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best photo editing software in 2020

6 Best Photo Editing Software Free In 2020

If you want to get your hand in free photo editing software rather than buying software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and much more this all free software will help you to edit photos. Let me introduce the Best Photo Editing Software Free.

There are tons of free programs available to choose where you can do either edit your photos or create graphics.

So whether you are looking to do basic photo editing or graphic design this software would be the best choice. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of all the programs.

These best photo editing software can perform from basic tasks to high-level tasks for enhancing your photos and to make your photos look amazing most of these includes advance feature then you can think of. Advanced features are similar to Adobe Photoshop that provides satisfaction to your image creating and editing needs.

6 Best Photo Editing Software Free In 2020

1. Canva

The first best photo editing software is Canva. Actually, Canva isn’t a software it’s a web application that has been used by many. You can edit your photo with Canva. In addition to editing Canva is used to make tones of graphics, posters, Instagram posts, and much more in the free version and as well for the paid version. Canva loved by many users who use Canva on a daily basis to edit photos.

canva - Best Photo Editing Software Free

What I really like about Canva is they have a ton of pre-made templates available whether you are looking to create companies and firm’s banner, YouTube banner Canva is all the way enough good to make posters or edit images. I think it is perfect.

Create your banners for social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Canva can make birthday invitations or wedding invites. It provides both option free and premium. If you don’t like the free one you can upgrade it to premium in the future.

Canva is one of the best for photo editing, logo design, posters, and addition to that it provides free and premium templates that you can use for your designs.

It is very easy to use. You can still use Canva if you don’t have high-end specs PCs or laptops Canva can be used in all specs PCs or laptops and there is also an Android application available for it that has been used by many.

Canva –>

2. PhotoPea

Another software on the list is PhotoPea it’s just like Adobe Photoshop but you don’t have to download any software and no need to pay. Just like Canva, it’s a web application that has features like Adobe Photoshop you can even make .psd file as photoshop creates a default file.

photopea- Best Photo Editing Software Free

It’s completely web-based and you can use directly with your web browser, whether you are using google chrome, Edge, Safari, and any web browser.

It’s just really awesome because on the chance that you are using low specs PCs or laptop or your computer lags while using photoshop or maybe you don’t want to pay for software then it’s just a great alternative for photoshop so you can use this instead of photoshop if you don’t have enough money to buy photoshop.

It’s just like the browser version of photoshop. I highly recommend it.

PhotoPea >>


Next on the list is GIMP which is an open-source photo editing software. It really powerful GIMP is great for image editing, image manipulation, graphic design, artwork creation, and the list goes on.

GIMP- Best Photo Editing Software Free

GIMP has a little bit different layout to the photoshop. It is a good alternative for photoshop. You can learn GIMP by a tutorial that found on their website >

Once you learn this program you will see how amazing is this to use for free which almost rival that of photoshop.

If you are looking to do a lot of creative edits such as masking, color correction then GIMP is for you.

Download GIMP –>

4. Kapwing

Another on the list is Kapwing which is also a web-based application or software that used in editing.

Kapwing- Best Photo Editing Software Free

Kapwing is the simplest photo editor on this list. With Kapwing you can do your basic editing all completely online so you can resize your images can add different colors, vectors, and shapes. One best thing about Kapwing is that you can remove the background from the photo.

Kapwing >>

5. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is free software with a lot of features within it. PhotoScape is really easy for beginners to understand the design is intuitive and it has a whole host of different adjustment you can start up with basic like color, filters, and much more.

photoscape - Best Photo Editing Software Free

If you want to go advance there are plenty of features to edit your photos.

It has a lot of filters to apply and if you are a beginner then there are a lot of videos on YouTube that you can watch or you can learn it from their official site PhotoScape Tutorial.

Photoscape –>

6. Photoshop Express

The next one is Photoshop Express by Adobe. It’s a free photo editing software to use. It is a great choice for someone who looking to do photo editing or create collages.

Photoshop Express - Best Photo Editing Software Free

It is also available on mobile devices so you can use this on your mobile devices. If you are looking for some basic photo editing then this free adobe software is for you. If you are looking to edit your photo on mobile then this is for you because it’s very simple to use beginner can learn it easily you can consider Photoshop Express.

Download Photoshop Express –>

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google drive vs dropbox

Google Drive vs Dropbox. Which is Better?: 10 Foremost Ways To Compare

Sometimes you need to store your data online or need to share a file with others. Somehow you used google drive or Dropbox to share your files to someone. Google Drive and Dropbox both can be used for sharing and also can backup data. Let’s do Google Drive vs Dropbox.

