5 WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Try Once

How often do you use Whatsapp messager? even in this new era you may open Whatsapp messenger for daily work or to just chat with your friends or your parents I don’t know. But here are 5 WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Try Once.

There are many tricks of WhatsApp that exist. These tricks have to be implemented top-down. We must bear in mind that there should be a different spot for iOS and Android. Here we will see for Android. But further you can use these all features in iOS versions too.

These tricks do best when they are implemented. And at the same time if you find a useful trick then it will be so handy for you to use. So let us begin our tricks.

WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Try Once

1. Read Receipts

If you send messages to someone then if they see your message you will know through a blue tick that exists on the right side of your message.

However, have you ever wondered some of your friends are replying to your messages but there is nothing like blue tick pop-ups on the right side of your message? This happens because of Read Receipt option.

After allowing Read Receipts there will be no blue tick option even in your messages too.

  • First, open setting of your WhatsApp messenger
  • Then click Accounts
  • Then click Privacy
  • At last, step allow Read Receipt
5 WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Try Once

2. Two Step Verification

If you are also concern about that of hacking, leaking data. Two-Step Verification is the best feature if you really care about your account.

What you have to do is just go to privacy and click Two-Step Verification then enter Pin and email of yours. It means now no one will be able to access your WhatsApp account on other mobile or devices. So be careful of hacking or leaking your data and use Two-Step Verification.

Do thsese to use Two-Step Verification

  • First, go to setting
  • Click on account
  • Then click on the two-step verification
5 WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Try Once

3. Bring back deleted messages and media including photos and videos

If you want to bring a deleted message back here we came up with an application that will be so useful for you to bring back your messages and media including photos and videos which makes this application a different app.

To use WAMR go to Play Store and search WAMR you will find an application there just download it. Then open it and select the WhatsApp option you will get a dashboard where you will be getting a deleted messages recap even including photos and videos.

5 WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Try Once

4. Conversation tones

Another usefull feature of WhatsApp is Conversation tones. Conversation tones are a notification sound and it happens whenever someone sends you a message. So if you want to of that conversation tones you might be just follow these steps:

  • Open setting
  • Then click on notifications
  • And then u will find conversation tones just off it if you want.
5 WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Try Once

5. Broadcast

Broadcast is one of the most useful tricks that you can use. With Broadcast, you can create a list of people where it works as a group for you but after sending a message, they will get your messages individually. For example, if you send a “hi” in your broadcast list all people in the broadcast will get your message individually.

Do these steps to use broadcast:

  • Click the three-dotted button at the top right corner
  • Then click on new broadcast
  • You will find a contact list
  • Add content that you want to add
  • Then you will be able to send those selected contact in one broadcast but they will get your message individually
  • This only works if opponent content has saved your contact otherwise it can not be worked
5 WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Try Once

If you found any new and useful tricks in our blog post you can appreciate them via comments.

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