Top 10 Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

Gardening has never been easy in the 19th or 20th century thanks to the 21st century where advanced tools like a garden hose, lawnmower, and soil test kits are available.

A lot of you guys actually be doing gardening for interest or some of you actually have a passion for gardening.

Gardening is one of the best hobbies to give make-around nature positive. You must have listened to the quote as “you must have to make effort to enjoy the fruit of your effort or work“.

So yes the quote is very true regarding gardening and as well as for real life. The above quote implies that you have to work for your garden to make it attractive or nature friendly.

However, sometimes it becomes tedious work so you surely have to give some effort. There are top 10 gardening tools and their uses with pictures that we will talk about in this blog post.

The best approach that you could do is that you could daily see your garden growing and will surely win one day as the garden grows.

10 Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

All of the tools that I will include on the list of gardening tools and their uses with pictures will make your work easier than before and will make it easy for beginners to use.

Along with their names, you should also try to learn how that tool works in the real life. I have also included 20 most commonly used gardening tools on our website that you could check out for even more gardening tools and their uses with pictures.

For a better understanding of the uses of the tool, you could even search any of that on the internet and make sure that you also learn how a specific tool works.

Top 10 Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

1. Shovel

  • Type: Digging & lifting tool
all Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

The shovel is one of the most-used gardening tools on our list of top 10 gardening tools and their uses with pictures.

It is a digging & lifting tool and is a must-have gardening tool. If you have been in the field of gardening for a long time t then you must know the uses of a shovel.

You could either use it as a digging tool or a lifting tool. That’s an advantage point for a shovel.

You could use it to dig holes in your garden yard and it is also great for transporting dirt and even transporting dirt from wheelbarrow to garden.

It is also used to move bigger mounds of soil and as well-turning and mixing the soil. MIxing the soil is sometimes a headache that I’m sure you tried in the past and are tired of. So you could use a shovel to mix the given soil easily. Make sure that a shovel has a high-quality edge.

All of the uses of a shovel list:

  • To dig holes
  • To transport soil or dirt
  • To move bigger mounds of soil
  • To mix the wel-turning soil
  • To create a level ground

And the least use but the most important is that it can be used to level the ground for the garden, the sturdy and durable shovel is the best tool on our list of gardening tools and their uses with pictures.

2. Gardening Gloves

  • Type: Precautions tool
Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

Gardening gloves are a must-have gardening tool. It helps you as a protection tool against injury, different types of harmful dirt, thorny branches prickly vegetation.

And it will surely protect your hands from getting scratches, splinters, and scrapes.

  • Gloves should be durable and sturdy with up-to-date quality. Especially working with thorny branches and seeds.
  • Don’t attempt to buy poorly fitting or very tight gloves choose a glove that perfectly fits both hands.
  • Water-resistance fabric is preferable for hand gloves.

Click here to see the perfect buying guide for hand gloves for gardening.

And the most important thing is that if you have really sensitive skins that plenty of people actually do like me then gloves are must recommended tool for gardening.

Gardening gloves use list:

  • To avoid allergic reactions to chemicals, plants, compost, and also to avoid rashes.

You must wear hand gloves for gardening to avoid allergic reactions to chemicals, plants, compost, and also to avoid rashes.

Botanical photographer, Ellen Hoverkamp recommends rubber-coated gardening gloves which are water-resistance gloves. They are really great like wet suit gloves, but with abrasion protection. Buy a pair of rubber-coated hand gloves on Amazon –>

3. Hand Trowel

  • Type: Transplanting and digging tool
Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

Hand Trowel is the most basic gardening tool that plenty of urban gardeners use. They are really amazing and useful when it comes to digging or making holes or for giving proper level to a specific land.

Because of its small handle, it is very handy in use-case. While plenty of urban gardeners use it you must use it for your next gardening session.

It is the essentials tool that you must have and have been said that it also plays an important role in transplanting bedding plants and herbs.

If you are a beginner in gardening and thinking to buy a hand trowel then these are a few things to remember:

  • Select a hand trowel with a broad blade that can easily transplant bedding plants and herbs.
  • The hand trowel you choose must have a durable and sturdy handle in order to use it for the long term.
  • Choose a trowel that is made of stainless steel head.

