Strange Facts About World War 2

It’s been 75 years of World War II but still, its remnants and memories are exits. It laster from 1939 to 1945. It has strange Facts About World War 2 that you probably don’t know. some involved a vast majority of world countries including the great Britan, Germany, the US, Italy, Japan, and many other European and Asian countries.

There were two opposing military alliances that were the Allies and the Axis.

There were four pioneering countries that joined the Allies that were Great Britain, France, The US, China, and many European and Asian countries military.

And in Axis, there were three military country exits German, Japanese, and Italian Militaries and many European countries and Asian countries.

Many Citizens, Military, and weapons were destroyed in World War II. World War II is also considered a world’s deadliest conflict in human history.

It is believed that World War II began on September 1, 1939, when Germany’s invasion of Poland was intended to rule in Europe.

Then France and the United Kingdom declared war against Germany. As time goes on Germany formed Allies with Japan and Italy’s military. Within 2 years German lead most of the neighborhoods of Germany.

Then Japan wants to rule on Asian Country by end of 1941 Japan launched a surprise attack on the US and some East Asian countries. So then the US declared war against Japan in this war Germany also joined.

So this is the short history of why world war II started.

Strange Facts About World War 2

1. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party

The Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) was a political party based in Germany and last long up to 1920 to 1945. He was the leader of the party from 1921 to his death.

Strange Facts About World War 2

2. Between 1939 – 1941 Nazi Germany managed to conquer much of continental Europe

Between 1939 – 1941 Nazi Party from Germany had managed to conquerer Luxemburg, Franch, Belgium, Netherlands, and more.

3. World War 2 is considered to be the deadliest war in the history

Strange Facts About World War 2

Many Citizens, Military, and weapons were destroyed in World War 2. World War 2 is also considered a world’s deadliest conflict in human history.

4. On the 7th December 1941 Japanese aircraft attacked Hawaii

On December 7, 1941, hundred of Japanese aircraft attacked Hawaii. It is believed that almost 2,500 people died in Hawaii due to aircraft attacks from the Japanese army.

5. Hitler’s half-nephew William Hitler, served in the US Navy during World War II

In 1937-38 William Hitler relocated to Germany but immigrated to the US, where he served in the US Navy in World War II.

6. According to Wikipedia a total of 70-85 million people died in World War 2

As it is believed to be history’s deadliest military conflict, it is believed that a total of 70-85 million people died in World War 2.

7. All from 70-85 million people 80% of people died from four countries

All from 70-85 million people, 80% of people died in four countries including Germany, Japan, China, Russia. In this 80% of people, more than 60% were citizens.

8. Nazi party’s symbol describes ancient Hindu symbol ‘Swastika’

Strange Facts About World War 2

In the Nazi party’s flag, there is a Swastika symbol rotated 45 degrees on a white circle on a red background. Swastika describes spiritual symbols in the Indian region.

9. A military unit from Japan named Unit 731 intended to attack in a Biological way

Unit 731 from Japan was trying to attack the US in a biological way. They named their operation as Operation Cherry Blossom At Night.

They intended to attack the US using pathogens (one type of bacteria) and intended to start a new pandemic in the US so that Japan could win the war.

This operation was intended to happen on 22 September 1944 but before this, the US attacked with Atomic bombs on Japan. So Japan surrender and didn’t try to attack the US.

10 Germany had 17 million military men in World War 2

It is believed that in World War 2 Germany had a military of 17 million where the US had more than 16 million US military men at the time of World War 2.

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