Facts About The World’s Richest Human Being Ever

Do you know who was the world’s richest human being ever? John D. Rockefeller?, American industrialist Andrew Carnegie?, Former Emperor of Russia Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov? or Jeff Bezos? richest man today.

Maybe you have never heard about the world’s richest human being ever. He had an immense amount of money that no one can imagine.

But after this, you won’t forget the richest person in the world’s history. The world’s richest human being ever was ‘Mansa Musa‘. Musa was the tenth Mansa (“sultan”, “conqueror” or “emperor”) of the Mali Empire and ruled over 25 years from c.1312 to c.1337. Mali Empire is considered as one of the largest African empires.

Modern history can not even fathom how much he truly had controlled the fortune which was so vast and so extravagant.

Musa’s wealth was believed to have been around $400 billion. He only person who comes close to his wealth is John D. Rockefeller, whom worth was around $336 billion.

His west cities were considered as the world’s biggest producer of gold. He helped his empire reach tremendous growth thanks to encouraging the arts, literature, and architecture. By the time he becomes the emperor of Mali he began conquering more and more territories more and more, people had already heard about him at the time of his reign.

They managed to turn Mali into one of the biggest trading regions in the world at the time of his reign.

They were selling gold and salt at the time when Europe was struggling to obtain both of them.

Facts About Richest Human Being Ever

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He becomes the richest human being to ever live with a net worth of over $400 billion

Trading with gold, salt, and own so much land made Mansa Musa the richest emperor of the Mali Empire and human being ever live with

a net worth of over $400 billion which is four times the net worth of Jeff Bezos richest man today!

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He had a total of 200,000 army man

According to ancient.eu Mansa Musa had 200,000 army men and had approx 60,000 archer seems like immense right?

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Why he is considered as the world’s richest person ever?

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During Musa’s reign, he was considered as the world’s biggest producer of gold and salt which were the two most important things at the time. It’s believed that they were trading around more than 1000KG gold every year.

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Mansa Musa conquered 24 cities at the time

At the time of his rule, he conquered over 24 cities in 10 countries from West Africa. His military actions were intense and very consistent at the time of his reign. He seized quite a bit of the region including some parts of the Sahara desert so you can imagine that his kingdom was rich.

Source Wikipedia

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He ruled parts of modern-day African places Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea and more

During his reign time, he ruled over the region or the parts of modern-day African such as Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, and more.

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No one knows his date of death

He was beloved emperor and one of the most important figures in the history of the continent a dedicated Muslim he brought in many Arab storytellers and historians to have their story to write for prosperity and generation to come to the biggest problem with this was that his death date is still unknown.

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His empire was very safe for everyone

Nowadays people avoid traveling in some parts of the world because of crime rates, violence, and other major problems. Ibn Battuta a renowned Moroccan traveler writer who traveled extensively through Asia, Africa, and the Middle East was highly impressed by the peace and security he experienced during his visit to Mali at the time when the Mali empire exists. Travelers, visitors, citizens were living peacefully.

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He went on pilgrimage to Mecca (The Hajj) with 60,000 men!

richest human being ever

One of the most famous things that Mansa Musa is known for doing is expensive of the Mali Empire and his pilgrimage to Mecca at the time he went on pilgrimage with 60,000 men all wearing brocade and including 12,000 slaves who each carried 1.8kg gold bars and each camel with them were carried 23–136 kg of gold dust.

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He went on pilgrimage and donated gold as gifts to poor people around their routes

His pilgrimage to Mecca took almost two years because the didn’t have modern means transportation to get there from 4000 miles far from the home.

During his route of pilgrimage, he gave golds such as gold coins and others the route which included Mecca, Cairo, Medina. Not only he donated gold but he also traded gold.

His epic pilgrimage was done in style and suited for an emperor of course.

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After some years of Mansa Musa’s death, the Mali Empire began to fall

Unfortunately, It’s believed that soon after Mansa Musa’s death the Mali Empire began to fall a constant civil war began to weaken the country, and its ability to trade began to diminish.

By the 1600 Mali was being invaded by European cities to exploit its resources in the rest is history.

These are some facts about richest human being ever.

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10 Richest Human Being Ever

$$ Ten Richest Person Of All Time $$

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The richest man in world history

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Mansa Musa I, born 1280, Net Worth $400 Billion

Mansa of Mali Empire


330px Photo of John D Rockefeller 1

John D. Rockefeller, born 1839, Net Worth $340 Billion

American business magnate and philanthropist


330px Andrew Carnegie three quarter length portrait seated facing slightly left 1913

Andrew Carnegie, born 1835, Net Worth $310 Billion

Scottish-American businessman and philanthropist


330px Nicholas II by Boissonnas Eggler c1909

Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov, born 1868, Net Worth $300 Billion

Emperor of Russia


330px Mir osman ali khan

Mir Osman Ali Khan, born 1886, Net Worth $230 billion

Nizam of Hyderabad



William The Conqueror, born 1028, Net Worth $229.5 Billion

king of England


330px Moamer el Gadafi cropped 1

Muammar Gaddafi, born 1942, Net Worth $200 Billion



330px Henry ford 1919

Henry Ford, born 1863, Net Worth $199 Billion

American industrialist and business magnate


330px Cornelius Vanderbilt Daguerrotype2

Cornelius Vanderbilt, born 1794, Net Worth $185 Billion

American businessmen


Alan Rufus

Alan Rufus, born 1040, $178.65 billion

Lord of Richmond

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