There are foremost 10 ways to compare these both including pricing, storage, sync options, backup options, sharing options, file size limit, search option, and of course security which is the most needed feature.

Common features of both:

  • They both back up your files: Both Google Drive and Dropbox give you a backup option in case if you lose your machines.
  • They both let you share your file with others: Just like any physical device such as hard disk, pen drives, and other data storage devices, they both let you share your file but not in a physical way.
  • They sync files: If you are using Dropbox and Google Drive in multiple devices then Dropbox and Google Drive will make sure that you have copies of all your files on each of them.

1. Price

The first comparable point is price talking about price both come in the free version and as well-paid version.

pricing - google drive vs dropbox - top10counts

Google Drive provides 15 GB space for free and Dropbox provides 2 GB space for free. However, 15GB is still a lot of space, even when shared. On average, this is enough space to save over 232,000 files.

As of the premium version Dropbox coming with a minimum of 3 TB storage and it goes to 3 TB, 5 TB, and as much space as the user needs. They offer 3 TB space for $19.99/month.

Where google drive comes with 100 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB premium option and goes to 30 TB. They offer 2 TB storage for $100/year. And $19.99 for 100 GB and $30 for 200 GB.

So as of price google would be the best option because it gives 2 TB space for $100/year where Dropbox gives that for $120/year.

2. Security

Talking about security both passed in security features. They both give 250 GB encryption.

They both offer second step verification which can be useful if some hackers trying to hack the account.

Goole Drive and Dropbox both are the best options as security features.

3. Syncing Options

Syncing option would be best if you save any files in your mobile device’s Google Drive account or Dropbox then it would be sync in your laptop Google Drive or Dropbox also.

Talking about syncing option feature Google Drive takes more time than Dropbox

Google Drive downloads and uploads the entire document to sync it where Dropbox uses the block-syncing method means it only sync those files in the document that have been changed so obviously Dropbox is faster as of syncing features. It also means you don’t have to wait as long to access changes yourself when logging into Dropbox from another browser or device.

For example, if you have a file in excel format and you make a change in excel here Dropbox sync only those changes that we have done but Google Drive sync the entire excel file that is why here Google Drive is slower than Dropbox in terms of syncing option.

If you want to sync your file faster so definitely go with Dropbox because it works on the block-syncing method.

4. Sharing Option

Sharing option means ability to share file, folder.

If you want to share your file through email or any other software you can easily do that with both. It is easy to share files in both of the software.

Both are considerations in terms of sharing options.

One of the benefits of Dropbox is it easily collaborate with teammates. You can share files from within the project itself by simply sending an email invite to loop them in by Dropbox. All documents, files, and projects are clearly marked when others have access to them from the Dropbox landing page with both icons, and with text next to each file showing many people have access to that file.

5. File size limit

A file size limit can determine how big the file size can be uploaded just like if we have 5 GB space and our file size limit is only 1 GB so we have to upload only 1 GB size file.

file size- google drive vs dropbox - top10counts

Here both Google Drive and Dropbox allows to upload unlimited size of file.

In terms of the file size limit, both are the considerations you can upload any size of the file. In order to upload files, you have to buy premium options.

6. Storage capacity

In terms of storage capacity, Google Drive gives a premium price storage from 100 GB to 30 TB so you can upgrade later if you want. Where Dropbox gives 1 TB to unlimited storage.

If you want less storage then Google Drive is for you as they give 100 GB storage where Dropbox starts from 1 TB storage.

7. Search option

In terms of searching options both doing a good job. You can search your file easily.

Just search your keyword you will find out your file that you searching for. Both are doing well at the point of the search feature. You will get a direct file that you exactly wanted to search for.

8. Backup option

Both are giving backup feature as all of us sometimes need to backup data. Perhaps if we lost our device we can back up our data safely. Both are giving backup option so both are considered in terms of backup options.

9. Additional Features

Google Drive gives more extra features than Dropbox. Additional features for example you can create an excel sheet, Doc file, PPT inbuilt. Inbuilt space is insulted by Google Drive.

In Dropbox, you won’t get an excel sheet, Doc file, PPT but instead, they provide paper just like a text document file you can save text document.

10. In terms of support

Both are giving support if an error occurs or you want to clarify something. You just have to mail them they will reply within 24 hours.

So both are good in terms of support.

Final conclusion for Google Drive vs Dropbox

This is our conclusion on google drive vs dropbox, both are good if you want more features then Google Drive is for you. If you want to sync faster then Dropbox is best. In terms of price, Google Drive is cheaper than Dropbox.