So these are the few things to remember if you are a beginner in gardening.

Hand Trowel uses list:

  • Used to dig up soil
  • To transfer soil into a container or on a Wheelbarrow
  • Transplanting bedding plants and herbs

Because of these many uses, it’s a must to include the Hand Trowel on the list of top 10 gardening tools and their uses with pictures.

4. Rakes

  • Type: Transplanting and digging tool
Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

Two types of rakes exist in the market including a bow rake and a leaf rake. It can help you to maintain your yard by raking leaves, dirt, mulch, and any other materials.

Leaf lakes help you to mulch or to spread and gather dead dry leaves into heaps for easy collection in the other hand are stronger and used in heavier tasks like soil leveling, moving sands and rocks, spreading compost on elevated garden beds with other uses as well.

For simple understanding, it is a sort of a comb for the lawn which could smoothen soil and even contours of the soil. It is one of the best tools for leaving the soil.

If you are a beginner and in need of a rake then you must remember these things:

  • Get a rake that comes with steel tines. They are simply very strong and may be rougher on delicate laws.
  • Don’t get a plastic tine one cause you will regrate after using plastic tines rake for a long period of time. 

Yes as mentioned in the above lines that rake features tines that can be made of steel or plastic. I would always suggest you buy a rake with steel tine.

Uses of the rakes list:

  • Rakes are used to mulch or to spread and gather dead dry leaves.
  • Also used in soil leveling, moving sands and rocks, and spreading.

5. Watering Can

  • Type: Watering tool
Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

As its name suggests a watering can is used to water plants in your amazing garden yard. There are foremost of 3 types of watering cans are available including plastic can and metal can.

It is also known as a hand sprinkler. Watering cans are used in watering small amounts of plants while other tools like hose and spray nozzles are used to water large scales of years or gardens.

The watering can term was first used in 1692 in the diary of keen cottage gardeners. So it’s by far an old-school watering tool that is still desired today by the gardeners because of its portability and the closer connection it appears to deliver among the gardener and the flowers.

If you are a beginner and in need of a watering can then you must remember these things:

  • In terms of last long property metal always stands up first whereas plastic won’t last as long.
  • Choose a size of the watering can that is relative to your strength.
  • Metal cans should be galvanized to resist rusting.

Above mentioned points are a must remember if you are a beginner or even a moderate level gardener.

Uses of the watering can in gardening

  • Used to sprink the water

6. Garden Hand Fork

  • Type: Ranking tool
Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

Garden hand fork Is used to handle compost around the garden which is the reason that I have included it on our list of Top 10 Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures.

It is an ideal tool for gardeners who usually handle compost. It has long tines made of metal and is slightly bent for easy compost.

This garden hand fork can also be used in digging up clusters of weeds for smooth and easier removal. The majority of garden hand forks have 3 or 4 sturdy and durable metal tines for loosening dirt and lifting soil easily.

The Garden hand fork comes with a durable and sturdy handle so that you can use it easily. Garden hand fork is really an amazing tool to use if you are a keep gardeners learner or interested in gardening.

If you are a beginner in garden hand fork then remember these things:

  • Always remember to see if a hand fork has tines bent or not cause bent tines are always preferable.
  • Hand fork also comes with straight tines which are used as digging tools.

And let’s cover up all the uses of garden hand fork:

  • To handle compost
  • Can also be used in digging up clusters of weeds for smooth and easier removal.

7. Lawn Mower

Type: Cutting and power tool

Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

A lawnmower is a machine that cuts grown and unwanted grass faster and sets a specific size for that. In 1830 it was invented by Edwin Beard Budding just thanks to him for this rarely needy invention.

If you are someone who has a large yard with a lawn area outside then you will surely need a lawnmower. It maintains the size of grass.

A lawnmower is designed with rotating blades that easily cut off grown grass on the lawn of your yard. When grass is frequently watered it tends to grow bigger. However, water is needy you can’t do anything in that so here is the only solution that you do is to bring s lawnmower.

