What Are The 20 Most Common Gardening Tools? – 2021 Buying Guide

Nowadays in the 21st century, it becomes more convenient to do gardening with advanced tools like shovel, hand trowel, hand gloves, and many more to include.

Again and again, you endeavor and search on Google and Youtube about the best gardening tools, right? Gardening is one of the best hobbies to pray our real nature. You must have listened to the quote “you must have to make effort in order to enjoy the fruit of your effort or work“.

The above-mentioned quote indicates that you have to work for your garden to make it attractive but sometimes it becomes tedious work so you have to give some effort. When it comes to gardening, there are 20 of the most common tools that may be always your friend for gardening. You’d often need to use many of these gardening tools.

Before even getting into deep research about the most common use of gardening tools, I literally spent more than 5 hours and lots of energy on this suggestion buying guide blog on what are the 20 most common gardening tools.

Some of these tools may or may not include a handle and I have also included some electronics tools for your use.

Do you have 5+ hours to search about this blog post on what are the 20 most common gardening tools? I think no! that’s why I have prepared the list and included that on the blog of what are the 20 most common gardening tools.

Whether you are a beginner in gardening or you want to learn advanced gardening you need to make sure the right tools for your gardening sessions. So these are the some of best criteria that I managed t know about my research:

First let me consider telling you some of the types of gardening tools that exist in the market:

Types Of Garden Tools

1] Digging & Planting Tools for Gardening

These are the types of tools that are merely used to create holes in the ground so that the plants will be laid and will grow accordingly. And these tools can also be used to mix sold and fertilizer. And can also be used to move soil and so on there are plenty of uses.

2] Lifting Tools

As its name suggests lifting tools are used to move garden material from one place to another place. For example, garden shovel and garden fork are made to pick up loosey materials.

3] Hauling Tools

Hauling tools are used to move collected materials like grasses, soil, etc. For example buckets and wheelbarrows are used to move collected materials from one place to anothre place.

4] Ranking Tools

Ranking tools are types of tools that are used to explicate and for levels the soil and also used for removing dirt and unwanted plants, grass in the garden.

5] Weeding Tools

This types of tools works similar to like ranking tools. For example bow rake, metal weeder, and leaf rake.

6] Pruning & Cutting Tools In Types Of Garden Tools

These are the types of mechanical tools that used to remove dead, infected, overgrown, or unwanted plant parts like branches, leaves, buds. these tools are also used in creating cuts on the plants to mold the plant in your illustrated way. Its real-life example includes hedge trimmer,  pruning shears, tree pruner, etc.

7] Watering Tools

As its name suggests it is used to give water to the plant and even in form of a garden hose. One can use chemical applicators and fertilizer in the watering tools to moisture the plants. Examples include hand sprayer and knapsack sprayer.

8] Power Tools

Power tools are types of tools that require electricity or fuel to use. Most power tools are effectively used for doing faster and effective work like cutting. The example of this type of tools includes a chainsaw, grass cutter, lawnmower, etc.

9] Other Tools

Other garden tools include moisture meter, root barrier, garden gloves, tree brace, garden twine and so on the list goes on. So these are the types of garden tools but let us see.

So what Are The 20 Most Common Gardening Tools In 2021?

1] Shovel

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The shovel works as both digging & lifting tools. If you are gardening in the yard then you’ll find that a shovel is an extremely useful tool. As said you in the first point shovel works as both so not only can you use it to dig holes in your garden, it’s also great for transporting dirt and even transporting dirt from a wheelbarrow to your garden without having to dump the whole load.

The shovel is used in moving bigger mounds of soil and well-turning and mixing the soil. I really like its function that it is also used to mix soil so you don’t need to buy other tools to mix soil. And if you need to create a level ground for the garden then a sturdy shovel is the best perfect answer for your query about what are the 20 most common gardening tools.

However plenty of shovels in the market are heavy, but some of the shovels may come in lightweight. So the choice is yours would you choose a heavy shovel or a lightweight shovel.

2] Spade

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Spade is the digging type of gardening tool to use whilst dealing with large lawn spaces. It creates larger and deeper planting holes with immediate sides since the blade is flat and generally square. The number one feature of a shovel is for digging and filling inside the dirt when planting shrubs and timber.