If you want less storage then Google Drive is for you as they give 100 GB storage where Dropbox starts from 1 TB storage.

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best alternative of pubg mobile

5 Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile

The Indian government recently banned 118 Chinese invested apps in India, including PUBG. PUBG has huge downloads and active users in India. Maybe you’re one of them. Here is the Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile.

List of Banned Apps In India- Including PUBG - top10counts

Along with PUBG mobile Indian government also banned PUBG lite but the desktop version of PUBG PC is still there. Maybe Tencent (Parent company, China) can be the reason for banning PUBG in India.

Tencent is a Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company. Initial when PUBG launched in March 2017 as a Windows version and the version for Windows was developed by PUBG corporation Blue Hole.

The idea of PUBG was launched by Changan Kim who is also CEO of PUBG Corporation. Although China already banned PUBG from its country.

  • Before banning from India PUBG mobile has over 50 million daily users (according to

The IT Ministry stated in an official press release that the Chinese apps have been banned under the section 69A of the IT Act read with the relevant provisions of the Information Technology Rules and in view of the emergent nature of threats they decided to block 118 mobile apps since in view of the information available they are engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, the security of the state and public order.”

IT Ministry has received many complaints from various sources that some mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms, steals, and surreptitiously transmitting users’ data in an unauthorized manner to companies that have locations outside India.

Here’s the list of best alternatives for PUBG

  • Revenue of PUBG mobile in 2019:- 226 million revenue
  • The parent company of PUBG mobile:- Tencent

Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile


If you have played Call Of Duty for desktop then you might be able to play this game on mobile as well. Call Of Duty for the mobile version was launched in October 2019 one year ago. So far it has approx more than 250 million downloads and as well as approx 20-30 million daily users. It is a first-person shooter video game.

call of duty - Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile

In terms of users, Call of Duty Mobile has been most popular in the United States, where it has seen nearly more than 50 million downloads, or close to 20 percent, the total number in this list India is the No 2 for downloads, and Brazil comes 3rd on the list.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a first-person shooter game published by Activision Publishing, Inc. a US-based studio.

Like PUBG you will be able to play with team members as Call Of Duty: Mobile supports 100-player battle royale mode, a 5v5 deathmatch.

Use your strategy and skills to battle to the top in competitive Ranked Mode or to win the most Clan prizes as you play with friends. Play with millions of users it is free to play.

2. Garena Free Fire

As you may know, Garena Free Fire is an alternative for PUBG which you might have played or listen to about Garena Free Fire.

Each 10-minute game you have to play against 49 other players, all seeking for survival.

garena freefire - Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile

Like PUBG Mobile Players could choose their starting point with their parachute and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible or can fight.

Form 4-man squads and talk with other team players as well to build strategies. Garena Free Fire’s graphics are smooth, so you wouldn’t necessarily face any lag during the gameplay. Players could drive vehicles like PUBG mobile.

3. Fortnite

Third, on the list is Fortnite which is famous among western countries players. As such as PUBG mobile is famous among Asian players Fortnite is famous among western countries players.

fortnite - Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile

As you may know, Fortnite was removed from the App Store and Play Store due to an in-app purchase issue, Fornite might enter after solving this issue. Since 75% of Indian users use android Fornite may come into the picture.

It takes around 8GB of storage which is a big ask for Android devices, especially in India. So if you have a big amount of space then you would be able to play it without any lagging.

Just like PUBG mobile, it supports 100-player battle royale and voice chatting to build strategies.

Fornite download

4. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Forth on the list is Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival. It is a survival mobile shooting game that supports 121 players to fight in one fatal game at the same time. Like pubg, you would get many tools and guns after starting the game.

hopeless land - Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile

Many ingenious game features in Hopeless Land game various of special Asian architectures locate in the battleground. You can Drive the helicopter and experience the air-to-land modern fight you never tried before. Enjoy ultra-cool shooting feelings with easy operation.

Try to survive till last like PUBG mobile.

5. Black Survival

Another alternative for PUBG mobile is Black Survival which aims to be a fair and competitive game without Pay to Win elements!. Sure their graphics are not even come close to PUBG mobile but it’s still ready to play without any bugs.

It is a Real-Time Survival Game played by 10 players on a desert island.

It supports the PvP game played for 20 minutes. Just like PUBG users would get controls including movement, shooting, and much more.

black survival - Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile

In this game, an Island is divided into 22 areas including Hospital, Beach, Forest, etc. As time passes, they turn into Restricted areas, narrowing the battlefield like PUBG mobile where users get a blue circle.

