Best Leather Handbags Under $200 (Top 10 Picks & Buying Guide)

Choosing a handbag has never been easy especially if that is a leather-made handbag. Whether you are looking for a premium quality handbag or a simple quality handbag within the range of under $200.

This blog on the best leather handbags under $200 is especially for visitors confused about affordable leather handbags under $200.

Countless fashion companies exist in the market with inexhaustible fashion products in the categories of handbags & purses including a satchel, clutch, hobo, tote, and many more to include.

These famous brands have managed to make their rank with their own marketing strategies, lucrative lines of business model, and premium quality products.

We will see handbags on the list of best leather handbags under $200 from famous premium brand Michael Kors to Coach and even Fossil and other USA popular brands. Also, check best affordable designer handbags of 2021 by us.

Leather material is one of the most used materials in the fashion industry and when it comes to handbag then I’m sure the majority of you have used a leather handbag in your lifetime.

And if not then nothing to worry about this matter. We will see the best leather handbags with some of the best reviews and functions that they offer.

Typically, choosing a handbag material becomes a headache unless we are not focused on a single material.

Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether the leather used in the product is real genuine leather or PU artificial leather. Some people may be looking for the best genuine leather handbag which I personally refer and some may be looking for a PU leather purse at a very affordable price.

No worries at all I will be including both the genuine leather and artificial leather in this blog list of best leather handbags under $200.

Best Leather Handbags Under $200 List:

1. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Small Top Zip Shoulder Tote

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07KVLV8SB&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=top10counts2022 20&language=en USir?t=top10counts2022 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07KVLV8SB

Michael Kors is my personal favorite brand in this price range. I have researched plenty of purses all under $200 with leather material and found out this as a definite handbag in the price range of under $200.

Even in our another blog post of best affordable handbags 2021 I have listed this bag in the top 10 picks. Michael Kors is indeed a premium luxury brand and provides significant goods.

This is a Saffiano leather-made handbag with a logo on the front and a top zipper closure.

Not only this variant Michael Kors offers Jet Set Travel product line in large, medium, and small totes varients.

Another thing that I really liked about is its leather handles of 9 inches with gold hardware. And also includes polished logo lettering that adds shine to the front.

And let’s get down to the details of interior pockets: this small jet set travel tote includes 2 inside open pockets with 1 zipper pocket and when it comes to dimensions of handbags then it has dimensions of 11.5″ L X 9.5″ H X 5″ W.

The jet set travel tote probably looks like a premium purse with a price of under $200 and is a perfect product for the list of 10 best leather handbags under $200.

The downside of Michael Kors Jet Set Travel? Ultimately, this leather tote from the brand Michel Kors is great in all major terms, however, sometimes you will feel stiff with this tote cause I have seen customers are saying the same.


  • Durable genuine leather made handbag
  • Attractive and premium feeling tote


  • Stiff handbag

2. BOSTANTEN Genuine Leather Handbag

Best affordable handbags 2021

BOSTANTEN is a widely considered brand in the domain of handbags and wallets on the Amazon store.

You may probably be thinking to buy a leather handbag under $200 then this one is offered at a very affordable price of even around $100 which seems a great deal by the way.

This genuine cow-hide leather-made handbag has a rating of a whopping 4.4 out of 5.0 on the Amazon store which means you are getting the best deals at an affordable price.

I really admire the quality of this handbag that they are providing. If you are really confused about the material of a bag like what to choose and what to avoid then visit 9 types of material used in bags by CultofCarry to know more about different types of materials used in bags.

After reviewing some customers’ experiences I’m sure that you will get the best result for this handbag.

What about size or dimension? Talking about its size then it has dimensions of 13.77″ L x 5.12″ W x 10.83 H with that being said it is a medium-size handbag and is a lightweight bag featuring a weight of only 870 grams. Amazing isn’t it?

The downside of BOSTANTEN Genuine Leather Handbag is that it is a little bit of a stiff handbag which means sometimes you will feel stiff by using this handbag. So because of some upsides and downsides of this purse, I have included it on our list of top 10 best leather handbags under $200.

I know that pockets and compartments are something you are looking for if yes then I would surely thump this handbag cause it includes 2 open main interior compartments, 1 back zipper pocket with a middle zipper pocket divider, and 1 front zipper pocket.

So you will be easily able to put your essentials in this bag including your cosmetic items, mobile device, credit card, cash, and many more to say.


