Is learning JavaScript Still Worth In 2021? Reasons To Learn Javascript

The JavaScript language is one of the most popular of previous years, but many people still ask why it is worth learning JS. For several years JavaScript has been so widespread that nearly every place is visible, there is no diminishing popularity on the front end, back-end, and mobile developments. Do you know the reasons to learn javascript?

Tones of different settings have been created in JavaScript fundamentals and are applied in nearly every project that requires a user interface. Taking this information into account, I will try to make it clearer to understand the pros of learning JavaScript.

reasons to learn javascript -

At 4-5 years ago people were very confused about learning JavaScript or others and at that time they were considered JavaScript as the only client-side programming language but nowadays JavaScript can be intuited in the back-end, mobile application development (cross-platform). You can make a hybrid app using JavaScript frameworks.

So why learn JavaScript?

10 reasons to learn JavaScript

01. JavaScript is the most popular programming language to learn

The curve of learning is quite gentle in JavaScript. JavaScript is an early-starting programming language and without any previous experience, everyone can start learning. Given that JavaScript mostly focuses on front-end development and user interfaces, learning HTML and CSS would be excellent.

It takes not long for you to learn the basics of this programming language. In a few weeks, you can learn the basics and start to create simple programs and applications.

02. Wide range Usage

JavaScript is a language with a wide range of applications. You can only create an entire website application by knowing JavaScript.

First It was created as the name of LiveScript. It was initially created for making web pages alive.

The use of JavaScript is so immense you can make a class a cross-platform software by using JavaScript.

JavaScript has plenty of frameworks to make the web application’s front-end simple, such as Angular.JS, React.JS, Vue.JS, and many many more. You don’t have to learn another programming language in order to create Back-End, just use a framework such as Node.js (Express.JS) and in addition, it needs to learn a bit about databases and the API you can make back-end by only using JavaScript.

JavaScript has a mobile application solution as well. You can use a framework named React Native to create a mobile front end. The react native framework is applied and it provides a wide range of integrated components and APIs.

A few Examples of the mob-application that are build using React-Native are :

reasons to learn javascript -
  • Instagram
  • Bloomberg
  • Airbnb
  • UberEats
  • Gyroscope
  • Discord
  • Discovery VR
  • Myntra
  • And much more

And also you can build hybrid-apps as well there is framework called Ionic that are composed only for hybrid-app development framework.

03. Abundance of JavaScript jobs

A corresponding increase in demand for developers who are aware of the better-known languages of programming occurs with a growing number of companies and organizations going digital.

JavaScript, as we have already noted. A survey brewed by in 2019 and in that survey JavaScript got the first position of the developer’s choices of programming language.

70 percent of companies surveyed want to hire a JavaScript developer according to a report published by

04. Versatility

Not only is JavaScript a one-trick tool, but it can also help a programmer deal with everything in device design. Want user-side coding (front-end)? In conjunction with Angular, you can do this. Were you more involved in the back-end of the server? Put Node.js into the mix, too! You should!

You can also use Electron, React Native, and React to build desktop, web, and Web applications. The versatility of javascript is one of the best reasons to learn JavaScript.

05. Wide source to learn

You don’t even have to go to school in digital time to get to know it. Just have to open your device and start to learn with your computer and internet connection now there are so many youtube channels from where you can learn JavaScript. Also, Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, and many more e-learning platforms exist from where you can learn JavaScript.

In the case of JavaScript, you can find a vast number of books, boot camps, training courses, tutorials, and more.

06. Big data management & cloud development

Big Data and JS have a promising future, and people with experience are in high demand in both fields. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) has become today’s leading standard for modern web data interchange.

NoSQL databases, like MongoDB, use JSON documents to store records while relationship databases such as MySQL use tables and rows to store records. JSON can be used for any programming language. But linking their applications with Big Data is easy for JavaScript developers.

Node.js is becoming increasingly popular in developing cloud apps and one of 5 of the 6 most relevant platforms such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure is one of four languages supported.

07. Cross-platform

Yes! javascript also used in cross-platform development. If you didn’t know before that JavaScript can do cross-platform development that there is a cross-platform development framework named react native that allows us to develop an application for mobile devices. +

If you don’t know about cross-platform, so cross-platform is the platform in which your one code can be executed on various operating systems or systems. For example, the application which has been made using cross-platform development can be run on android and iOS in short one code can be used in both android devices and iOS devices. So in the end JavaScript is the best option to learn you won’t find any cons in your development career you will surely need Javascript in nearly future or in your development career. You could be able to develop cross-platform apps using JavaScript as a front-end programming language this is one of the best reasons to learn JavaScript in this new era of 2021.


“JAVASCRIPT is the backbone of every software or web developed by the developer, without JavaScript web development is almost not possible”

Thank you for coming and spending a little time with us.

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