Unlike PUBG Mobile there are over 35 kinds of different characters to choose from. There are Fencer, actor, doctor, police, hacker, cook, student, and more! There are a total of 7 weapon types, each with their own strategies. Hundreds of different ingredients are hidden over the island that can be used to craft over 600 types of tools, weapons, foods.

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Best Screen Recording Software for Windows

10 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows in 2020

To do a screen recording task, you had to either use complicated instruments or pay a software expert. Fortunately, over the years the usability of screen recording software has improved significantly. Today, with little effort you can create tutorials that look professional. here we’ll show you Best Screen Recording Software for Windows.

In addition to tutorials, you may want to record your screen for a number of reasons.

Nowadays online teaching is at the highest point of its existence. This software not merely used for recording though some of them might be useful for editing and even to record the screen as a cropped screen so that software will only record cropped screen.

If you demonstrate any type of product, require or offer technical support or use video call, it will not be good enough to capture high-quality footage using a default screen capture of your computer so it’s better to use one of this software.

Best Screen Recording Software for Windows

1. Bandicam

Bandicam software by Bandicam Company is widely popular. It is one of the most powerful game recording software for gamers. It can record various 2D, 3D games with 4K resolution which can be up to 144 FPS. It is one of the oldest screen recorder software.

Bandicam comes first in Best Screen Recording Software for Windows list.

bandicam - Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - top10counts

Bandicam is also able to save complete screens, screen parts, and external video equipment, like webcams and game consoles.

The software has no video editing feature, while the recording features can be pleased with the most selective user.

You can only cut, divide, and add recordings in conjunction with Bandicut, a video cutter from the same company. The free version has a 10-minute video recording limit with added watermark.


  • Full-screen recording, region, webcam, microphone, sound recording
  • Record 4 K UHD at up to 144 FPS resolution
  • Draw, add text, and record screenshots
  • Add effects and animations to the mouse click during recording
  • Fill the screen capture with the logo
  • Mixing voice
  • Package of lightweight


  • During capture, the editing process can be recorded and the video can be disassembled
  • Limited formats for video output: MP4, AVI
  • No video editor integrated

Download Bandicam –>

2. Free Cam

Second, on the list is Free Cam which is free. Free Cam has one of the best interfaces even in the free version. Nonetheless, this is free but it doesn’t place any watermark in screen recording so that’s a great thing about Free Cam.

Free cam comes on the second rank in Best Screen Recording Software for Windows because of its functionality.

free cam - Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - top10counts


  • No watermark
  • High-quality resolutions
  • Free
  • Save videos as WMV and upload them directly to YouTube
  • It removes back-ground voices


  • No web cam option

Download Free Cam–>


It is a free screen video recorder that provides high definition recording and streaming without limitations of video length. You can select the part of the screen that you want to capture from the desktop software but it also gives you the option of saving the entire screen.

OBS studio comes on the third rank in our best screen recording software for the Windows list and it’s also most prefered screen recorder by gamers.

OBS Studio- Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - top10counts

Customizable hotkeys can be used to control the recording and you can create videos using an audio mixer that is easily recorded. OBS has live streaming features that are not found in the standard screen recorders of major operating systems, apart from the intuitive screencasting features.

You can stream your footage in FLV format, save it and convert it to YouTube Gaming and Twitch live.


  • Can stream footage in FLV format
  • Built-in editing tools


  • Video output formats are restricted: MP4, AVI, WMV.



Download OBS STUDIO–>

4. Flashback Express

Blueberry’s Flashback Express is a free screen capture program capable of capturing screens, webcams, and sounds. Software. It does not specify a record time limit or stamp watermarks on the video output.

flashback express- Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - top10counts

You can record screens across multiple monitors or restrict the capture of the software on a multi-monitor system. You can also use scheduled records to begin or stop recording at scheduled times or at the start of a given application.

The free version of a paid app Flashback Pro is Flashback Express. While the two versions share the same recording capabilities, no video editing features, annotations or effects are available in the free version. Users can save MP4, AVI, or WMV videos for sharing and download videos directly on YouTube. Videos can be saved by Flash, QuickTime, GIF or standalone EXE only paid users and videos are protected by passwords.


