Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store – 2020

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries out there. Many are predicting that the gaming industry is the next big thing. As we are in 2020 many gaming streamers out there are earning in 5-6 figures with there gaming skills, they play either with their gaming smartphone or gaming PCs. Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

These past few months some games have been unveiled pack for gamers. Many games come and go but some games stay their popularity as it is.

Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

1. Garena Free Fire

  • Revenue in 2020:- 395 million USD.
  • Downloads:- 500 million+
freefire - Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

Free Fire is the ultimate mobile survival shooter. Each 10-minute game sets you against 49 other players on a remote island, seeking to survive. With their parachute, players freely select their starting point and strive to stay in the safe zone as long as possible.

Form 4-man squads and talk with other team players as well to build strategies. Garena Free Fire’s graphics are smooth, so you wouldn’t necessarily face any lag during the gameplay. Players could drive vehicles like PUBG mobile.

Drive cars into a wild map or hide by pronouncing in grass or rifts, or becomes invisible. The aim is to survive and answer a request for duty, ambush, snip, survive.

2. Coin Master

  • Revenue in 2020:- $508 million
  • Downloads:- 100 million+
coin master - Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

Coin master is a kinda similar game as the clash of clans but, gamer shows much interest in it. It is a single-player game and considered under the adventure game categories.

Talking about the downloads then it has 100m+ downloads. Enjoy a world with fun, excitement, and tremendous rewards at your doorstep. Be sure that your game is up to date so that you can experience everything that you can offer.

As of October 2019, Coin Master has grossed over $508 million in gross revenue.

3. Teen Patti By Octro

  • Revenue in 2020:- $300k
  • Downloads:- 50 million+
teen patti - Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

Download World’s #1 LARGEST MULTIPLAYER Card Game Octro Teen Patti. This game is one of the most famous card games out there.

Play multiple Game modes. Chat, Pro Mode,6 Patti, Public tables, Private Tables, Variations, Muflis, Hukam, 999, and many more.

4. Call Of Duty: MOBILE

  • Revenue in 2020:- $327 million in revenue
  • Downloads: 100 million+
best alternative of pubg mobile

Official CALL OF DUTY designed for mobile telephones alone. Play anytime, anywhere, iconic maps, and modes. CALL OF DUTY ®, Activision free to play: MOBILE has everything.

Like PUBG you will be able to play with team members as Call Of Duty: Mobile supports 100-player battle royale mode, a 5v5 deathmatch.

Use your strategy and skills to battle to the top in competitive Ranked Mode or to win the most Clan prizes as you play with friends. Play with millions of users it is free to play.

Console quality HD games with personalized controls, voice and text chat, exciting 3D graphics, and sound on your phone. Experience the thrill of the most popular shooter game in the world, now on your phone, for fun.

Call Of Duty is one of the best alternatives for PUBG and also ranks 4th on the list of top 10 grossing games on play store.

By June 2020, the game had seen over 500 million+ downloads, generating over $327 million in revenue.

5. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

  • Downloads:- 100 million+
  • Revenue:- earned $13m in estimated monthly revenue
lords mobile - Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

The real emperor fell. We need a real hero, a genuinely unifying Lord of the Kingdoms. Recruit heroes and assemble your army in this magic World from different backgrounds, from dwarves and sperm toons to dark elves and steampunk robots. Fight and win to build up your empire!

Train your army and fight with another kingdom around the world!

Lords Mobile by IGG.COM earned $13 million in estimated monthly revenue and was downloaded 800k times in August 2020.

6. Clash of Clans

  • Downloads:- 500 million+
  • Revenue:- Unknown
clash of clans - Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game that involves players building community named clans, train troops, and assault other players. The game consists of four currencies or resources.

Gold and Elixir can be used to create and upgrade defenses and traps to protect players and build and upgrade buildings from assaults from other players. Also used for training and upgrading soldiers and spells are Elixir and dark elixir.

In Clash Of Clans Dimond is the prime money. Three-star attacks have a maximum timed duration of three minutes.

The player can also attack a number of fortification villages of the city and gain gold, elixir, and dark elixir (levels 51-75 only). The game also features a single-player campaign. The game begins with two builders, but the player can buy them with gems and can even unlock and release the OTTO hut in building base 9, and the player can have up to five builders.

Clash Of Clans is one of the most famous games out there and ranks 6th on the list of top 10 grossing games on play store.

Finland’s Supercell (parent company of Clash of Clans) reported profits of $577 million on revenue in 2020.

7. Candy Crush Saga

  • Downloads:- 1 billion+
  • Revenue in June 2020: 26.4 million U.S. dollars in global revenues.
candy crush - Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

Candy Crush Saga ranks 7th on our list of top 10 grossing games on play store.

Change and match Sweets for that sweet winning feeling in this delicious puzzle adventure! Solve puzzles and smart moves with quick thinking and reward with delicious rainbow-colored cascades and delicious candy combos!

Plan your moves with 3 or more sweets in a row, and wisely use boosters to overcome those extra sticky puzzles! Sprinkle the chocolate and collect sweet candy on thousands of levels, ensures you want more!

In June 2020Candy Crush Saga generated approximately 26.4 million U.S. dollars in global revenues.

8. Gardenscape

  • Downalods:- 100 million+
  • $28m in estimated monthly revenue and was downloaded 3 million times in August 2020.
gardenescape - Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

Mark for an adventurous trip: beat match 3 levels, restore and decorate the various areas of the garden, get to the very bottom of the secrets, and enjoy the fun characters in the game, including Austin and your butler and a funny dog! What do you expect? What do you expect? Take a break and become the hero of an innovative story. Construct your free dream garden!

Gardenscapes by Playrix earned $28m in estimated monthly revenue and was downloaded 3 million times in August 2020.


  • Downloads: 500 million+
  • Revenue:- Generating approx $4 million in revenue
8 ball pool - Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

8Ball Pool is Pool’s largest & best online multiplayer game! In 1-on-1 matches, play FREE Billards against other players & friends, enter turnouts to win great! Level up to earn your winning pool coins. Choose with the pool shop’s clues & cloths. Free on iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Android devices also included.

8 Ball Pool by earned $4 million in estimated monthly revenue and was downloaded 2m times in August 2020.

8 Ball Pool ranks 9th on our list of top 10 grossing games on play store.

10. Last Shelter Survival

  • Downloads:- 100 million+
  • Revenue:- Survival earns $72013 in estimated daily revenue.
last shelter survival - Top 10 Grossing Games On Play Store

The Zombie strategy game, Last Shelter: Survival,’ is a Massive Multi-Player. The player will become a leader of a small shelter where the survivors of a zombie apocalyptic outbreak will be forced to survive a world. Build your foundation and build your empire.

Train your soldiers and hire legendary heroes. Defend your foundation and attack your foes. Come in an endless war of glory and fame with your allies.

These are a list of current top 10 grossing games on play store.

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