Must-Try These Chrome Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to speed up and increase productivity for any task, as they limit your time spent opening things. These chrome shortcuts will literally make your internet surfing very easy.

Must-Try These Chrome Shortcuts - top10counts

10 Chrome Shortcuts


Generally, the CTRL+T shortcut key is used to open the new tab in the chrome browser. it is used to open a new tab in chrome browser you don’t have to use a mouse click for a new tab.


CTRL+H is used to open the recent history of chrome browser and after opening the history is you want to delete the history of your browser at once just type CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE and you will see the manual removal setting of your browser.


CTRL+W is used to close the currently opened tab. and instead of a current tab if you want to close the current window then you can try Ctrl+Shift+W.


Open a specific tab in the current window (9 is always the last tab, no matter how many tabs you have opened)


The use of CTRL+SHIFT+N that it opens a new tab in incognito mode.


CTRL+SHIFT+T will reopen the currently closed tab


CTRL+left click of your mouse opens a link in the new tab that you want to open.


Open the recently opened tab in the current window.


It opens console panel of the website.


It opens chrome tools of the website.

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