  • Fullscreen recording, webcam, microphone, sound system
  • Multiple monitor record
  • List of recordings scheduled
  • Underlining the cursor
  • Post videos to YouTube directly
  • No box, no time limit, ad-free. ad-free


  • Can’t record the webcam by yourself
  • Video output formats are restricted: MP4, AVI, WMV
  • No video editor integrated

Download Flashback Express–>

5. Screencastify

Screencastify is another Google Chrome-functioning screen recording application. You will find that Screencastify offers all the important options regardless of whether you are an experienced video designer or a novice creator You can use it only for capturing your webcam, whole screen or tab, and for telling your microphone.

screencastify- Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - top10counts

It also features tools to keep your viewers focused on critical issues. Everything included is a click highlighting and drawing pen tool. And once the screen is recorded you will be lifted heavily by automatically sending the video on your Google Drive by Screencastify.

Screencastify offers the option of uploading to YouTube and exporting the recording as an animated GIF, MP3, or MP4, like best screen capture software options.

It offers 5 minutes limit for the free version. However, users have to pay $49 USD for unlimited time recording.

  • Price: free
  • Unlimited time recording: $49 USD
  • Mac, Windows, Linux OS supported.


  • Fullscreen recording, webcam, microphone, sound system
  • Best for: Software demonstration recording and video solution
  • Underlining the cursor
  • Post videos to YouTube directly
  • Can create 5 minutes video without watermark.


  • No video editor integrated

Best for: Software demonstration recording and video solution creation

Download Screencastify–>

6. ShareX

This open-source software is ideal for video capture. There is no time limit on your recording and you can save your file instead of a visual GIF. This does not include watermarks or duration limits.

sharex- Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - top10counts

The greatest advantage of ShareX is video file sharing because it is easy to directly upload recordings to YouTube and other platforms. It doesn’t require much effort to improve screenshots that you capture with this tool. You can easily personalize still photos in any way you like with a built-in photo editor.

It is not only a great screenshot and screen capture tool but also captures and discloses text through OCR, records the entire scrolling page, and even records your screen on a schedule.

  • Price: free
  • Linux, Windows OS supported


  • Multiple capture modes
  • Free for all features.
  • Simple interface
  • built-in image editor in ShareX that allows you to manually edit the screenshots 
  • enables you to share any screenshot, video, or GIF you have captured


  • Not available in MaC
  • Scrolling window capture does not always work as exact.

Download ShareX–>

7. Icecream Screen Recorder

With Icecream Screen Recorder users can capture any area of the window screen as cropped screen recording. Icecream Screen Recorder software boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with a suite of tools and options to use when making screen captures.

icecream sr- Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - top10counts

User can make their gameplay, tutorial videos and many more.


  • Outline, draw or add arrows and text to your video capture
  • Can Record webcam video along with screen recording
  • zoom while recording
  • Can set multiple screens captures.


  • 10 minutes of recording time with the free version

Download Icecream Screen Recorder->

8. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

If you want to record a lecture, software demo or tutorial, try Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. This browser tool may not be suitable for games but for any other task it is the best free screen recorder.

You will be prompted to download a small launcher application the first time you use Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. A control bar with more options than most desktop screen recording software will provide you with. You can grab images from your desktop or a Webcam and record audio from both or neither PC, microphone.

apowersoft- Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - top10counts

Also, for speed and comfort, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder offers customizable keypads. The choice is to include the cursor in your recording, and you can choose between a variety of output formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, and much more. During recording, you can even add annotations.

After completing the record, you can either save it or send it to Google Drive or DropBox, directly upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. You can edit the video too. You can download another Apowersoft Video Editor component to select that option. This enables you to make simple adjustments prior to exporting your video to your favorite format. 


  • Dynamic screen capture
  • Can edit images
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lightweight


  • Not able to capture on a secondary monitor

Download Apowersoft–>

9. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is another browser-based, highly capable, free screen recording device. The recording is limited to 15 minutes, but as many clips as possible, zoom in, zoom in, trim the recorded clips, add titles to your desktop, YouTube, or cloud, share a video link, or add one of the 30 royalty-free music tracks.

Hit ‘Free start recording’ and then hit ‘Free recording starting’ You can download and install a small web launcher after which the screen recorder is launched, like the version of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder.

screenomatic- Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - top10counts

Prepare your screen and adjust the recording window size according to your needs (the whole screen or a selected area can be saved), then click the Red button. The sound from your PC or microphone can be captured and your screenshots, a webcam, or both recorded.

The upgrade to a Deluxe account gives you the option to automatically generate captions using text-to-speech, which include scripted recordings, drawings and annotations, and a video editor. That’s a great $1.65 tool package each month, but there is also a lot to offer with the free version of Screencast-O-Matic.