  • Made of durable cow-hide genuine leather
  • Affordable


  • Little bit of stiff handbag

3. S-ZONE Genuine Leather Satchel For Daily Use

best leather handbags under $200
S_ZONE best leather handbags under $200

An affordable and classy-looking bag from the brand S-ZONE is made of 100% genuine split cow leather. It has received 2.5k+ reviews on the Amazon store with an average of 4.5/5.0 ratings.

The bottom of this genuine leather handbag is protected by four metal rivets which makes the bag easy to balance.

Talking about compartment functionalities of this best leather purse under $200 is that it comes with 2 main pockets and 1 zipper divider, 1 front pocket,1 back pocket, 1 side pocket, and more.

It isn’t easy to find a handbag at a price point of $60-$70 made of genuine leather with that durability, sturdy, and can be used for work and everyday use.


  • Affordable genuine leather made handbag
  • Durable and sturdy
  • 6 color options


  • Natural leather odor

4. S-ZONE Genuine Leather Handbag Satchel Tote

Best affordable purses 2021

Are you a person who needs an area to fit your necessities? Perhaps this purse from the S-ZONE could be right to fit your essentials.

Even this bag can cover your iPad by as much as 12 inches. Due to its dimensions of 12.8″ L x 4.7″ W x 10.2 H, it will become so easy to fit an iPad.

And talking about its material then it is made of genuine cowhide leather material which is one of the most used types of leather materials in the fashion industry.

I also admire its silver hardware tone and it suits with leather material and will surely look great on you hope so! And another thing that I want to admit is its lining material which is polyester material

What about pockets? Are you weird about pockets and compartments before you buy a handbag then let me tell you its compartments and pockets features:

It includes 1 open main interior compartment and a middle zipper divider, 2 slip pockets inside, and 1 back zipper. And because of its compartments, it becomes so easy to store your daily essentials including iPad, mobile device, cash, credit card, and many more to include.

Also, has an adjustable shoulder strap making it one of the best options on our list of 10 best leather handbags under $200.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Plenty of pockets


  • Natural leather odor

5. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Crossbody Bag

best leather handbags under $200 - top10counts

I had to include another Michael Kors handbag cause as you know that Michael Kors provides plenty of significant goods at this price.

No doubt Michael Kors is all the way one of the best premium brand that has managed to provide significant-quality products at a variable price.

If we compare this crossbody to GiGi New York Chelsea Crossbody which is at 2nd on our list of best leather handbags under $200 then this is even smaller than that of Chelsea crossbody. And in terms of material, it features Soffiano leather material whereas Chelsea Crossbody comes with Pebble leather material.

Whether you want to wear it on formal occasions or casual occasions it will be looking very stylish.

It includes 1 main compartment with 2 slide pockets and other features include polished logo lettering that adds shine to this MK’s crossbody.

And when it comes to dimensions of the crossbody then it has dimensions of 6.25″ H X 9.5″ W X 2.25″ L.

The downside of MK Women’s Jet Set Crossbody Bag is its size. No doubt most of the crossbody bags come in medium or smaller sizes so if you intend to buy a large enough bag then go for a tote, satchel, or hobo bag.

Before you buy a handbag the size of the handbag needs to be selected cause you gonna use it for the long term so why not check its size.

On the Amazon store, it is available in a total of 11 colors so make sure you choose yours.


  • Soffiano leather made
  • Lightweight and premium looking crossbody


  • Sizing may be an issue if you are looking for a bigger handbag
  • The odor of this bag is overpowering

6. GiGi New York Chelsea Crossbody

OBC FLO WHT 2 1000x1211

GiGi New York Chelsea crossbody features a detachable and attractive chain crossbody strap. So you could easily be able to move that chain strap.

Offered in white and black color this crossbody is very slim and can even fit into your tote or other purses. So it is very easy to fit it into your purse. And when it comes to the style of this crossbody and believe me you won’t regrate by purchasing this pebble grain leather crossbody purse for under $200.

I would suggest you go with quality for a leather purse cause it is a one-time purchase that you will be using for a minimum of 3-4 years then why not invest in a worthy product. Better to invest in worthy products to get the most out of them. Don’t ever attempt to save money to buy a cheap quality leather handbag.

GiGi New York Chelsea Crossbody features a main simple pocket that you can utilize to fit your mobile device, credit card, bills, cash, and many more.

