Top 10 Most Dangerous Volcanoes In The World

There are many volcanoes in the world some dead and some brutal and some calm for many years. They are really majestic yet so dangerous to see. These top 10 most dangerous volcanoes have been here for many years. Sometimes it becomes very dangerous.

Volcanos are scattered across the planet about 1500 volcanos can be found across the world most of the volcanos are located where tectonic plates meet. On these tectonic plates, our land is located.

There are several types of volcano exist which is primarily classified by shape and size. Major types include Stratovolcanos that often appear as tall steep mountains another type of volcano is shield volcanos that are flatter and dome-shaped, 3rd one is Calderas which are large depressions in the ground and 4th type is mid-ocean ridges that are underwater chains of volcanos.

For this list, we’re taking a look at volcanoes that have caused mass destruction in the past as well as those that could not erupt in the foreseeable. It is believed that there are approx 1500 volcanos exist in the world.

No matter their shape and size all volcano emit gas and mutton rock. So now without being said other things let’s get to our list of top10counts for the top 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Volcanos In The World

10. Kīlauea – Hawaii, US

Kīlauea is a Hawaiian volcano that last erupted between 1983 to 2018/ According to Wikipedia it is believed that the volcano is 210,000 – 280,000 years old and it is emerged above sea level about 100,000 years ago. It is about 4,091 ft (1,247 m) long

Most Dangerous Volcanoes

It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and it’s been continuously erupting from 1983 to 2018 and causing property damage including 2 towns of Hawaii Kalapana and Kaimu.

Kalapana Volcano
Hawaii Kalapana Town

Kīlauea’s most recent eruption began on the date of January 3, 1983, and that ended in 2018. On May 17 of 2018, the volcano explosively erupted at the summit in Halemaʻumaʻu, throwing ash of 30,000 feet and lava of 300 feet high into the air. Kīlauea ranks 10th on our list of the 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

9. Nevado del Ruiz – Colmbia

Over the past 2 million years this stratovolcano has gone through three significant eruption periods the most recent period occurred in 1985 when an eruption destroyed the town of Tolima and caused massive 25,000 deaths in the town Tolima in Columbia and its believed that it caused over 1 billion USD in damage.

This stands out as the costliest volcanos eruption of all time. At present, it is part of Los Nevados National Park which also contains several other volcanos.

540px Nevado del Ruiz by Edgar

Nevado del Ruiz volcanos continue to pretend a threat to the nearby towns and villages, and it is estimated that up to 500,000 people could be at risk from lahars from future eruptions that could be done in nearly future. Nevado del Ruiz ranks 7th on our list of the 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

08. Mount Bromo – Indonesia

Located in East Java Indonesia is an active volcano and currently part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Mount Bromo from Indonesia is one of the most considerable spots for visitors. Mount Bromo ranks 8th on our list of top 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the world

540px Bromo Semeru Batok Widodaren

Since 2004 Mount Bromo has erupted several times with the most concerning incident occurring in 2011 due to heavy rain the threat of lava flow and lahar increased with Mount Bromo’s alert status reaching level 3. Ash of volcano additionally caused multiple airports to cancel flights with an increasing volcanic earthquake occurring in 2015 volcanic eruption might be occurred in nearly future.

At present Mount Bromo is a place of tourism and to visit Mount Bromo you can visit it by village Cemoro Lawang. From Cemoro Lawang it is possible to walk to the volcano in about 45 minutes.

07. Soufrière Hills

For a long period of time, this Caribbean volcano wasn’t viewed as a major cause for concern ever since becoming active in 1995 however Soufriere Hills volcano has caused much destruction in the year of 1995 following it’s first phreatic or superheated groundwater explosion Soufriere Hills made over half of Montserrat uninhabitable two-thirds of the population was evacuated by from the island, with about 4000 people seeking refuge in the UK meanwhile the capital city of Plymouth was completely destroyed and abandoned since 1999. Soufrière Hills is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

540px Soufriere Hills

And on 25 July 1997 pyroclastic flow covered the city in several meters of debris which resulted in the deaths of nineteen people.