Things to remember for a lawnmower:

  • Lawnnmocwer comes in different options including a low budget which requires pushing around the lawn and a self-propelled lawn-mower which doesn’t need any human power you only need to guide it were to move then it’s done.
  • There are also electronic soundproof lawn mowers available in the market so considering your budget it is best to select one for yourself.

So these are the things that you must remember before buying a lawnmower.

Uses of lawnmowers:

  • It cuts grown and unwanted grass faster and sets a specific

8. Weeder

  • Type: Weeding tool
Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures - top10counts

If you have been doing gardening for a while now then you may be tired of weeds and unwanted grass then weeder is for you.

It removes weed and unwanted grass in your yard or in around your plant. It becomes so it to cut that with weeder.

Some of the weeds and unwanted grass have shallow roots and can easily be removed but there are also some unwanted and weeds exist that are hard to remove including anchored taproots which some gardeners eliminate.

The majority of the weeder in the markets can easily remove weeds or unwanted grass. There are foremost of two types of weeder resist 1] weeder with tines 2] standup weeder.

Remember these things about weeder if you are a beginner in gardening or want to buy a weeder:

  • Look for a comfortable handle for a weeder.
  • Always bring a weeder with stainless steel or aluminum tines.

Wrapping up the uses of a weeder:

  • Used to remove unwanted grass.
  • Also used to remove weeds and unwanted plants.

If you are having a garden or a yard of a big space then you may need to remove unwanted plants sometime if yes then you could surely use a weeder to easily remove instead of dragging up that unwanted plant.

9. Pruning shears

  • Type: Pruning tool
Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures -

Pruning shear is used to trim and pound the plants. Each plant in a nicely maintained garden should be trimmed and pruned now and then to avoid overcrowding and opposition for mild, water, and nutrient further to hold the lawn fine to the eyes.

Multiple pruning shears can help sculpt the flowers and get rid of dry additives and overgrowth.

An awesome pruning shear is sharp to create clean cuts and at ease to keep to restriction the pressure at the fingers. Remember the fact that the pruning shears are supposed for skinny twigs and gentle branches simplest.

They are also called “secateurs” and helps reign in plants that are taking over or getting out of control.

Things to remember about pruning shears:

  • Along with unwanted and overgrown plant removal by mistaken you could also remove green storms and branches so make sure to cut that gently.
  • Bypass pruning shears are better for green wood and live plants (buy a bypass pruning at Amazon)

That’s it for the things that you should remember before you purchase a pruning shear.

Uses of pruning shears:

  • To cut unwated an overgrowen plants.
  • To remove unwanted branch form the plant.

So because of its uses, I had to include it on our list of top 10 best gardening tools and their uses with pictures.

10. Wheelbarrow

  • Type: Lifting tool
Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

Gardening may be strenuous work and it includes several lifting and moving things from one area to some other. A wheelbarrow is an extremely good tool in moving garden substances around and keep away from any harm from those sports.

These styles of wheelbarrows are used to carry heavy and bulky materials along with soil, flowers, boulders, particles, and so on without any difficulty. I would endorse you purchase a wheelbarrow that is lightweight and strong.

It is the best equipment if your backyard has extra or unwanted soil that to be moved or also to move said around the yard to level up the land level.

There are foremost two types of wheelbarrow exist 1] two-handle with single wheel front wheel 2] one-handle with two-wheel models.

Things to remember:

  • Single handle, two wheel models tends to lift high weight easily with a better balance, whereas sigle wheel models are tend to lift low weight and sometimes become harder to lift and balance it.
  • Single-handled wheelbarrows can easily be pulled with a hand.

So these are the things to remember about the Wheelbarrow gardening tool.

Wrapping up the uses of the wheelbarrow gardening tools:

  • Wheelbarrow is used to carry heavy and bulky materials along with soil, flowers, boulders, particles, and so on.

So because of its an important to use carrying things I have included it doesn’t the list of Gardening tools and their uses with pictures.

Usages of gardening tools are inexhaustible so let us see the majority type of garden tools that are used in gardening:

Types Of Garden Tools

1] Digging Tools

As its name suggests these types of tools are used for digging. And these tools can also be used to mix bought and fertilizer and can be used to transport soil and so forth there are plenty of uses.

