Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Complete Tasks Easily

Today I’m going to tell you about the most useful Keyboard shortcuts that you are going to utilize on a daily basis.

Whenever I ask my friends about typing knowledge or about keyboard shortcuts, I find that most of them are using basic keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+C for copying the text or files, CTRL+V for pasting the text or files from other, CTRL+Z for undo the text or files and CTRL+Y for redo text or files that are incredible.

I assure you that after this article you won’t need to search for the keyboard shortcuts for Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10, etc.

By doing practice you will learn these keyboard shortcuts gradually and you would get all the benefits of typing fast in this Technical ERA.


This shortcut is used to select all the content that has been written by you or all the directories of the folders.

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If you want to select all the content in a given window, it could be anything like the content of the word or content of a selected page, the entire text of the web page, the folder, you can select that within a one-shortcut click without using the mouse. just type CTRL+A the all text of your file will be saved.


This shortcut is used to open the current window in a new tab. This shortcut is also used to open a new tab in chrome browser.

After applying the CTRL+N keyboard shortcut there will be another window of this PC opened.


This shortcut is used to shut down the don’t have to open the Start menu to shut down our PC or laptop.

Also this shortcut key can be used to close the current window.


The use of this shortcut is to switch from the current program to other programs or from one application-level to others hence it’s known as Task Switcher. Simply type ALT+TAB and you will find that your program is changing from one to another.


CTRL+ALT+DELETE is a shortcut key to open task manager.


Many people often get lost in searching for pieces of stuff that they have been writing for a long time. If you want to find any alphabets or sentences in your work file then just click CTRL+F you will find a search box there on the window of your workflow.


Shortcut CTRL+D is used to fill down to Duplicate the Data in a Cell of excel file.

  • First of all, add something in the cell of your excel file.
  • Now hold shift for a while then drag the cell from row to row or column to column.
  • Click CTRL+D you will see the value which you added in the first sell copied into other cells.


Ctrl+G opens the Go To the window that allows you to go to a specific cell, page, section, line.


This Keyboard shortcut is used to replace words or sentences.


In Microsoft Word and other word processor programs, the use of  Ctrl+O  keyboard shortcut is that allows you to open the new window and allows you to select and open an existing presentation on your computer.


CTRL+K keyword is used to add hyperlinks in the workflow.


The use of this shortcut is that allows us to open a new workflow from the current workflow.


The use of CTRL+U shortcut is to Underline the word what have you selected in Microsoft Word and other word processor programs.


Pressing Ctrl+R aligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen In Microsoft Word and other word processor programs.


Ctrl+S key is used to save the documents.


Pressing  Ctrl+V allows you to paste the content that you have copied before, not only in Microsoft Word or other word processor programs. it also allows pasting the files, documents, ETC.


CTRL+C is used to copy the content that you have selected.


Window + D shortcut key is used to bring the control of the system on the desktop’s main page this key will minimize all current windows and then bring you to the desktop’s main page.


It opens the project screen menu. From the project screen menu, you can use the extended screen, the second screen only, and duplicate screen.


Plainly WINDOES+D shortcut opens file explorer.


It minimizes all the window.


WINDOWS+S key opens search box of the windows menubar.


The simple use of shortcut CTRL+X is that it cuts the folders, elements, and text. You just need to click on the folder and press CTRL+X or The text that you have selected in Microsoft Word or other word processor programs and after selection of your words, you could copy that word in other workflows.


In most Windows applications CTRL+Y keyboard shortcut is uses as Redo, reversing a previous Undo. In Windows Software like Microsoft Office, it repeats the previous action if it was something other than Undo.


CTRL+Z is working as undo for the text or even deleted files can be undone through CTRL+Z.


Pressing Ctrl+w allows you to close the window of directly without clicking the close button of the title bar of your Microsoft Word or other Microsoft office’s programs.


SHIFT+UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT ARROW is used to select the text manually with the keyboard including one line selection, multiple line selections.

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