  • Can record cropped screen
  • HD quality recordings


  • $1.65 for every month

Download Screencast-O-Matic–>

10. Windows Game Bar

Windows Game Bar is an underrated software built into Windows 10 which is available in all windows 10 freely. User can record their gameplay with the Windows game bar.

Simply press Win+G to open the menu, a screen recorder, camera recorder, audio recorder, and more game bar will be started all built right into your Windows system!

windowsgamebar- Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - top10countsar


  • Built-in recorder in windows 10
  • Can records voice from a microphone, system and even mouse sounds
  • Saves all videos in HD format


  • It only records games, browsers, and programs if they fill the screen. It doesn’t record system stuff like the desktop or the file explorer.


Software that records screens can serve a variety of purposes, and the best software doesn’t have to come at a cost. You can achieve your targets using a free screen recorder based on your personal needs and the operating system you use.

You can always log in on a paid option if you want to increase power or use the professional editing tools. I hope you will meet your needs with one of these screen recording programs, whether you have a YouTube tutorial or just shared a game with your fellow players. Do you use any wonderful software we missed on the screen recording? Please let us know by commenting below.

This is our list of Best Screen Recording Software for Windows.

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Top 10 Best IDEs And Code Editors For Python

Surely a programmer needs to write code. Here is the list of top 10 Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python. IDE or Text Editor is somewhat where they can compile, debug code easily, and requires IDE’s or code editors for particular technologies including famous technology Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, and more.

IDEs or code editors can bring great functionality including syntax-highlighter, automatic filling the code, debug sessions, snippets, extensions, plugins, and much more.

There are a lot of environments to choose from so today we are going to look at the best 10 IDEs in 2020 for developing the environment for python.

If you want to save your precious time and write the code efficiently these are the best IDEs for python to use in 2020 one of them could be the best option. There are so many IDE’s to choose from. This list is based on the reviews or experience from the developers.

So what is the difference between code editors and IDEs?

Code Editors: Code editors are a development environment for example it lets a developer write text documents and it also has syntax highlighting for different programming technologies. And other most useful features including auto code completion, indentation, syntax highlighting, and many more which make the development route efficient.

IDEs: IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. IDE takes all those features that code editors have but it’s stack top of that in the development. It has many extra features than code editors such as a compiler, Interpreters, Debuggers, package manager built in so you can track update or install new packages, version control system so that you can backup your code in GitHub, bitbucket, and others.

Features of code editor

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Preview window
  • Plugins
  • Automatic code completion
  • Point-and-click building
  • Advance searching feature

Features of IDE

  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Debugger.
  • Compiler.
  • Automatic code completion.
  • Advance Searching feature.
  • package manager.

Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python

01. Visual Studio Code

The first pick of this list is Visual Studio Code which was developed by Microsoft Corporation and as well maintained by Microsoft. Visual Studio Code is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python

It’s a lightweight IDE and one of the best features of Visual Studio Code is the keyboard shortcuts and advanced searching option where you can search for anything you want and after that, you can remove that very easily. It also has an inbuilt terminal.

Visual Studio Code is one of the best text editors for python and ranks 1st in our list of best IDEs and code editors for Python.

Automation of code with snippets (auto-completion of code) makes the development journey easy. Developers can add their own snippets. The developers can change the theme. It can be customized to create a proficient environment for python.

Features of Visual Studio Code

  • Improved Intelli-Sense performance for various technologies including python and c++.
  • Extensions and plugins options.
  • Inbuilt Terminal.
  • Git Support or Version Control System support.

02. PyCharm

Pycharm is an Integrated Development Environment that supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. It was developed and maintained by JetBrains (Kotlin is developed by them).

Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python

PyCharm was specially developed for python, not like visual studio code which was made for most development, PyCharm was exceptionally made for python but it can be used in other technologies as well. It’s very powerful working with python. They have two versions paid and community version which is a free version of PyCharm

As a powerful IDE, it comes with very capable features including a debugger, installs, and updates of packages, features that can be used to connect the databases and servers. However, as a powerful IDE, it uses a lot of resources so the chances of lagging and loading should be there for fewer specification machines.

Pycham safe it’s second place in our counting of best IDEs and Code Editors for Python.

Features of PyCharm

  • Smart Intelligent Coding Assistance and code navigation.
  • Built-in tools such as debugger and terminal.
  • Database tools.
  • Scientific tools.
  • Customizable UI.
  • Cross-platform IDE.

