Next on the list is Smart Power Strip. With Smart Power Strip you can connect your power strip with Wifi. You can have this plugged in and connect it with your wifi and it’s done then start controlling your Smart Power Strip with google assistance it’s pretty good. It can be connected with Alexa as well.

3. Smart Plug

Smart Plug - Best Google Home Accessories - top10counts

Just like the Smart Power Strip, you can connect your plug with wifi and start controlling your television power, lights, and other electrical devices. Control your plug with television, lights, and other electrical. Start controlling the Smart Plug with google assistance it’s pretty good.

4. Google Chromecast

This Google Home accessory is from Google product. You can choose between the regular Chromecast and its 4K Chromecast variant, which is called Chromecast Ultra. If you have a Google Home or mini and are looking for a low-cost way to improve another part of your home setup, a Chromecast is a must.

Google Chromecast - Best Google Home Accessories - top10counts

Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra can be connected via HDMI to your TVs or Monitors.

Chromecast can be used to watch movies, streaming, Youtube, and much more just connect Chromecast with wifi and it will be on the way.

To make the most of this, you will plausibly have to subscribe to a service like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube Music, or similar.

5. Nest Thermostat E

Nest Thermostat E - Best Google Home Accessories - top10counts

Nest’s Nest Thermostat E is great because they learn from user behavior. It adjusts the thermostat settings in your apartment or house several times per day as it warms up and cools down, but the Nest can help reduce this pattern with its intelligent algorithms. It will become trained to recreate your preferences automatically.

6. Nest Hello Video Doorbell

The nest on the list is Hello Doorbell. Its camera has 160 sixty degrees for HD videos. It has a feature that you can zoom in or zoom out. If somebody coming up to your house’s door it will alert you on your phone. Nest Hello Video Doorbell has 24/7 streaming and 1080p HD quality.

7. Nest Outdoor camera

Nest Outdoor camera - Best Google Home Accessories - top10counts

Next on the list is Nest Outdoor camera again it’s just like Nest Video Doorbell it has 24/7 streaming, 1080p HD, as well as a 130 of view, has the ability to talk and respond meaning if you see somebody come into the light of the camera you can also talk at them with a microphone and they can response them.

8. Philips Hue A19 LED bulbs

Philips Hue A19 LED bulbs - Best Google Home Accessories - top10counts

Philips Hue bulbs are the best series of Philips’s art LED blub. You can use them in conjunction with Google Home products and as well with Alexa to turn your lights on and off as you would expect or manage the settings of individual lights.

You can give your bulbs names such as “living room bulbs” or “kitchen bulbs” and control them independently, including brightening or dimming them and setting the brightness to a specific percentage.

9. Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

The scheduling can be done for switching on and off through the app. It’s like adding one more effort to wake up in the morning or continue our sleep at night without thinking about whether we have switched off the light or not. It gets connected to Alexa and seamless connectivity through echo dot, voice commands are also useful. Overall, its functionality is good but the pricing could be a little lesser than the current price.

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb - Best Google Home Accessories - top10counts

The biggest advantage of this is that it does not require a hue bridge. and brightness of an LED bulb is just fine

10.  August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock provides an additional form of access control that can help you if you ever lose your keys and find yourself locked out, or if you need to grant access for someone when you aren’t there.

August Smart Lock Pro - Best Google Home Accessories - top10counts

Google Home Assistant makes this all the more active. Just say “Ok Google, unlock my door,” and you can even check the status by speaking with your assistant.

August Smart Lock is one of the best Google Home accessories around.

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