Is OnePlus Nord A Considerable Smartphone? : Reasons To Buy

OnePlus will be launching its hyped smartphone, but OnePlus 8 didn’t get much coverage from the media. OnePlus Nord is a smartphone with mid-range features, performance, and looks. The 6GB+64 GB edition starts at Rs. 24,999. Here we have many arguments for purchasing or renting OnePlus Nord.

Reasons to buy oneplus Nord

Snapdragon 765

Talking about the heart of the smartphone, the OnePlus Nord processor is Snapdragon 765 g. It’s one mid-range Snapdragon processor that can perform flagship without costing the Smartphone. OnePlus chooses this chip.

Snapdragon 765-OnePlus Nord

This Snapdragon 765 G is built on a manufacturing process of 7 nm which is similar to current Qualcomm flagship processors. The 5 G modem is available in this device, making it the cheapest smartphone to buy with 5 G support in India.

90Hz Display (Smart and Smooth)

A 6.44-inch AMOLED display with a damn amazing 90Hz refresh rate is available on OnePlus Nord. It makes it easier to click, smoother playback and video replication. In addition, the touch sampling rate of OnePlus 7 T from 135 Hz to 180 Hz on OnePlus Nord is rising, which will result in greater reactivity.

An additional advantage is that the Nord monitor has a brightness value of 1000 nits. It means that on a sunny day you shouldn’t have a problem reading the text. Eventually, OnePlus claims the Nord display is automatically bright with 2.048 different rates, which can help both with eye comfort and live power.

The display experience will the same or comparable with the high-profile phone with budgets of INR 50 – 60k

Powerful Cameras

Cameras can be the major attraction for the user to buy the NORD

By incorporating six cameras — four on the back and two on the front, the OnePlus Nord breaks the mold for mid-range phones. The rear cameras include a 48MP main sensor with optical image stabilization, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens with a field of view of 119 degrees, a 5MP camera with depth, and a 2MP macro camera.

Nightscapes mode is a further highlight. At various exposures, the OnePlus Nord takes up to nine different images and stitches them together in software. There’s a 32MP main sensor on the front and an ultra-wide 8MP camera to take party selfies at a 105-degree angle.

Cheapest 5G

The OnePlus Nord sports a 5 G processor Snapdragon 765 G and this makes it India ‘s cheapest 5G smartphone. As you know 5 G is the technology of the future and in the near future, India will also be getting this software. Unless OnePlus doesn’t make the exclusive and 5 G version then this smartphone would be the cheapest 5 G smartphone.

5G in such price won’t be provided by any reputed companies in the nearest future but, the NORD will vanish your buffer and the downloading problem with its high-speed internet.

Fast Charging and Big Battery

Thanks to a relatively big 4,115 mAh pack, The OnePlus Nord should have plenty of staying power. Much better, OnePlus offers in the box a Warp Charge 30 T charger that promises to take you in just 30 minutes from 0 to 70 percent complete.

Fast charging-oneplus nord

By contrast, on our battery test, the OnePus 8 Pro has a 4,510 mAh battery that paced the phone up to a respectable 11 hours and 5 minutes. Anything over 11 hours is normally good enough to make our best battery life list for your devices. We foresee even greater longevity from the Nord with its less potent CPU.

The battery can be the biggest feature for which the user skips some specification and the NORD provides the same. The fast charging will make it more valuable.

Value for Money

OnePlus Nord would be the most affordable smartphone you can purchase with a good share of all the good specifications. A good show is provided with a high refreshing rate and modern punch-hole design. Thanks to a double-face camera presence, the punch hole can be a wide one.

The output also will be a key element since the Snapdragon 765 G is a processor that is built on a process of seven nm. The smartphone will have fast charging and the same standard of building you will see on other OnePlus smartphones.


“NORD” might be the best performance smartphone at a cheap rate. Its features like 5G and 90HZ display with 6 cameras will be the major attraction for the buyers. If you are finding the budget phone with maximum features provided by the trusted and highly rated company (ONEPLUS) then NORD will be the best option.

The starting range will be INR 24999 and it will be on sale from 1st August. You can pre-book it on amazon and one plus official website.

Thank you for coming and spending a little time with us.

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