03. Eclipse

Eclipse is an IDE developed by Eclipse Foundation. As of 2020 Eclipse is already world’s second most popular IDE just after Visual Studio.

Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python

Install the plugin Pydev developers can do python development in Eclipse. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux.

Features of Eclips

  • Platform Improvements.
  • Docker Tools.
  • Git Flow.
  • Automatic Error Reporting.
  • Debugging tools.

04. Spyder

Spyder is an Integrated Development Environment that was written in python. It was specially developed for the scientific environment.

Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python

Spyder IDE offers great features including analysis, editing, debugging, data exploration, deep inspection, interactive execution, and beautiful visualization capabilities of a scientific package.

It’s an open-source IDE that is maintained by a team of scientific Python developers and the community of Spyder a big thanks to them.

Features of Spyder

  • Syntax Highlighting.
  • IPython console.
  • Automatic code completion.
  • Internal console.
  • Todo list

05. Vim

Vim is a powerful and lightweight text editor. It works pretty much in every operating system and capable of running solely in the command line Vim is used by many python experts and developers.

Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python

Vim’s best features are powerful keyboard shortcuts and unlimited customized makes it is a useful IDE.

Features of Vim

  • There are many plugins available.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • UI customizations.
  • Search option.

06. Atom

Our sixth pic is Atom which is a code editor developed and maintained by GitHub.

Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python

It supports many programming technologies and comes with a version control system so that you can backup your code in GitHub, big bucket, and others.

It doesn’t use many resources to run the program so that’s a great thing about Atom. Atom is a closs-platform IDE so it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Features of Atom

  • Cross-platform (Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux).
  • Package manager.
  • Autocompletion of code.
  • File system browser.
  • Multiple panes.
  • Auto-update-packages.

Atom is one of the best IDEs and Code Editors for python having been ranked 6th in our list.

07. Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is merely an open-sourced web-based application it doesn’t really fit on an IDE or a code editor. It is a Web-technology where a programmer can compile their code very well. It is a great instruction tool because it allows you to put both code and markdown and output in small blocks and explain what everything does as you go and you can run a small block at a time.

Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python

Jupyter notebook is a great tool for primitive stage Machine Learning and especially explorative data analysis. It’s a great learning tool. But it’s not great to develop big programs or software.

Features of Jupiter Notebook

  • Plotting in notebooks.
  • Sharing notebooks.
  • Debugging.
  • It displays plots that are the output of running code cells.

08. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a great text editor it was written in c++ and it is a lightweight text or code editor and it’s faster because of optimized Windows.

Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python

There is only one drawback of Notepad that it only supports Windows, not Mac and Linux.

It supports not only python but it also supports other programming technologies as well.

Features of Notepad++

  • Open Source and Free.
  • Customizable User Interface.
  • Document Map.
  • Multiple Cursors.
  • Autosave feature.
  • Macros.

09. Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 is a very popular code editor with great features. Sublime Text was developed by Sublime HQ and it doesn’t only support python but as well it supports various programming languages. Sublime Text 3 is very similar to notepad++ in terms of features. It’s very comparable.

Best IDEs and Code Editors For Python

Sublime supports Windows, Mac, Linux and it’s freely available to develop the programs and as well it’s paid version is also there to get all the regular version or premium version. Developers can install debuggers, packages including auto-completion of the code.

SUnlime ranks 9th in our list of best IDEs and Code Editors for Python.

Features of Sublime Text 3

  • Multiple Selections.
  • Powerful API and Package Ecosystem.
  • Auto completion.
  • Goto anything feature.
  • Autosave.
  • Repeat the last action feature.
  • Syntax-highlighter.

10. IDLE

IDLE comes with python when you install python. It’s merely a built-in code editor. It’s good for beginners.

IDLE comes with great features such as the Python shell window (interactive interpreter), syntax-highlighting, auto-completion, a debugger, smart indentation.

Features of IDLE

  • Python shell window.
  • Cross-platform.

So these are the 10 best IDEs and code editors for python.

Other best IDEs and code editors for Python includes

  • PyDev
  • Rodeo
  • Thonny
  • Wing 
  • NetBeans

Thank you for coming and spending a little time with us.

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Why to learn back-end?

Back-end development is awesome. Usually, people get started with the front end development and after that, they move on into the back-end here. There are so many technologies out there which allow you to do back-end more suddenly.

I’m not saying that PHP is completely old-school but it’s getting old there, of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna do the job it can do the job perfectly there is also a famous framework of PHP called Laravel but that’s a far batter than PHP itself.

And find if you are a beginner still into 2020 that gives you a question that should I be getting started with modern technology?