The downside of Chelsea Crossbody is the size which is not too small but not even large you won’t be able to fit large stuff into that crossbody. So this is only a downside of GiGi’s New York Chelsea Crossbody bag.

So as you can see in the above image this crossbody bag looks premium and stylish with a detachable crossbody chain strap.

And the most important thing that I want to tell you is its dimensions which is  9 1/2″ W ” x 7″ H. So the mentioned size is not that small not that large. It is around small size.

OBC TIM BLK 5 1000x1211
OBC FLO WHT 5 1000x1211 1


  • Premium looking pabble leather made
  • Durable and sturdy


  • MIght face sizing issue if you are a fan of the large totes and hobos

7. Coach Rowan Satchel Crossgrain Leather In Signeture Canvas

best affordable handbags 2021

I’m sure that you are familiar with the Coach brand. It is one of the most considerable premium brands in the USA region and even in many parts of the world.

Just like Michael Kors, the brand Coach offers a wide array of premium products all by getting the recognization of the customers.

This Coach Rowan Satchel is probably a premium-looking handbag on our list of top 10 best leather handbags under $200 with featuring double top handles and a shoulder strap.

When it comes to the material of the handbag which is cross-grain leather making it one of the most durable handbags in the price range of around $200.

It is a satchel type of handbag featuring a shoulder strap and double top durable handle.

What about compartments and pockets then? It is also a consideration for compartments and pockets featuring  1 main compartment, a middle zipper compartment, and 1 front zipper pocket.

Perfect for everyday small essentials like a mobile device, cosmetic items, credit card, cash, and many more to include.

And can we compare it with Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Crossbody Bag? Yes let me describe it comparison:

Best leather handbags under $200StyleMaterialShoulder StrapHandles
Coach Rowan Leather SatchelSatchelCross-grain leather (better)YesYes
Michael Kors Women’s Jet SetCrossbodyCow-hide leatherYes No

So which one is better Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Crossbody Bag or Coach Rowan Satchel?

If you are a fan of crossbody bags without handles then surely go with MK’s Jet Set but if you are a fan of satchel handbags and more stylish ones then definitely go with Coach Rowen Leather Satchel Bag for sure.

So preceding paragraph is a comparison between two of the best leather handbags under $200.


  • Offered in plenty of color options
  • Crossgrain leather durable satchel handbag


  • Some customers compain about handles

8. Fossil Fiona Large Crossbody Handbag Purse

best affordable handbags 2021

Finally, a Fossil bag is here. Did you already know that I would include a purse from the brand Fossile on the list of 10 best leather handbags under $200?

This is a Litehide leather-made material and is an eco-friendly material with around  4.7/5.0 (2.3K) ratings on the Amazon store.

Available in around 9 colors and designs this purse can be used for formal occasions and casual occasions. I was finding a handbag that looks stylish with a premium brand then I found a crossbody from the brand Fossil.

And when talking about compartments of the bag then it includes 1 main compartment, 1 interior zipper pocket, 2 interior slip pockets, and 2 exterior pockets.

Then what about the size? It has dimensions of 11.88″ L x 2.75″ W x 9.88″ H which seems a medium-sized crossbody bag and I”m sure you will be able to fit your essentials in the right way.

Its shoulder strap is also made of leather which means more quality for your daily use and for that I think you won’t find any issue related to shoulder strap or crossbody strap.

What is the downside of this Fossile crossbody?

After reviewing some of the customer’s reviews some of them are only weird of wrinkles. They say that wrinkles are very prone to this bag.


  • Eco-frienddly Litehide leather material
  • Durable and affordable


  • Wrinkes can easily be placed

9. Kate Spade New York Triple Gusset Crossbody Bag

10 Best Leather Handbags Under $200 - For Casual And Formal Styles

Are you a person who loves small purses for style purposes or for most effective light use with minimal space to fit your necessities like coins, credit cards, mobile devices then this crossbody bag from the famous brand Kate Spade is one of the best low priced handbags?

Whether you want to use it for yourself or to give the gift to someone else this bag is perfect for both uses.

This is an elegant Kate Spade crossbody bag made of pebble leather with gold-tone hardware and a slightly better design than that of MK’s Crossbody Jet Set purse on our list of best leather handbags under $200.

An elegant Kate Spade cross-body bag rendered in pebble leather. And gold-tone hardware makes it a premium-looking handbag in the price range of around $200.