Digging tools are one of the most used tools out there and the majority of gardeners use them to dig.

2] Planting tools

These types of tools are similar to digging tools and even digging tools can also be used as planting tools. As its name suggests planting tools are used in planting the plants.

It created holes in the ground and was used to lift plants and much more. After creating a hole plants can be laid under the land or your yard’s land.

3] Lifting Tools

Lifting tools are a type of such tools used to move garden materials including soil, rocks, plants, etc from one spot to another spot. Lifting tool’s example includes garden forks and garden shovels,

4] Hauling Tools

Hauling tools work just like the lifting tools but tend to lift more weight than that. They are used to move collected materials like solid, grasses, rocks, unwanted plants, and more.

For example wheelbarrows, ad buckets are used to move some specific collected materials from one spot to another spot.

5] Ranking Tools

As its name suggests ranking tools are used to interpret solid and also for leveling that solid. These types of tools can also be used to remove dirt and unwanted plants from your yard.

Thus ranking it on our post on gardening tools and their uses with pictures is valuable.

6] Weeding Tools

These types of tools work similarly to ranking tools for taking examples metal weeder, leaf rake, and metal weeder.

7] Pruning & Cutting Tools In Types Of Garden Tools

These are the types of mechanical equipment that can be used to put off useless, infected, overgrown, or unwanted plant elements like branches, leaves, buds. Those tools are also utilized in developing cuts on the plants to mildew the plant in your illustrated way. Its actual-life instance consists of hedge trimmer, pruning shears, tree pruner, etc.

8] Watering Tools

As its name suggests watering tools are used to spring water to the plant and even you could use it in form of a garden hose.

The most common watering tool is a watering can.

9] Chemical spraying tools

Chemical spraying tools are used to spray chemicals on various plants. One can use chemical applicators and fertilizer in the watering tools to moisture the plants for takin example of hand sprayer and knapsack sprayer

10] Power Tools

Power tools are typical tools that require fuel or electricity to use them. Most of them are effectively used for doing faster and effective work easily for taking the example of cutting tools like a lawn mower.

The example of this type of tools includes a grass cutter, chainsaw, and lawnmower, etc.

11] Measure tools

These are the tools that are used to measure various properties of plants in your yard or garden like moisture meters.

12] Other tools

Other types of gardening tools include moisture meter, garden gloves, tree brace, garden twine, and the list goes on.

So these 12 are the foremost types of gardening tools that exist in the market.

FAQs: All Gardening Tools And Their Uses With Pictures

How many types of gardening tools are there?

There are plenty of types of gardening tools that exist in the market. See this blog of 53 types of gardening tools.

Why do we use gardening tools?

The answer is easy to make gardening convince for any casual man for the yard.

What do you need to start gardening?

Soil, Garden Hoe, Garden Shovel, Rake, Gardening Gloves, Watering Can, and much more. Click here to know more.

What are the 20 garden tools and their uses?

1] Shovel, 2] Spade 3] Gardening Gloves 4] Hand Trowel 5] Garden Hand Fork 6] Rake 7] Watering Can 8] Garden Hose & Spray Nozzles 9] Lawn Mower 10] Garden Knife 11] Weeder 12] Wheelbarrow 13] Pruning shears 14] Pruning Saw 15] Mattock 16] Moisture Meter 17] Hand Sprayer 18] Soil Test Kit 19] String Trimmer 20] Edger
Click here to check their uses.

Can I use a Wheelbarrow to weather unwanted trash from the garden?

Yes, you can for sure cause a wheelbarrow is made to lift anything you put there unless it is not a heavy weight.


The indexed above consists of only some among many gardening equipments that you could find inside the marketplace. Studying gardening gear makes use of enables you to pick out the form of equipment you need first whilst getting started out as a gardener. As with most matters, you will likely need to increase your collection as you find greater uses for other tools.

It’s miles vital to best use a cozy coping with the device and refer back to the person manual for producer instructions. Also, keep your gear nicely so we can final longer. Right garage of that equipment additionally minimizes accidents while they’re stored far away from human visitors.

So this blog post was all about gardening tools and their uses with pictures.

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