It is a really perfect tool for digging holes for plants and bushes, specifically when you have a current existing established garden where you won’t need to disturb existing plants. It is an easy-to-use tool for any individual.

3] Gardening Gloves

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It is not only versatile but yet the most used type of garden tool out there. Gloves’ function is to protect your hand from getting different types of dirt.

It also protects you from injury. When you have to address thorny branches or prickly vegetation, gloves will protect your hands and wrists from scratches, scrapes, and splinters.

If you have sensitive skins that plenty of people do then gloves are one of the best gardening tools for your use. You need to wear gloves in the garden to avoid rashes and allergic reactions to plants, chemicals, and compost.

4] Hand Trowel

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A hand trowel is one of the most basic gardening tools that you all must-have. Hand towels come with a durable and sturdy handle.

It is a digging tool regularly used in making small holes in the floor and shifting soil and plants from one place of the garden to other for planting and potting sports. It is also a nice tool to use when handling small container plants.

Hand towel easily fits anywhere for digging the soil. They are also versatile for transferring dirt into pots or planting seedlings and bulbs.

5] Garden Hand Fork

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This small hand-held tool is in particular for aerating and compacted or hard soil however can be utilized in digging up clusters of weeds for smooth and easier removal. A hard fork is a super tool in tilling plants in port. Usually, a hand fork has 3 or 4 sturdy tines perfect for loosening dirt and lifting soil.

The Garden hand fork tool comes with a durable handle so that you can use it easily.

It’s also very handy in dividing flower plants or any other plants geared up for transplanting because the tines or prong without problems breaks the lump of soil upon digging and the greater soil and connected weeds effortlessly fall off.

6] Rake

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There are different types of rakes that exist in the market, a bow rake, a leaf rake, etc.

A rake is a sort of a comb for the lawn it could smoothen or make the contours of the soil even while doing away with lesser satisfactory debris and working compost or pesticide into the soil. This tool is a product of tines that are dragged thru the earth to carry out their characteristic.

Leaf rakes are used to clear leaves or to spread much. While a bow rake has many uses. It is really best for leveling soil. Rake is easy to use and even it doesn’t need so much strength to use.

7] Watering Can

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As its name suggests watering cans are used to moisture plants. It is also called a hand sprinkler. handheld cans are used in watering small scales gardens while there are other types of tools we will see later named as hose and spray nozzles which can be used to water large-scale gardens.

It’s far an old-school watering tool that is still desired today by means of gardeners because of its portability and the closer connection it appears to deliver among the gardener and the flowers. It may be created from chrome steel or plastic and has an ability of up to 10 liters of water and even more than that.

8] Garden Hose & Spray Nozzles

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This long bendy hose and spray nozzles are designed to help gardeners water wider lawn plots, lawn lawns, and potted and hanging vegetation with no trouble when you consider that water is non-stop. Gardeners can supply enough quantity of moisture without having to forestall and fill up their packing containers.

You can install a nozzle at the end of the hose and then you just have to adjust the shower spray to reach the plants. This is the best way if you are quite lazy for watering plants on a daily basis.

9] Lawn Mower

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If you have a large lawn area side in your garden then you could need a lawnmower to maintain grass. A lawnmower is an equipment that cuts grown grass fast and sets a specific height for that.

When it comes to lawnmowers you might be thinking of that noise and air polluted lawn mower that uses gas to generate energy. My preferable way for lawn mowing is to bring an electronic and soundproof electric lawnmower.

One of my colleagues has written a blog on the 7 best soundproof electric lawn mowers that you could consider visiting his blogpost.

10] Garden Knife

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A garden knife serves multiple purposes and is one of the preferred equipment of a gardener. It has a serrated steel blade initially intended to cut away roots and divide clumps of young and small flora.

The Japanese version referred to as Hori Hori became popular for its versatility when utilized in transplanting and weeding too. The majority of garden knives are made of aluminum.

The blade of a garden knife is slightly curved with a sharp edge that’s why it is used for many purposes. Campers also use it for digging into hardpacked.

11] Weeder

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Agh! weeds sometimes become so hard to remove so here comes a tool for that which names Weeder.

However some weeds have a shallow root and can easily be removed but there are those with well-anchored taproots which many gardeners warfare to eliminate, like dandelions

Then I would suggest you buy a weeder. The majority of weeders are designed to pull weeds easily. However, some prefer standup weeders then (this one from Amazon is best to suits all her criteria).