06. Mount Unzen – Kyushu, Japan

Mount Unzen is an active volcano group of several overlapping stratovolvanes, near the city of Shumabara, Nagasaki.

Unzen pyroclastic and lahar deposits 1

Mount Unzen’s most dangerous eruption rose in the year 1792 resulting in a landslide in the Tsunami that ended approx 15,000 deaths. This remains as most dangerous volcanic eruption in Japanese history. Japan’s Mount Unzen ranks 6th on our list of most dangerous volcanoes

Mount Unzen settled down in the years that followed but the volcano would eventually cook up trouble once again as earthquakes broke out and blast eruption occurred in 1990.

There hasn’t been an eruption that seems 1996 it doesn’t mean that it’s the last eruption of this Volcano it’s still an active volcano that may erupt in nearly future.

05. Mount Pelée – Martinique Island

Mount Pelee is an active volcano on the Caribbean island of Martinique. Mount Pelee has been here for around a million years. Mount Pelle is a stratovolcano type volcano.

540px La Pelee vue du Carbet

In 1902 the eruption of Mount Pelee volcano accrued and destroyed approx 29,000 people killed in this volcanic eruption. And it is believed to be the deadliest volcanic eruption of the 20th century.

04. Krakatoa – Indonesia

Krakatoa is an active volcano located between Java and Sumatra island. It is another Indonesian volcano on our list of the top 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

5480 5a042c2387f

After being calm for a long time it awakens in 1883 with multiple eruptions one of them was too loud that it could be heard from 2,800 miles away it resulted in massive death tall with over 36,000 death toll. And from dutch records, it’s believed that there were a total of 165 villages and towns were destroyed near Krakatoa,

Later on, a new island named Anak Krakatau was born due to the volcanic eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. Krakatoa from Indonesia ranks 4th on our list of the top 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

03. Mount Vesuvius – Italy

Mount Vesuvius’s notorious history stretches all the way back to 79 AD when the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were lost in a storm of volcanic chaos with a combined population of somewhere between 16,000 and 20,000. It’s hard to exactly how many were buried under rock and lava

540px Vesuvius from Pompeii hires version 2 scaled 1

So far Mount Vesuvius erupted many times. Today Mount Vesuvius is known as one of the deadliest volcanoes in the world because over 3,000,000 people are living in the surrounding area of Mount Vesuvius volcano. Mount Vesuvius ranks 3rd on our list of the top 10 most most dangerous volcanoes.

02. Sakurajima – Japan

Sakurajima is an Active Strato-type volcano in Peninsula, Japan. The active volcano of Sakurajima has sparked the most concern. It unleashed an enormous eruption in 1914 and has been continuously erupting since 1955 while nothing has reached the heights of the 1914 disaster.

540px Sakurajima55

In 2015 it’s speculated that Sakurajima could face an eruption of that magnitude in the next 30 years what makes this is especially concerning is that the city of Kagoshima is also part of Aira Caldera putting numerous people in the line of danger.

01. Mount Tambora – Lesser Sunda Island

Mount Tambora is an active Strato-type volcano in the Lesser Sunda islands of Indonesia.

540px Mount Tambora Volcano Sumbawa Island Indonesia

It unleashed an enormous eruption in 1815 which is believed to be the deadliest eruption of the 19th century and modern century. In 1815 volcanic activity reached its peak point so the explosion of the volcano was deadly and approx 71,000 people were dead due to the volcanic eruption and in addition to it the explosion heard on Sumatra Iceland which located more than 1,200 miles away. Mount Tambora from Lessor Sunda ranks 1st on our list of the top 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

After this massive explosion Volcano’s size reduced from 4,300 meters to 2,850 meters.

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