As you may know, that pabble leather is one of the most used leather by luxury and premium brands so why not bring a brand new leather purse for yourself?

About its compartments then it includes 3 interior compartments and with outside pockets. This means it is a disadvantage if you are those who need more pocket functions then I wouldn’t even recommend this Kate Spade Purse.

However, because of its elegant design, I have to include it on our list of top 10 best leather handbags under $200 for 2021.


  • Durable pabble leather made
  • Sturdy


  • No outside pocket

10. The SAK Silverlake Crossbody

best affordable handbags 2021

The SAK Silverlake Crossbody bag is another genuine pebble leather bag on our list of best leather handbags under $200.

Do you like hingle style purses then this is especially for you cause it features two hingles in front of the purse?

And another thing that I like about it is its flat bottom which makes it more durable in our list of 10 best leather handbags under $200.

Includes a shoulder strap of cotton material which means you will be able to use it on daily basis without any more effort of hiding your poor quality handbag for sure.

The SAK Silverlake Crossbody features 1 main compartment along with 2 interior slip pockets, 1 interior zipper pocket, and 2 exterior pockets.

And what about the downside of the SAK Silverlake Crossbody bag?

On the Amazon store, it is offered in only 3 colors which is a downside for this crossbody and customers also complain that after a long term of usage it feels very stiff.


  • Stylish
  • Includes multiple pockets


  • Only 3 color options
  • After long use it will feel stiff

Extra cheapest option on our list: Desain Top Handle Satchel Bag With Matching Small Wallet 

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B074137GFB&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=top10counts 20&language=en USir?t=top10counts 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B074137GFB

Next on our list of best leather handbags under $200 is the brand Desain which is quite a popular brand on the Amazon store having been ranked top branded in most selling handbag brands list.

It is a PU leather-made purse and features compartments including 2 interior compartments and 1 middle zip pocket 2 slip pockets, and 1 back zipper pocket and features no outside pockets.

And when it comes to the dimension of the bag then it is a  12″x 12.5″ x 5.3″(W x H x D) handbag featuring a shoulder strap and double top handles.

So without any doubt, you will be getting leverage by using it as a side purse for your daily life. This vegan material-made handbag is one of the best leather handbags under $200.

What is the downside of this purse?

The only downside of this bag is that it is a PU leather handbag so nobody can tell the exact time it will last.


  • Offered in diffrent colors
  • Features no outside pockets
  • Premium looking handbag


  • Stiff handbag

Buyer’s Guide: Best Leather Handbags Under $200

1] Who needs the best leather handbags under $200?

The answer is simple, are you from those who usually buy much less and wear greater and constantly put money into worthy products? Then high-quality with low-priced purses is for you.

Like everybody needs an affordable handbag under $200. In addition, if that is made of genuine leather then be sure to think about that purse once. SO before you make any decision regarding that you must look at all of the above products once on the Amazon store.

2] What things to look for before you buy a handbag?

1] Material

Yes for certain cloth it is a must to check their material. Durability will continue upon the material type. In past every now and then you would possibly have a concept of cheap materials like “I’d have bought a durable fabric, right now I’m regrating” right? Have you ever questioned that earlier?

best leather handbags under $200

The best solution is to use a durable material with the highest quality fabric used:

I would suggest you foremost of 4 types of handbag materials including:

Genuine Leather: Genuine leather is one of the most used materials in the fashion industry especially in the wallets & luggage industries. Genuine leather may vary cause nowadays it is available in many leather options like cow-hide, buffalo, pebble, Soffiano, etc.

PU/Artificial leather/Vegan leather: This is another type of leather that exists in the market. Generally, PU leather or artificial leather is man-made leather which is animal-free leather. However, leather made from animal skin regains a favorite for plenty of customers or even for me also cause genuine leather provides more durability and will last for many years.

Polyester: Polyester is made of using polyester yarns and fibers and is also one of the most used materials in the bag industry.

Cotton Canvas: Cotton canvas is made of pure white cotton and canvas and it is known for its versatility and strength.

Nylon: It is a type of plastic material made of polyamides and is of high molecular weight.

If you want to know full details about this then you could visit HERE.

2] Price

Think about it as an investment. And of direction, this one is a weblog of 10 best leather handbags under $200 then why not to invest your money in widely to the best output of your investment.

