Top 10 Mobile Customizing Apps For Android

There are approx. 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world and here are the top 10 Mobile Customizing Apps For Android. Android users getting more leverages owing to more supported apps and features. If you want to customize the phone. So these are the best android apps to customize your mobile with both free option or premium option.

Top 10 Mobile Customizing Apps For Android

01. ZEDGE ™

Wallpaper and ringtone are the 2 critical aspects through which people can judge you or your personality. To avoid the same, you can use the ZEDGE application.

The best wallpapers and cool tones are available for free from ZEDGE.

Zedge - Mobile Customizing Apps For Android - top10counts

Customize your phone easily with an awesome HD wallpaper or funny ringtone. To your Android/iOS devices, ZEDGE provides millions of free wallpapers, video backgrounds, stickers, ringtones, warning sounds, and notification sound.

It also provides a wide range of video wallpaper for all tastes and high quality, just imagine that your home screen has cool video effects as background moreover it doesn’t kill your battery because it only plays on your home screen once.

Zedge is one of the most popular mobile customizing apps for android.

02. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

Most of us struggle with how to use the widget option properly. If you want one of the best customizing apps for Android this app will help you customize the widgets manually.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker Key features 2

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker let your Android launcher or lock-screen look exclusive with the best widget builder ever! Use this to build your own widget and show all your required data, at once and without the battery draining.

You can build custom-made watches like digital and analog clocks, live map widgets, weather widgets, highly sophisticated batches or memory measurements, photos that alter spontaneously, music players, world clocks, astronomy widgets and much more with the custom widget.

03. Notch Design

Notch Design is an Android app that can modify your notch design.

Notch design - Mobile Customizing Apps For Android - top10counts

Now you can redesign your notch completely and this is best for those who love to personalize their phones. It can add a cool and innovative notch to your smartphone even you can add border notch to your punch-hole cameras.

All the available notch in the app is resizable, so you can set/adjust it as per the size of your device.

04. Dark mode

a lot of smartphone companies do not provide the dark mode option within their devices. If you want to use that feature “Dark mode” will help you to do the same.

twitter dark mode3

Enable Dark Mode for Android. This app applies a dark theme on most of your applications likes: –   Darken Instagram, photos from Google, and more. This app allows Android Night mode to be activated on devices that are not supplied in system settings. You can set the time for turning the dark mode on and off.

This app won’t work on all devices because some smartphone manufacturers have disabled or blocked this device option!

05. Power Shade: Notification Panel & Quick Settings

power shade is the notification bar customizing app with the best features within.

power shade - Mobile Customizing Apps For Android - top10counts

The most advanced customizer of notifications is Power Shade. It offers you the options to make your quick configuration as you like. Designed to change themes seamlessly to make your mood clear and your day bright. All Android devices offer the latest modern features.

This app will change the notification bar of your device as per your requirements and adjustments

06 Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting

Always on display | Edge Lighting will give you the information you need on your phone or tablet, on your notifications, clock, date, current climate, edge lighting, and much more. It will display the clock on your device even after the screen turns off.

edge lighting - Mobile Customizing Apps For Android - top10counts

This AOD application is free and does not contain advertisements. It is designed to use 0 percent CPU and low system resources while maintaining all the important information on your screen.

07. NOVA Launcher

Searching for the best launcher for your phone? NOVA Launcher might be the best option for you. It has device optimizing feature within and it is lag-free.


Nova Launcher is a potent, adaptable, and multi-faceted home screen substitute. In Nova, advanced features improve your home screens, but for everyone, the choice is still great and user-friendly. Nova is the answer regardless of whether you are looking for a cleaner, faster home launcher, or want to completely rework your home screens.

It offers most of the customizable features that can make your device cool and attractive. Most of the launchers make your device hang but the NOVA is lag-free and optimizes your device speed even it helps you to optimize and free up the storage.

08. Assistive Touch for Android – Screen Recorder

Assistive Touch for iPhone iOS devices, now has similar Android applications, is easy to use the tool. Fast, smooth, and completely free. It’s quick, smooth.

assistive touch - Mobile Customizing Apps For Android - top10counts

You can easily use your Android smartphone with a floating panel on your screen. Faster access to all your favorite apps, games, settings, and fast toggle is available. You can clean your phone more quickly and easily with the smart clean function to clean background apps. Assistive Touch is also a good application for protecting the physical buttons (home and volume). It is useful for smartphones on the big screen.

09 Switch SMS Messenger – Customize chat Themes

Make the new version of the Texting app more fun with SMS messages. Change your SMS messages with our new themes every day. It’s time for SMS texting to come in love once more. No time to start. Just download and install SMS Switch messenger, start it and all your SMS messages will automatically get synchronized into the awesome theme-based app.


Change each conversation to another theme, which corresponds to that particular contact. This enables you to enjoy many topics simultaneously with the latest SMS Switch Massager. Includes a Quick Apply function, SMS Switch Messenger, so that you can view and edition your topics instantly.

10. Morphin – CGI GIF Maker & Editor

Would you like, if the GIFs you use that can replace with your face!!!

Morphin is a new generation GIF maker that allows you to infiltrate and steal your favorite GIF. All it takes is a selfie to replace the GIF face around the world or toast your friends like you are the Great Gatsby.


In contrast to face-to-face applications that simply add your picture onto another face, Morphin utilizes CGI technology to recreate your appearance fully. There is an extreme visual difference!

Other best Personalizing apps

Whicons – White Icon Pack

whicone- Mobile Customizing Apps For Android - top10counts

You need a custom launcher to use this application.


muzei - Mobile Customizing Apps For Android - top10counts

It’s a live wallpaper app that changes the wallpaper at a point of time.


The application suggested above can ask for the permissions that can read or access your personal information. It can ask for multiple access to your phone, allow it after reading the privacy and policy carefully. 

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