12] Wheelbarrow

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Gardening may be a strenuous endeavor and it includes a number of lifting and shifting things from one vicinity to another. A wheelbarrow is a great aid in transferring lawn substances around and avoid any harm from these sports.

These types of wheelbarrows are used to easily carry heavy and bulky materials including soil, plants, boulders, debris, etc. I would suggest you buy a wheelbarrow that is lightweight and sturdy.

13] Pruning shears

What Are The 20 Most Common Gardening Tools

Each plant in a properly maintained garden should be trimmed and pruned now and again to avoid overcrowding and opposition for mild, water, and nutrient in addition to preserve the garden nice to the eyes. A couple of pruning shears can assist sculpt the plants and take away dry components and overgrowths.

A good pruning shear is sharp to create easy cuts and secure to hold to limit the strain on the fingers. Understand that the pruning shears are meant for skinny twigs and gentle branches simplest.

14] Pruning Saw

What Are The 20 Most Common Gardening Tools - Top10Counts

If you have branches too thick for your lopper to cut, then a pruning noticed is the device you need.

This equipment is the center ground between a lopper and a handsaw or chain noticed. The only pruning saw snapshots can be cut via branches of to eight inches thick, best for pruning trees in your yard. You can also use it for shrubs and plant life.

Pruning saw ought to be used whilst handling semi-big woody branches, usually up to 1 to two inches thick. Pruning noticed has a curved blade that both has a shielding scabbard or can be retracted from its hollow take care of. It is a completely useful tool whilst reaching for branches inside a thicket.

15] Mattock

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There are numerous types of mattock however the maximum popular among gardeners is the pick mattock. It has a blade on one facet and selections on the alternative that’s reachable whilst putting stony soils.

The blade will also be sharp enough to cut via large tree roots encountered at the same time as digging.

A tough and clayey place isn’t the nice to create a lawn on so it needs to be cultivated, wiped clean of tough and stony, and backfilled with garden soil. Mattock is the device to use while manually tilling this tough firmly packed soil.

16] Moisture Meter

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The maximum not unusual manner of checking if the plant needs to be watered is by way of the experience method in which the finger is inserted into the soil to check if there is sufficient moisture in the location of the plant’s root system.

The moisture meter is a greater accurate device that does the process, specifically for large potted plants and the garden.

It tells the precise studying of the to be had moisture and indicates if it’s time to water the vegetation once more. This is crucial in monitoring plant life’s fitness on the grounds that not all flora have the same water requirements.

17] Hand Sprayer

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Fertilizers and pesticides deliver some of the vital requirements of the plants to grow and keep away from pests but they can be dangerous to gardeners.

A hand sprayer is a garden tool where chemicals can be blended and contained for clean and safe utility. Maximum sprayers are pressurized to successfully apply the compost/fertilizers or pesticides.

The coverage of the spray additionally can be adjusted through the nozzle. Inside the absence of a watering can or hose, a hand sprayer may be used for watering as nicely. Bear in mind the ability, fee, and layout when choosing a hand sprayer.

18] Soil Test Kit

What Are The 20 Most Common Gardening Tools

Plants may get yellow, wilt, and die with no symptoms of pests, and a maximum of the time this is due to loss of vitamins and nutrients available. A soil check package (STK) is a piece of accurate device that without difficulty identifies the proper vitamins to supply on your plants.

There are plenty of nutrients that are considered essentials for plant growth including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Their availability in soil is reported with colorimetric methods.

19] String Trimmer

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If you could handiest choose a handful of gardening equipment, then pruning shears are certainly one of those which should be inside your arsenal. A form of heavy-duty gardening scissors, they are important for slicing plants and branches.

Making sure which you preserve on top of your pruning at the proper times of year will ensure that your plant life, shrubs, and bushes continue to be healthful.

20] Edger

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As you may guess from the name, an edger is supposed to create edges for your garden. An edger is used to reduce a clean line within the soil between grass and a sidewalk, driveway, or lawn mattress.

They’re normally designed in a half of circle shape with a lip at the pinnacle where you could press the device down with your foot.

To apply the tool, you place the blade where you need to create the threshold and then step down to reduce into the soil and rock the edger aspect to facet earlier than transferring right down to repeat the stairs.

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