Most of the best leather handbags under $200 are available at an affordable rate on the Amazon store. At this rate, you will find out plenty of handbags in genuine leather and PU leather materials.

3] Compartments And Pockets Functionalities

The best leather handbag under $200 must complete certain criteria in which they must include compartments and pockets functions.

Buy a handbag according to your needs of compartments.

Types of compartments and pockets include:

  • Main compartment
  • Side pockets
  • Slip pockets
  • Zipper pockets
  • Middle zipper pockets
  • Mobile pockets (opetional)

4]  Shoulder Strap and top handles

The shoulder strap and handles are must-check features to look at before you buy a handbag. Possibly most of the Amazon sellers will mention the material of a handle or a shoulder strap.

So make sure you choose a handbag with a durable shoulder strap and handle. Most of the handbags on our list include genuine, PU, and cotton shoulder straps and top handles.

5] Durability

In my opinion, durability is upon the material of a handbag. The best fabric you pick out is the great durability and quality you’ll get. And of direction, earlier than you buy a handbag test opinions associated with the sturdiness of a purse.

6] Size

Yes, the sizing of a purse may additionally vary. So make certain you pick out a purse according to your chosen length.

Are you ordering online then take a look at its dimensions if its duration is much less than 15″ then I would recommend it’d fit you for positive.

And if you have already got a purse and also you find it relaxed in that size then measure the length of handbag and then buy a new handbag online.

At the same time as masses of women select a shade for a purse I must virtually moreover say which you want to pick out a color that you just like the most and if no longer then try to match your handbag color with specific clothes.

7] Customer Reviews

According to a proper study on 75 customer services stats by the website HelpScout, it is found out that when it comes to making online purchases, 64% of people find customer reviews more important than their real discounted price.

So make sure you first see customers’ reviews before you make your own decision.

8] Handbag Type

There are plenty of types of handbag types that exist in the market from satchel to tote and saddlebags to hobos bags.

Most famous types of affordable handbags 2021:

  • Tote bag
  • Hobo bag
  • Satchel bag
  • Crossbody bag
  • Canteen bag
  • Saddle bag
  • And many more

9] Color

top 10 best leather purses under $200 2022

Color is also an important aspect of any fashion accessory whether it’s a handbag or any other fashion accessory. Most of the ladies see color options for sure so I wouldn’t say much about it.

Just want to add that always see the color in real life and if you are buying it online then check if any of the customers has included an image of your liable color then decide whether or not to buy that handbag.

10] Weight 

The last but most important term weight of any handbag is one of the most aspects of a handbag. YOu must choose a lightweight handbag for daily use.

In case you are buying it for the formal occasion then heavyweight handbags would also be accepted cause of their heavy material and designs.

What Are The Most Affordable Handbag Brands For Leather Handbags Under $200?

  1. Fossil 
  2. Coach
  4. S-ZONE
  5. Michael Kors
  6. The SAK
  7. Kate Spade
  8. Realer
  9. Dasein 

FAQs: Best Leather Handbags Under $200

What is the best leather bag brand?

That is plenty of leather bag brands that exists in the market and when it comes to rank Amazon specified companies then this is the rankings: Fossil, Coach, BOSTANTEN, S-ZONE, Michael Kors, The SAK, Kate Spade, Realer, Dasein, LOVELOOK

Are big purses in style 2021?

No, I would not suggest you buy a big purse unless you want to buy it for traveling or any other big tasks then you could surely go in that big purse for sure.

Should your bag have to match with your shoes or dress?

It is not a must but is preferable to match your handbag with your shoes and dress. For taking example you could consider wearing white shoes with a white handbag or something like matching some other colors.

What types of handbags are in style for 2021?

Tote, satchel, hobo, saddlebag, clutches, crossbody, sling bags are types of handbags that are style for 2021.

Are Coach bags real leather?

Yes, most of their bags are real leather products.


A purse is a besat funding that you may do for long-term use. Consider purses as an investment and invest your cash accurately to apply them with full leisure in a while.

Some of these handbags are proper leather-based-made handbags that I individually choose. Some of my favorites are 1] Michael Kors Jet Set Travel 2] GiGi New York Chelsea Crossbody and 3] BOSTANTEN Genuine Leather Handbag

These all pleasant low-cost handbags 2021 are to be had below $2 hundred so make sure you undergo all of the purse descriptions inside the amazon keep. If I have made any mistakes you may be able to correct them at the amazon shop.

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