Google Drive vs Dropbox. Which is Better?: 10 Foremost Ways To Compare

Sometimes you need to store your data online or need to share a file with others. Somehow you used google drive or Dropbox to share your files to someone. Google Drive and Dropbox both can be used for sharing and also can backup data. Let’s do Google Drive vs Dropbox.

There are foremost 10 ways to compare these both including pricing, storage, sync options, backup options, sharing options, file size limit, search option, and of course security which is the most needed feature.

Common features of both:

  • They both back up your files: Both Google Drive and Dropbox give you a backup option in case if you lose your machines.
  • They both let you share your file with others: Just like any physical device such as hard disk, pen drives, and other data storage devices, they both let you share your file but not in a physical way.
  • They sync files: If you are using Dropbox and Google Drive in multiple devices then Dropbox and Google Drive will make sure that you have copies of all your files on each of them.

1. Price

The first comparable point is price talking about price both come in the free version and as well-paid version.

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Google Drive provides 15 GB space for free and Dropbox provides 2 GB space for free. However, 15GB is still a lot of space, even when shared. On average, this is enough space to save over 232,000 files.

As of the premium version Dropbox coming with a minimum of 3 TB storage and it goes to 3 TB, 5 TB, and as much space as the user needs. They offer 3 TB space for $19.99/month.

Where google drive comes with 100 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB premium option and goes to 30 TB. They offer 2 TB storage for $100/year. And $19.99 for 100 GB and $30 for 200 GB.

So as of price google would be the best option because it gives 2 TB space for $100/year where Dropbox gives that for $120/year.

2. Security

Talking about security both passed in security features. They both give 250 GB encryption.

They both offer second step verification which can be useful if some hackers trying to hack the account.

Goole Drive and Dropbox both are the best options as security features.

3. Syncing Options

Syncing option would be best if you save any files in your mobile device’s Google Drive account or Dropbox then it would be sync in your laptop Google Drive or Dropbox also.

Talking about syncing option feature Google Drive takes more time than Dropbox

Google Drive downloads and uploads the entire document to sync it where Dropbox uses the block-syncing method means it only sync those files in the document that have been changed so obviously Dropbox is faster as of syncing features. It also means you don’t have to wait as long to access changes yourself when logging into Dropbox from another browser or device.

For example, if you have a file in excel format and you make a change in excel here Dropbox sync only those changes that we have done but Google Drive sync the entire excel file that is why here Google Drive is slower than Dropbox in terms of syncing option.

If you want to sync your file faster so definitely go with Dropbox because it works on the block-syncing method.

4. Sharing Option

Sharing option means ability to share file, folder.

If you want to share your file through email or any other software you can easily do that with both. It is easy to share files in both of the software.

Both are considerations in terms of sharing options.

One of the benefits of Dropbox is it easily collaborate with teammates. You can share files from within the project itself by simply sending an email invite to loop them in by Dropbox. All documents, files, and projects are clearly marked when others have access to them from the Dropbox landing page with both icons, and with text next to each file showing many people have access to that file.

5. File size limit

A file size limit can determine how big the file size can be uploaded just like if we have 5 GB space and our file size limit is only 1 GB so we have to upload only 1 GB size file.

file size- google drive vs dropbox - top10counts

Here both Google Drive and Dropbox allows to upload unlimited size of file.

In terms of the file size limit, both are the considerations you can upload any size of the file. In order to upload files, you have to buy premium options.

6. Storage capacity

In terms of storage capacity, Google Drive gives a premium price storage from 100 GB to 30 TB so you can upgrade later if you want. Where Dropbox gives 1 TB to unlimited storage.

If you want less storage then Google Drive is for you as they give 100 GB storage where Dropbox starts from 1 TB storage.

7. Search option

In terms of searching options both doing a good job. You can search your file easily.

Just search your keyword you will find out your file that you searching for. Both are doing well at the point of the search feature. You will get a direct file that you exactly wanted to search for.

8. Backup option

Both are giving backup feature as all of us sometimes need to backup data. Perhaps if we lost our device we can back up our data safely. Both are giving backup option so both are considered in terms of backup options.

9. Additional Features

Google Drive gives more extra features than Dropbox. Additional features for example you can create an excel sheet, Doc file, PPT inbuilt. Inbuilt space is insulted by Google Drive.

In Dropbox, you won’t get an excel sheet, Doc file, PPT but instead, they provide paper just like a text document file you can save text document.

10. In terms of support

Both are giving support if an error occurs or you want to clarify something. You just have to mail them they will reply within 24 hours.

So both are good in terms of support.

Final conclusion for Google Drive vs Dropbox

This is our conclusion on google drive vs dropbox, both are good if you want more features then Google Drive is for you. If you want to sync faster then Dropbox is best. In terms of price, Google Drive is cheaper than Dropbox.

If you want less storage then Google Drive is for you as they give 100 GB storage where Dropbox starts from 1 TB storage.

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