I would say go and get started with the modern ones now switching from the modern once into the PHP is pretty fairly easy and if you are looking for a good programming job or a startup in the back-end area.

Restrictive pages and the login system now in any modern back-end technology I expect that this should be the minimum basics the restriction of some pages which user can only see after login and of course login system can be a simple email and password and can be followed up with a mixture of technology like login with Twitter login with Facebook ETC. These two are the very essential thing that you must acquire or have.

Now the third one is important is connectivity with the database obviously you might want to store it tons of things in the database for the persistence storage these are the bare basic that every back-end developer should learn.

In this list of best back-end framework, we didn’t want to stick to one single programming language. Instead, we wanted to showcase the best back-end frameworks from various programming languages.

However, this list of back-end frameworks doesn’t suggest back-end frameworks for every programming language. These are the best back-end frameworks that have been suggested by StackOverflow’s survey in 2019.

These Are The Best Technologies For Back-End.

01. Laravel

Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 - top10counts

Laravel is a PHP based back-end framework. Laravel framework was developed to make a few development tasks easier for developers such as authentication, sessions, caching, and routing. One of the most important benefits of selecting Laravel for web app development is its capabilities to provide high-class security. Another stronger reason to choose Laravel is its capabilities to provide an excellent performance of the web applications.

Features of Laravel Framework

  1. High Security.
  2. MVC architecture pattern.
  3. lightweight templates.
  4.  Unit-Testing.
  5. Easy to use documentation.

Laravel is one of the Best Back-End Technologies in 2020

02. Flask

flask - Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 - top10counts

Flask is a Python-based backend framework. Python is home to various such frameworks like Django and Flask. Flask was designed and developed by Armin Ronacher in 2010. Python’s Flask Framework is a lightweight micro-framework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2. In the survey of Stackoverflow flask had got 12.1% votes among the best web frameworks.

flask framework popularity

Features of Flask Framework

  1. Secure cookies support
  2. Lightweight and modular design allows for a flexible framework
  3. the ability to connect any ORM(Online Reputation Management)
  4. Fast Debugging

Flask is one of the Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 based on programming language python.

03. Express.JS

express js- Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 - top10counts

Express.js is node.js based framework that provides a tough set of features to develop web and mobile applications. It facilitates the rapid development of Node based Web applications since Express.js is in the technical era, we can say that now JavaScript can do both frontend and as well as backend.

Features of Express Framework

  1. Allows to setup middlewares to respond to HTTP Requests.
  2. Dynamically render HTML Pages based on passing arguments.
  3. Easy to use documentation.

Express.js is one of the Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 based on programming language JavaScript.

04. Django

django - Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 - top10counts

Nowadays the Django framework getting more popularity day by day among the developers. Django is a python based framework and considered as the best framework of python. Generally used in web development. If I had a choice to choose from Django or Flask, I would choose Django for sure because the community of the Django is wider than any other of this list. In a survey of Stackoverflow Django had acquired 62.1% in the most loved web framework.

most loved framework

Features of Express Framework

  1. Secure cookies support.
  2. dynamically render HTML Pages.
  3. Easy to use documentation.
  4. faster

Django is one of the Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 based on python.

05. Ruby on Rails

ruby on rails- Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 - top10counts

Ruby on Rails is a Ruby-based web framework. Rails has a tremendous community. It prevents you from writing a lot of code that you might otherwise write or cobble together from other sources, including an Object-Relational Mapping, a routing system, a templating language.

Features of Ruby On Rails Framework

  1. AJAX library
  2. Action pack Assertions
  3. Symbol garbage collector
  4. AJAX gets generated automatically

06. Spring

spring - Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 - top10counts

Java developer now can make backend with the framework called Spring. The Spring Framework is a Java-based application framework. It’s core features can be acquired by any Java application or software. 

Features of Spring Framework

  1. Ease of Testability
  2. Use of Modularity

Spring is Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 based on java.

07. Nest.JS

nestjs - Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 - top10counts

Nest.js is also a node.js based framework that provides a tough set of features to develop web and mobile applications. It facilitates the rapid development of Node based Web applications.  NestJS supports creating modules, workspaces, and libraries both in standard and monorepo mode. It has plenty of features, and each of them is really worth trying.

Features of NestJS Framework

  1. It allows developers to fully code using pure JavaScript.
  2. It combines the features of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming (FP) as well as Functional Reactive Programming (FRP)

NestJS is one of the Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 based on programming language JavaScript.

These are the Best Back-End Technologies in 2020 that you should consider one of them to learn.